Former heavyweight champ kicks off book tour

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Submitted: Sat, 03/02/2013 - 2:54am
Updated: Sun, 03/03/2013 - 2:00am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — James “Bonecrusher” Smith, the former heavyweight champ from Magnolia held a book signing Friday night at Hooters.

Smith was the first heavyweight champion with a college degree. “Bonecrusher” welcomed fans, took pictures and showed off some memorabilia from his boxing days.

“We’re going all over the world,” Smith said. “We’re going to meet up with Magic Johnson in Las Vegas and all over the world where I fought. This time I just sign my name, I don’t have to hit anybody and I don’t have to get hit.”

Bonecrusher has a golf tournament on Sunday at River Landing and you can still sign up and play with the champ.

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