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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new veterans clinic next to Wilmington International Airport opened its doors to a few veterans today.

Other VA facilities offer just primary care and mental health services. The Wilmington Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic, also known as the superclinic, will offer more services ranging from dental and eyecare to prosthetics and diagnostics.

Administrator Fred Roche says southeastern North Carolina is one of the fastest growing areas for veterans. He says it is important to make veterans health care convenient.

“It is almost more of a one-stop-shop,” Roche said. “If they need an X-ray and labs done, they can come here and get it done, whereas at our existing location, we had to make another appointment for them to go up to Fayetteville, or we would purchase that care out in the communities.”

Roche says the clinic is about the says of a Super Walmart, at 100,000 square feet. More than 200 people will work at the clinic. Roche expects to see between 15,000 and 18,000 patients a year.

The clinic’s grand opening will be in April.

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  • John D

    After finally getting approved to be seen here a month ago I was given an appt for the middle of August this is not efficient or adequate health care for veterans.

  • Billp

    I have been very pleased with the VA Center near ILM airport. No problems. Sometimes going to the VA Cener or any other medical center/facility is what you make it. Concerning the ID card, go to the VA Center and look them eye to eye. I have found that facing someone gets better results than telephoning. I had no trouble getting an ID card at the Fayetteville facility years ago. My treatment at the VA has been great.

  • Bud

    Here it is Feb 20, 2014, and except for the lab, there is NOTHING at the New Wilmington VA Clinic different than before. WWAY 3 needs to take a tour through it. Pharmacy – EMPTY shelves and No Pharmacist, Eye Ear & Throat – Empty and NO doctors, NO X-RAY, NO EMERGENCY ROOM, Nothing that was told was going to be added is actually functional. All we got was a larger area for a waiting room. NO NEW DOCTORS or anything!

  • truthseeker

    Yes, it is great a new addition to longer wait times, long appointments and lack of care. As a disabled veteran and VA is my primary care taker they are terrible at communication with patients, terrible at answering the phones, terrible at handling immediate health issues as they arise. Vets do not have an immediate painful medical condition and expect VA to do anything locally, it just will not happen. Facts folks from a disgruntled, disappointed disabled veteran!

  • GuestUSMC

    I am a veteran, however not disabled, who also uses the VA as my primary care provider. I pretty much agree with you on all your opinions of the VA healthcare system. I would only rate them as about a star and a half out of five.

  • Guest2020

    I thank you for your service. It is a crying shame that our government cannot do better by the men and women who sacrifice so much in service to it.

  • garlin mourglea

    Viet Nam Vet with diabetes and stroke paralyzing right side. Has cataract on left eye. Moved from CA to N. C. in February. Needs an appt, How do we go about getting this appt set up for a eyes and therapy.
    Garlin G. Mourglea
    831-345-3017 or 910-523-5216

  • Garlin G. Mouarglea

    How to we get a service connected viet nam Vet w/ Diabetes, stroke and cataract on left eye an appt at the New VA Hospital in Wilmington, Nc

  • Guest from Wilmington


    The above link from today 4/2/2013 shows this clinic still at the Medical Center Drive location. As a patient of this facility the medical care is lackluster at best. There are a few individuals that care about patient care but they seem to be at a minimum. Sadly I predict new building same old same old! Why doesn’t the VA admit that managing veteran health care just is not that effective with the current system. Staffing new facilities with the current staff seems to be a waste of taxpayers money. Why can’t the VA outsource veteran care and manage the fees like Medicare?

    I just received a letter today from Fayetteville dated 3/15 regarding mileage changes and it took two weeks to get here? And if the new clinic is to be opening this month when will they let the veterans know?

  • D

    Outsourcing the VA Medical Care WAS one of the problems in Wilmington. Henceforth the VA took the care over. Please read the related posted article excerpt.
    At one point last year, veterans were lodging more than 40 complaints a day about service at the old facility. Most of the complaints dealt with the medical side and not mental health services.

    A private company, Magnum Medical J.V., ran the old clinic through a contract with the VA.
    Trusting Medicare’s system is sure not the answer. Quality care begins at the top and runs all the way thru the front door. From Dr’s nurses, and groundskeepers.
    My vet is now disabled but at one time worked as a RN for the VA and trust me, He gave a great deal in his civilian service, as well as Military. In Civilian service meant we provided needed items for the patients out of our pocket. They had no family members. THIS VET and past VA employee gave a great deal of care to his patients.

  • Eddie

    This is the number for the new clinic by the airport. 910-343-5300, I only found it with the help of a fellow vet, no help from the va.

  • mykhel

    Thank you, been searching high and low. As you said, no help from the VA.

  • Herlerai Jackson

    I am a female vet, moved from Fla. trying to get my medications and pain mgmt established. Have been trying with VA Clinic Jacksonville(Midway Park), nothing but run arounds. Severe pain at this very moment. No special favors just need medical help.

    Thank you
    H. Jackson

  • Jeanne Geib

    I have been there and truely sympathise! If you can, get a ride go to the Fayetteville ER. I have done this in the past and only had to wait 11 hours to get treated. Good luck.

  • Dianna Spory

    It appears that they have opened this new “super clinic” to better handle veterans and their situations. So far, I see NO DIFFERENCE from the previous clinic in Wilmington. The operators still cannot answer your questions, the nurses still do not call you back when you leave your phone# and an urgent message, and of course, you NEVER get the correct info if they do ever respond to you. SAME OLD – SAME OLD.

    I know they are busy with other veterans, but isn’t that the reason for this new “super clinic”???? To be able to handle the veterans with faster, more reliable service. The nurses do not even call back when you leave an urgent message. I wonder if any of the nurses or how many of the doctors and other employees have served in the military, putting their life on the line to serve our country. And, if they did actually serve, do you think they would enjoy being treated with the same respect, kindness and SPEEDY SERVICE that the other veterans have been given??




  • Promises made peomises broken

    I say this not to be sarcastic or unkind but you actually had this facility answer the phone? I called all morning one day and the phone kept ringing and then disconnected. The reason I had to call is because my appointment I waited 4 months to obtain had been cancelled. I was told to call the clinic to reschedule. Then in frustration I went to the clinic after lunch and overheard another veteran commenting that he had been calling for two days!
    The excuse for the Medical Center Drive facility is that the phone system was not working properly. So I assume this non functioning phone system was brought to this new facility, now I am being sarcastic. Maybe a simple class on how to pick up a receiver, push the flashing light, followed by saying Wilmington VA clinic how may I help you today, would work.
    SAME OLD SAME OLD you are spot on. For years we heard things would be much better when the new facility opened. Now it is open many of the clinics promised in this article are yet to be opened. No pharmacy, dental, vision or eye care. When is the timeline for those to be opened.

  • Jeanne Geib

    I used to attend the Wilmington clinic until I reassigned to the Brunswick Outreach Clinic about 3 years ago. They made the same promise’s to us here but the diservice remains the same. Don’t know what to tell you. My daughter got so diagusted with lack of care by the VA she took me to her civilian MD. With the right med for my Dx my pain of 2 years was gone in 18 hours. All I can suggest is if you can find the money GO CIVILIAN!

  • RJF II

    I’ve been trying to get an ID card issued since June, 2013. Any suggestions on how to make this happen? When I called Fayetteville, they said that since I’m a Wilmington patient, I need to get it done here. Every week when I call the Wilmington VA clinic facility, they say they are not equipped to issue ID cards? Is there a solution here? Any assistance is appreciated.

  • Jeanne Geib

    Don’t hold your breath, BOC opened its doors about 3 years ago promising specialty clinics on FRidays, still hasn’t happened. They also promised 2 MDs, hasn’t happened. We have 1 MD 4 days a week. Getting an appointment is extremely difficult because the phone rings and rings and then hangs up on you! I was finally able to reach a nurse on the VA secure messaging site. After explaining I needed a script renewal for my meds which would run out in 10 days she said some one would call me. When they called they gave me an appt in 41 days. I am a 100% disabled vet, I deserve better than this!

  • Ernest Russ

    I had read you.comment on the Fayetteville NC emergency room. fayetteville no longer has a emergency room. The emergency room is just like a clinicI had to wait 6 hours to get one prescriptionI actually hate the VA Center in Fayetteville North CarolinaMartinsburg West Virginia is the best VA center I have ever been to Martinsburg West Virginia VA center really cares about the veterans and I feel they are not prejudice or racist to the veterans they have a policy if you haven’t been called within 20 minutes for you to go back to the desk and remind them and you will be called within 5 minutes I love the Martinsburg West Virginia VA Center I can’t say enough good stuff about them fayetteville VA center only cares about their paycheck they don’t care how long you wait it’s above their pay grade to call you to see the doctor I wish the government would investigate fayetteville North CarolinaVA center and start firing the employees that are lazy don’t want to do anything and are mean to the veterans and I truly mean that


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