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SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County church is taking a stance in the gun control debate.

After starting a gun control petition earlier this year, St. Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church in Shallotte is educating the community.

Church leaders say they view gun control as a pro-life initiative and a moral issue, because it threatens a person’s dignity to life. This has them called to action.

After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, St. Brendan Catholic Church wanted to do its part to bring attention to the gun control debate. Church leaders began circulating a petition back in January.

“We are really going to come together to try to find solutions, and that doesn’t exclude a viewpoint,” St. Brendan’s Religious Education Director Mary Hart said. “We certainly want to invite anyone with a different viewpoint to come forward.”

The petition calls for a ban on assault weapons, a ban on high-capacity magazines and better regulation.

“We wanted to bring awareness to the issue and to keep it alive in the minds of people, because too often in the past bad things have happened, and we sort of go back to business as usual,” Hart said.

To make sure this controversial issue does not fade and to provide another venue for discussion, the church hosted a lecture Tuesday to talk about the Second Amendment from a historical perspective.

“It’s important for us as citizens to form our own opinions and to state those opinions and not leave it up to the people in Washington,” said historian and guest lecturer Dr. Michael Burke.

St. Brendan’s has already sent its petition with upwards of 1,000 signatures to North and South Carolina senators with the hopes of one day being able to answer some important questions.

“What is good public policy? What should we be doing in this country to make sure this kind of violence does not happen again?” concerned citizen Barry Ryan said.

St. Brendan’s will also host a mental health and gun violence presentation to keep the talk going. That discussion will take place March 21.

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  • dave

    Unfortunately the Catholic Church is reacting with emotion and not on the facts. Nothing proposed regarding legislation will or would have prevented the horrific insane acts of the EVIL among us will do no matter what the weapon of choice.
    In order to feel good the emotions say we have to do something. Once again, taking the Rights from the good man by control is the driving force using our emotions to promote the agenda. First thing you have to ask yourself is WHY. The Truth Has No Agenda.

  • Vog46

    The truth is Christians and Jews are believed by Islam as being “brothers”.
    Infidels are people who don’t believe in any God:

    “In the Islamic doctrinal sense, the term only refers to a person who does not recognize the one God (Allah) such as atheists and polytheists. However, since Islam considers Jews and Christians as fellow believers they are called “People of the Book (Ahl al-kitab)” instead.”

    The fact is true believers of Islam do not view Christians as infidels.
    Like any religion Christianity has/had it’s “moments” like the Inquisition and Islam has had its fanatics as well.
    But true believers of both faiths look at each other with mutual respect.

    The TRUTH does suck now doesn’t it?
    Don’t confuse the politics of Islamic nations with the beliefs of the Islamic faith.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    Hopefully one day you won’t hate people that haven’t done anything to you.

    And the people that committed those acts of terror are evil, and call themselves Muslim, but are not.

    “I don’t see anything at all racist about my comments. You stick to your book and I’ll stick to mine.”

    “We all know who the Koran defines as “infidels” and we all know what the Koran tells it’s followers to do the “infidels”. “Kill them!”

    I’m afraid that “we all know”, really doesn’t know.

    Since you haven’t read “My book” you don’t really know what it says.
    And since I’ve read “Your Book” and “My Book” I know what Both say.

    Yes, the TRUTH does suck. You couldn’t possibly be a racist. Just ignorant.

  • GuestMan.

    I guess it would be like true Christians and fake Christians. So are the Christians that yell “Let them die” when talking about sick people with no insurance true or fake? How about the ones that believe that Jesus thought it was OK to kill someone, or the ones that protest at veteran’s funerals, or the Christians that did the Inquisition, or the ones that want to disenfranchise the gays, the poor, the sick, and the less fortunate than they? Are they real or fake?
    I can tell by your post which one you are.

  • Vog46

    This all you need to know about “infidels”:

    “In the Islamic doctrinal sense, the term only refers to a person who does not recognize the one God (Allah) such as atheists and polytheists. However, since Islam considers Jews and Christians as fellow believers they are called “People of the Book (Ahl al-kitab)” instead.”

    Islam does NOT consider Christians NOR Jews to be infidels. “Infidels” applies to those who don’t believe in any God.


  • Guesttenheimer

    And don’t need to. The Koran proves itself. The people that live by the Koran vow to die by it. It’s their call. We all know who the Koran defines as “infidels” and we all know what the Koran tells it’s followers to do the “infidels”. “Kill them!”

    So, you’re telling me there are “true Muslims”? Is that vs. “fake Muslims”? So what was status of dear old Hasan that murdered 13 US Army soldiers and injured 36 more as he praised Allah? was he a “real Muslim” or a “fake Muslim”?

    Now about those Saudis that invaded Americas freedom on 9-11 and murdered over 3000 innocent souls. Were they of the “fake Muslim” variety or were they “real”? I don’t see anything at all racist about my comments. You stick to your book and I’ll stick to mine!

    The TRUTH sucks doesn’t it?

  • Guesttenheimer

    …as I was overtaking 2nd place and thought I would be first. Or was I overtaking last place, thinking I would be next to last? How do I take over last place?
    You stated what I meant. Thanks!

  • Citizen of the Republic

    True Muslims do not celebrate birthdays.

    “His first birthday present as in the first present he receives on his 15th birthday.”

    A baby’s birth is a day of great joy, and an act of worship also.

    But annual “birthdays” are not celebrated.

    I hope this clears that up for you.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    The difference is I don’t judge 2 BILLION people by the actions of a small percentage of radicals, just like I don’t judge ethnic groups by the same percentage of racist individuals.

    You didn’t need to answer to prove my point.

    Since you like to recommend books, try reading the one book that true Muslims live their lives by. Maybe then you won’t denigrate things you don’t understand.

    If you still don’t understand, ask a follower of Islam. He can tell you the truth, not the spoon fed pablum of the media.

  • B M

    I think we’re all in agreement here, when a church wants to start getting political and tramping on our “second amendment” rights then 2 thinkgs need to happen

    1- take away their tax free exemption
    2-punish their child molestors like any other citizen would be

  • Guest421

    And, we haven’t been bothered with those pesky little wars and revolutions on our soil like so many other countries, now have we? Everyone should own a firearm and know how to use it.

  • Guest Reply

  • Guestguns

    Wonder if they are afraid that one of their priest would be shot for some of the action that has gone on in the past?

    They need to stay need to start paying taxes if they want to do stuff like this. They want to stand behind the First Amendment while stepping all over the Second Amendment..

  • Guesttenheimer

    As I grew up here in America, it was customary for a young man to receive a .22 or a 410 ga. as a birthday present, not an AK-47. We used them for rabbit and bird hunting or for target practice.

    The muslim boys walk out in the streets with their fresh AK-47, crack off about 20 rounds in the air screaming, “Praise Allah” and “Death to the infidels!”. They are ready to kill other human beings and proud of it.

    Do you see the difference now?

    If you would attempt to read and comprehend a high school level history book, I wouldn’t need to answer such an elementary question for you!

  • Vog46

    You were expecting something different from a church?
    Catholic or otherwise Christian?


  • guesty

    “…as his first birthday present!”

    His first birthday present as in the first present he receives on his 15th birthday.

  • Vog46

    Is bizarre.
    End it.
    And tax all election contributions by not allowing ANY form of nonprofit-eering by groups.

    Spreading out the tax base is a very good GOP idea……


    PS – or call it a fee……….

  • Citizen of the Republic

    The church is entitled to it’s view. However when it turns political the line is blurred.

    I am also entitled to my view that it’s a money making racket.

    Now that they have entered the public discussion on gun control, the church has become political.

    It’s time for them to lose “tax exempt” status.

    As Dear leader Obama has said, “the rich (which the church is), they need to pay their fair share”

    “St. Brendan’s will also host a mental health and gun violence presentation to keep the talk going. That discussion will take place March 21.” Talking points courtesy of DNC.

    Let me know when the discussion is held and the topic is Political action committees disguised as churches and abuse of the tax status by religious fat cats.

  • Guesttenheimer

    There isn’t a 15 year old in the middle east without an AK-47 as his first birthday present!

  • T. W. Duke

    And in other news, local Catholic Church fixes all other problems and makes desperate grab to stay relevant by capitalizing on tragedy. Also, Local Catholic Church was once relevant. Didn’t we already talk about his a month or so back?

    T.W. Duke

  • Citizen of the Republic

    And here in America it’s any different?

    Also: If they are 15 years old logic says it can’t be his first birthday.

    And they don’t do “birthdays” with presents.

  • GuestUSMC

    I guess this could be termend as “reverse meddling”, that is the church messing with the state’s affairs. If the state encroached on the church, you would hear shrieks and bleats of all types coming from the leaders and congregation. With all that is going on within the Catholic religion as of late, I think they would be better off lying low for a long time to come and clean up their own yard and closet first.

  • Guest2020

    If they want to talk about history, why don’t they talk about the Spanish Inquisition. And if they want to discuss a “person’s dignity of life”, then they need to talk about their pedophile priests and the RCC cover up.

    If they want to take a “pro-life” stance in regards to gun control then they need to talk about law-abiding citizens having the ability to adequately protect themselves against criminals.

  • guest 123

    this is a big surprise to me that they would want to come out against the second amendment with all the embarassments they’ve suffered thru the years.

  • truthseeker

    Who is the Catholic Church with their outdated religious policies, intentional discrimination of women and worship of a man (Pope) to tell me what guns I can own. The Catholic Church slaughtered nations over what they think is the only spiritual way. Their leaders covered wrong doings of Priest who molested kids. When they can clean up their own documented sins and misdeeds maybe I would give some credance to what they say. A Catholic telling me about guns carries as much weight as Obama telling me how to handle finances!

  • CM

    Please go back to your Chick tracts and let the adults talk.

  • Aix sponsa

    First of all, people need to understand that more guns means fewer murders. To argue otherwise is just ignorant. There is NO way possible to get rid of all guns. Period. There is probably over a billion in the world. They can literally be made at home, or they can just use other weapons such as blades, bombs, or other weapons. Unfortunately, there will always be evil people in the world. The last thing you want is to disarm the population. More guns=fewer gun murders. If teachers carry concealed weapons, that makes it that much more likely that a shooter will be stopped. So, you say that teachers shouldn’t carry a gun. “That argument is absurd.” Well, whats stopping teachers from bringing a gun to shoot students right now? Not much. In fact, we’re already putting our children’s lives in their hands.
    We declared a war on drugs some 40 years ago. After all of the time and resources spent, how successful has it been? It’s been a complete waste of time and money. Cocaine is as available as ever. Look for criminals on just about any street corner in the U.S. if you don’t believe me. Someone is arrested for drugs every hour of every day. If we can’t even stop cocaine coming in from other countries, how can you possibly think that criminals won’t have access to guns? YOU CAN’T. So, if you want to give up your RIGHT to protect yourself from ARMED or UNARMED thugs, then that’s your call. If you contribute to getting illegal laws passed to make citizens fugitives, because they will not give up their arms (including 30 round mags and semi autos) then know that you contributed to bloodshed. Americans will NOT lay down their weapons– even if it means a civil war. BLOOD will be on YOUR hands, too. Doing this in God’s name? Then why haven’t the Israelites disarmed? They armed teachers to deal with school shootings. They didn’t just rely on God to step in. If God’s children need weapons to protect themselves, why don’t you? They’re not foolish, that’s why.

    More guns=less crime. You better think twice before you sign your soul to the government. After all, governments kill many more people because of policies than just wars over territory or other reasons. As previously mentioned, the American people will NOT be disarmed. So, either be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem. STOP trying to be a part of people control aka gun control!!!!

  • Erlkoeng

    Catholic and anti-2nd Amendment. What are you libs gonna do about this one?

  • Guest 2012

    A different viewpoint!

    How sad that a church will expends their energy on gun control. It must not have enough of the gospel to offer their community. So many Christians own guns that this can’t help but make people to feel uncomfortable attending a church that is so divisive. I’m sure there are better issues that don’t divide congregations. How sad it is for a church to waste this energy on an issue that Washington is over-reacting on. This too shall pass!

    Is there not enough good news to preach? The churches are divided enough already. How many people will be offended by this movement that they will stop going to church? Many people have already quit attending church services all over the country. This divisive gun control over-reaction will soon pass but the gospel will be remain the same.

  • Guesttenheimer

    First of all, the church needs to gain control of the “churches problems” up front. We all know what those are and we all know that, to this very day, they continue to occur. Once that happens, they can delve into the private sector and assist with those problems.

    Their purpose with the petition is as ill-conceived as our white-house occupants efforts. The basic premis of “banning” certain type of firearms, magazines, ammo and instituting background checks is an exercise in futility and only imposes new regulations to law-abiding citizens. It does absolutely nothing to address criminal behavior. They must realize that criminals that DON’T observe ANY law or ANY of its regulations. Ringing a “bell” yet?

    Until the justice system addresses the mutliple violent felons they continually allow back into society. Until they realize these felons commit the same gun-violence related crimes over and over and over and UNTIL they keep the felons in a place where it is impossible for them to get guns, nothing will ever be resolved.

    Gun related violence against innocent citizens is a horrible thing and I don’t care what the felons do to each other, but gun related violence has to be stopped at its roots. Those roots are the felons that burn up the revolving door of the courtroom, that don’t do their time and are constantly let off the hook to do it all over again.

    So St, Brendans, start a REAL petition that means something! Petition the courts to start enforcing the laws that exist and start keeping criminals behind bars where they belong instead of allowing then to freely roam through our society and wreak havoc at their impulsive whim! This is all very simple! It surprises me that with all of the “intelligent ones” we have that create law can’t seem to not only grasp this concept, they fail to even address it!

    Reciting 2000 Hail Mary’s and 3000 Our Fathers isn’t going to solve this problem. Proposing new regulations without properly addressing and RESOLVING the root of the problem is just as useless! If you’re going to take a stand and take action, make it work and stop wasting everyones time and effort. There’s already enough of that going on in Washington!

  • ED

    I can understand that reporting on a story about a crime could be one sided based on facts. BUT… A story like this which is based on a group of like minded individuals without including opinions from the opposite side seems bias from WWAY. The Gun and Ammo place, USA Pawn, Jenny’s Pawn, etc. are all like minded and have an opinion. I would ask WWAY to include both sides on this and other opinion based stories. Thank you


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