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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Community leaders in New Hanover County are ready to take a stand against the school shootings.

Elected officials and community leaders held a news press conference today at UNCW to talk school safety.

“All of us up here watched in horror what happened up in Newtown, CT, and we approached it not as public officials but as parents,” District Attorney Ben David said. “And what it really pointed out was two things. First, that nothing is more important than the safety of our children, and second, that a tragedy like that can happen anywhere.”

To combat this issue, leaders announced the summit on school safety. The collaborative event will take place Tuesday, March 12, at Cape Fear Community College.

Leaders say they want to identify problems, take a look at existing resources and those that they may need, and come up with solutions to create safe school climates.

David says the main goal of the summit is to be proactive, not just reactive when it comes to school safety.

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1 Comment on "School safety summit planned in Wilmington"

2015 years 9 months ago

We don’t have school shooting incidents going on here, nothing even close. What we do have is bunch of loose, convicted felons Felons walking around robbing and shooting people…everyday. We have multiple conviction drunk drivers, without licenses still plowing people down on the highways…everyday. We read about these criminals with conviction records as long as your arm, have smiley mug-shots and are continually allowed among the general, law-abiding population to wreak havok at their impulsive whim.

The Sandy Hook incident was absolutely horrible, no doubt about it, but it was a “single” incident brought on by a known psychotic and deeply disturbed individual. Nothing was done to protect society from him, even though his condition was well-known by his very own parents. What would anyone expect to happen with apathy such as that?

So, “Community Leaders”, you want to really do something other than beat a dead horse and misfocus your public stand on “safety”? The general public is who is in danger and that’s due to the manner in which convicted felons freely flow in and out of the courtrooms and prison system.

We are not witnessing any school shootings here. Nothing even similar and you can’t deter a mentally deranged person or a criminal from that type of activity if he has a mindset for it! However, what we DO witness are robberies, B&E’s, car jackings, drug activity, car theft and home invasions on a DAILY basis! These crime are generally committed by those with lengthy records of violence.

So if you identify your “Community Leader efforts” to “focus” your “existing resources” on the safety and well-being of the GENERAL PUBLIC, the schools will be taken care of and you create a “safe climate” for everybody!

We’re all getting really tired of a bunch of “community leader” horse-hooie supported by nothing more than useless rhetoric and “press conferences”. Stop the emotional, fear-based hype and DO SOMETHING USEFUL and EFFECTIVE!


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