North Carolina voters react to voter ID issues

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Submitted: Tue, 03/05/2013 - 2:45am
Updated: Tue, 03/12/2013 - 3:01pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Civitas Institute surveyed North Carolina voters regarding their positions on issues involving voting and election integrity.

One poll questions asked, "Would you favor or oppose a law that requires voters to show government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, before being allowed to cast a vote in an election?"

Sixty-seven percent responded in favor, while 30 percent opposed.

In another poll question, 57 percent responded saying requiring a government-issued ID would stop voter fraud.
30 percent said it would prevent eligible voters from casting a ballot, 8 percent said it would have no effect or make no difference.

A local voter said requiring ID would give voters a sense of security.

"I think anybody can go vote illegally without an ID. And it is just so easy to get an ID," said Earl Gay of Winnabow. "First of all, you have four more years for the president to be elected to get an ID. If you can’t get an ID in 4 years, you probably do not need to be voting."

Other people agree the requirement would be warranted, but say the state should make sure everyone has access to getting identification.

"I think that it would be prudent to have a voter identification requirement for voting," said Wilmington attorney Jeff Keeter. "However, I think that the state of North Carolina should implement a method to provide identification to those who cannot to have one, or do not drive and do not have a driver's license, free of charge so they will not be disenfranchised."

The poll sampled from 600 registered voters in North Carolina in late February. North Carolina does not currently require government-issued photo identification in order to vote.

<a href="">An Elon University poll also found wide support for voter ID</a>. It showed 72 percent of North Carolinians support voters having to show an ID. More than 97 percent of respondents in the Elon poll said they have some form of photo identification.


  • Guest 2012 says:

    People have lost confidence in the voting process and will continue to believe that elections can be stolen. Just one case of voter fraud in one too many. Numbers can’t be found due to fraudulent voters not being identified. So, forget numbers and get some integrity into the polling booths.

    Social Security and Social Services offices have all the documentation a person is required to have to get an ID card. If you are eligible to vote, I’m sure that you have a social security number and many have who whine about voter ID being bad have a DSS case file in their county DSS office. You won’t get services without ID.

    When citizens lose confidence in the voting process, this country is on the way to losing its integrity. ID for voting is fought by only one political party and with good cause, apparently, or they wouldn’t fight it so hard. I’m for it and hope it passes. AND, if it does get enacted, it won’t surprise me if the Democrats in DC file a suit against the state. Sad, but true!

  • Mr.T says:

    your logic, then if I can get yours or anybodies social security card without your knowledge and take the card to a DMV office and get a photo ID. Now I become you and all I need do is go to early voting, show your ID with my picture and guess what voter fraud. I just need to get your card back in your wallet before you know it. This is why you need to check with DMV. It’s not as simple as you make it sound. My guess is you may not think people with ID problems, older, sicker, less educated should vote anyway.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    The only fraud here is you.

    – Accurate numbers on fraud: Of course there aren’t any because it’s essentially untraceable. But with voter ID it’s preventable. Duh!
    – “Americans are denied because of photo ID”: Easily preventable. It’s as easy as pie to acquire one. If you’re too stupid to do that, you’re too stupid to vote. Duh!
    – “each state has an obligation to make the service attainable for everyone”: It’s available here in NC. Duh!
    – “Republican party seems to be having a very difficult time coming to the realization that they lost”: In North Carolina? Where have you been? Duh!
    – “They lost fare and square to President Obama”: Uh, that’s actually spelled “fair’. Duh!

    There is no reason or excuse whatsoever not to have an ID. It’s easy to get and stupid not to have one. As usual, you’re continuing to push your socialist agenda. Also, as usual, you’re continuing to misrepresent reality. You did it throughout the entire stadium debate and you’re continuing to do it now. Your own posts have proven you to be a consummate liar. I still have them on file so you would be a fool to debate that. Why should anyone believe a word you say? You have lost all credibility.

  • Mr.T says:

    Can any one provide any accurate numbers on the level of fraud that exists in NC. The point is if their are two cases of fraud per election but in that same election large numbers of Americans are denied because of photo ID then we have harmed the system, not improved it. I dont oppose the idea, however each state has an obligation to make the service attainable for everyone. There seems to be a growing number of people who feel that our election outcomes are often driven by people that because of education,income, race,religion ect. shouldn’t be allowed to vote. The Republican party seems to be having a very difficult time coming to the realization that they lost. They lost fare and square to President Obama. President Obama is our President and they can’t change that… period. In future elections they seem bent on slowing down every voting segment of the population except middle aged white men. This is tired,worn, and will not work policy. But it won’t stop their effort.

  • Guest72 says:

    The state has already made the service attainable to everyone. You just get your proof of identity together and go the Driver License office. Why would a person NOT have an ID?

  • Mr.T says:

    at the number of Americans that due to circumstances which they had no control has put them in a position of not having the proper documents to obtain a valid photo ID. You should talk to many social workers who have delt with many displaced people. There are more circumstances they deal with than you would ever imagine. One example is a child that grew up being passed from home to home and state to state. Many older folks were born at home and documents gets unprocessed or lost. I don’t imagine you spend much time with these people,but they are Americans and deserve the same rights as you!

  • ChefnSurf says:

    … as the rest of us. They have the right to acquire the documentation they need without being penalized. That opportunity is available now. If someone is too lazy or stupid to do that, they’re also too stupid or lazy to vote.

  • zxcvbn says:

    really? do you know how many homeless people live in nc? its alot higher then the amount of voter fraud. i would not have a problem if it were as easily attainable to all citizens but you know as well as I that 15 dollars to someone in middle class isnt the same as 15$ t someone below to 200% poverty line. it costs money to have documents replaced. and poor people are at the highest risk of losing documents, not because of “Stupidity” but because of unstable housing.

    but then again, most of the people that are vehemently for voter id seem to be aware of how much harder it will be for poor people to vote. that seems to be the point isnt it, with comments like “shouldnt vote anyways” you are the ones trying to commit fraud and steal elections by keeping people who are poorer then you(but still citizens) from voting. and it becomes even clearer this not about voter fraud but keeping people from their right to vote when ppl claim things like. “too stupid to vote anywyas”. you make your intention wholly clear. i thank you posters for that nugget of insight as to your intentions for wanting this bill. btw this bill does nothing to target where voter fraud really comes from, absentee voting, but absentee voting tends to lean republican so i guess that is why you guys to dont have to give a shit about that right? i have yet to see any complaints on the actual causes of voter fraud. yet youre all so anti voter fraud right? lol, lets be be honest guys, you dont care about the actual causes of voter fraud, you just wanna keep poor people from voting dem.

    when was the last time you gave someone a ride to the dmv and paid for their ID so that they could get a job? when was the last time you took a look at the real social issues around you, rather then try to disenfranchise those who arent as privileged as yourself? you guys make your schemes far to obvious.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    If it has a picture ID and it is not the correct person, do you not think just maybe the person checking it will figure it out? Hence the PICTURE ID!!!! If you are able to stand in line and vote then you are able to stand in line and get a damn ID. Stop being a moron.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    So you’re saying all you have to do to perpetuate a fraud is steal someone’s card, go to the DMV and pretend you’re that person and then secretly get the card back into that person’s wallet without them noticing it?

    Gee, I’m sure that happens all of the time.

    As usual, you’re trying to take an extraordinary occurrence and make it sound as if it’s an everyday event. Apparently, some things never change.

  • anne says:

    Yes! Everyone should be required to have an ID when voting. We have to have IDs to drive, to pick up prescriptions, to buy liquor, etc. why not for voting? I am tired of listening to the complaints of how it targets the poor, the blacks, the elderly, etc. Bull! The same ones that gripe that it would mean stsnding in line to get one, are the same ones who would stand in line for a hand out!

  • Guest72 says:

    “However, I think that the state of North Carolina should implement a method to provide identification to those who cannot to have one, or do not drive and do not have a driver’s license, free of charge so they will not be disenfranchised.”

    So, people who do not drive can get a ride from somebody to go vote, buy groceries, go to the doctor, go to church, but can’t get a ride to go to the DMV to get an ID? Wow.

  • Me says:

    This link shows where and how to obtain a state ID Card.

    These can be obtained at any Drivers License Office.

    There is a $10.00 fee.

    Hope this helps.

  • Guest3130 says:

    . . . here, here, Bravo to someone who tells it like it IS.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Its insane we allow anyone to vote, without a ID.

  • Guest72 says:

    I know how easy it is. It’s a fairly uncomplicated process, other than the wait time at the License office. I’ve worked in the car business for 20 years and have sent many customers to the Driver License office because they did not have a NC ID, which is required to purchase a vehicle in NC. I’m just amazed this attorney thinks NC should should “implement a method to provide identification” as not to “disenfranchise” anyone. There is already a simple method in place.

  • Ulf says:

    Seems the ID idea is just an other thing we seem to be forced todo from the government as many thinks it have nothing todo with me but I need it for other things but thats for me.

    If I don’t have one I dont want to get one and pay for it even if i need it for all other things I usually do.

    Some make it as Dem or Rep issue, has nothing todo with that, its a public society issue. You can’t trust some people and they take advantage of the system and as It’s shown in vote twice and more to gain something for them self. But voting is seen by many, I guess is nothing important but they do it, when someone get their identity stolen and loose money oh.

    Me personally to homeland security, police etc.

    I think all whats needed is a fingerprint sensor and they you can have as many ID’s as you want. They do it at Disney.

    And by now we spent an other $100M for this.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I have to show my license to police officers to prove that I have the legal right to drive. I have to show my ID to the cashier to prove that I can legally buy alcohol or tobacco. I have to show my ID in order to board an airplane. When I bought my house I had to show my ID to the attorney. I have to show my ID in order to get something notarized. I have to show my ID to withdraw money from the bank. I even have to show my ID in order to gain entry at Costco.

    There are so many aspects of our lives where an ID is required and we don’t question it. As a citizen one of the most important things we can do in service to our country is to vote. If I can show my ID for these less significant things then I can certainly show my ID to prove that I can legally vote.

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