Craig Thomas out at Sunny 104.5

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Submitted: Tue, 03/05/2013 - 9:00pm
Updated: Wed, 03/06/2013 - 11:22am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A longtime part of the Wilmington radio scene is off the airwaves. Craig Thomas is no longer part of the staff at Sunny 104.5.

Thomas told WWAY he was not ready to comment on his departure, but said his last day on the air was Wednesday.

Thomas joined Sunny 104.5 three years ago to team with Sheila Brothers during morning drive, according to a StarNews story. Before that, the story said, Thomas had worked at WGNI for 19 years.

In a post on Sunny 104.5’s Facebook page this morning, Brothers responded to listeners who had wondered where her partner was.

“Craig is no longer with Sunrise Broadcasting,” Brothers wrote. “It was a management decision. But I want to strongly point out he did nothing wrong. I’ve been waiting, trying to come up with something meaningful and profound, but I’ve got nothing eloquent to say. Just that I miss my BFF. Thank you guys for your support and I will continue on, doing the best I can to make your day a Sunny one… ~Sheila.”

Station management has not yet returned a call for comment.

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  • graham says:

    Craig Thomas has a new home on life 90.5 FM.

  • Vog46 says:

    So they can be cut ups?

    Can sling the baloney?

    Act cheesey together?

    Anything else they can do together?


  • christina mattas says:

    well, here we go again, i quit listening to GNI when Craig left and now i wont be listening to Sunny either! He made my morning commute to work very pleasant and he and Sheila together were funny. Craig if your’e reading this, let us all know if you join another station! By the way, who is that irritating woman that is on GNI every afternoon? I can’t stomach her, with her really false laugh, she seems to think she’s funny but i have to turn the radio off now on my way home cos i cannot stand to listen to her! Also, the 2 morning hosts that replaced Craig and Kitty are crap, they yap on about nothing and who wants that first thing in the morning when your’e in the morning rush hour? Whoever these people are that decide who or who not to have on the air are a bunch of idiots, they get rid of good guys and replace them with boring, stupid people. I think i’ll start listening to my CD’s, at least i dont have to listen to the stupid, annoying commercials over and over again………………….

  • Helen says:

    There aint nobody like Linda Wylde! She’s the best DJ in town no doubt. Yall need to go on bout your business and leave her out of this!

    Sorry ’bout losin your job, Craig! Miss ya already!

  • SUNNY says:


  • Thomasfan says:

    Craig Thomas was a no talent tool. He was about as “edgy” as George Eliot. He can reunite with his former sidekick Kitty in the Food Lion deli department!

  • taxpayer says:

    fingernails on a chalkboard…or someone trying to talk with their hands around their throat. Love the music on 101.3…but Linda…yuk.

  • gatorsdude says:

    That is pretty, pretty, pretty funny.

  • DP101 says:

    That comment just made my day, thanks!

  • Vog46 says:

    Craig Thomas is out at Sunny 104.5.
    Will this cause more global warming?
    Higher gas prices?
    More gun violence?
    Higher taxes and fees?
    Will it cause Janelle Evans to get breast augmentation, a butt lift, liposuction and laser treatments?

    My God what is happening to the local media? Scott Pickey arrested, Ashleys gone from TV and Rob Ellis too. I would hope the city council would commission a commission, to study a study, done by a commission that they funded with millions of taxpayer dollars to find out just what the heck is going on here.
    I’m sure it’s something dastardly – nefarious and dangerous to the general public…….
    We need answers……..

    so – just who the HELL is Craig Thomas?


  • Guest CommonTater says:

    other than being a troll….

  • "Primetime" Sam Roberts says:

    Management deemed Craig too “edgy” and too much of a shock-jock when he came up with the idea for Wilmington’s First Annual Chubby Bunny contest. Word on the street is that Erik “Sex Bagel” Nagel will be replacing him in the coming weeks followed by “The Ramone and Frunkis Show”.

  • DeWayne says:

    is you sick? Linda Wilde is the best DJ in town!

  • Guest1111 says:

    OMG! I’m so glad someone agrees with me! Linda on QQ101.3’s voice is like one of my dog’s squeaky toys! It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. I had to stop listening! Glad I’m not alone!

  • skewlteacher says:

    Oh how I wish they’d get rid of Linda on 101.3. She has the worst radio squeaky fake voice and I cringe having to listen to her! I’ll just stick to Sirius and Pandora!

  • Guest987 says:

    I agree and cannot listen to their morning show. I switch the station when she does a commercial too.

  • Guest2020 says:

    That woman’s voice easily trigger migraines. It’s not bad enough that she is on the morning show, but her voice comes over the radio throughout the day in commercials and station promos. I cannot stand it. How she ever made it in radio with that voice is beyond me.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    ok Vog you have the healthiest attitude here…

    I will miss Craig however. I was a GNI fan for years as well. I had the opportunity to see him emcee events dating back to The Festival of Trees at the Hilton and enjoyed his work. I hope he lands something soon and local.. I feel he has added to the community through his work as a radio personality and to get a mention means he has struck a note with somebody.. Sometimes news isn’t earth changing but possibly just community changing… yes? IMHO of course.

  • Don Jon says:

    That dude was so Donjon pimp style Miami Vice back in the 80’s.. Seriously… Not so much any more… But still, a nice guy… He’s been around for a day.. I respect anyone like that.. around.. The radio company can go f theirselves… They are next after print news dies… Craig.. We got yo back homie..

  • Alba Resto says:

    I’m with you RIp. It’s sad hearing Sheila without Craig and not being able to tell him to shut his face. I hope they find a good match for her, but another Craig? No way!
    Craig, I’m crying for you man. My morning bud is gone… :(

  • du says:

    I found it to be humorous

  • Vog46 says:

    It was a bit of a troll
    And it was damned funny
    What is in the water here? WWAY puts first time drunk teachers, local TV personalities and radio personalities on the front page………

    As for radio? Seldom listen to it – preferring a good CD while driving………or sheer silence – which is my “music” of choice.

    ‘Tater’s right… are you

  • Guest2020 says:

    I prefer a CD or silence as well. However, I did enjoy Craig Thomas years ago when he was on WGNI.

  • christina mattas says:

    i was wondering where on earth he was! Him and Sheila together were really funny and i wont be listening to Sunny anymore. Same thing happened when GNI lost him, i stopped listening, that couple that are on(GNI) in the morning get on my nerves, yap, yap, yap! Please, Craig, i hope you join another station and let me know where you are, cos i will be listening, it made my morning commute so much better! Oh by the way, whoever that woman is on Sunny 104.5 in the afternoons? She irritates the heck outta me with her false laugh, i have to turn her off or put a CD in………….

  • Guest9999 says:

    I know this forum was intended for comments concerning Craig Thomas, but I can’t help to agree with the rest of these comments that Linda on WWQQ’s morning drive brings on the migraine, like fingernails on a chalkboard. OMG she needs to go. I have started listening to WRNS Country in the morning, however their mid day show is just as annoying with some female that over pronounces the end of every word she speaks. likkkkeA, bringggA, lovvveA,etc. It drives me crazy. so i listen to WRNS mornings and QQ mid days. Life is just better this way. :)

  • Amiee says:

    I soo agree! I used to love country music and listened in my hometown.. when I moved here I was excited to find a country station but with the cartoon lady’s voice and laugh like a bafoon.. I couldn’t take it.. i thought… is this for real? Why does she talk that way and then laugh like a crazy person?

  • Pam says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels. Thanks to Sheila for supporting him by saying that he did nothing wrong. He will go on to entertain and inform at another station and I hope that it will be local so that I can hear him again! Their loss!!!!

  • Darlene says:

    I am very sad to hear that our beloved Craig Thomas is no longer on the air. I have listened to him for years and years. What was management thinking? Craig will be missed. Hope to find out where he goes next…

  • Daphnedoo0313 says:

    Craig has been a part of my morning ritual for over 21 years. It is like losing a best friend. I wish him well and hope he surfaces on another airwave. WGNI crashed after he left. I hope Sheila well as she is equally important to Sunny 104.5. I know Craig will bring any station he associates with to the top….Competition is good for the soul, Sheila!! Miss you Craig.

  • Denise Daughtry says:

    I have been a fan of Craig Thomas for the entire time he has been on the Wilmington airwaves. He is funny, fresh, honest, and not afraid to keep the conversation going about something relevant to our community. When he left his previous station to come to Sunrise, I faithfully followed him. The Craig and Sheila show did not disappoint and I was happy to listen every morning. I don’t understand why people do not adhere more to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, because in this case nothing was broken. Breaking up a proven team of talent is just… how shall I put it?… Stupid. And since there is no cure for stupid, I guess we will all have to live with this bone-headed decision.

  • Guest3130 says:

    You must live under a rock – – we’ll miss Craig, and his sweet, easy-going demeanor, which was a breath of fresh air from all the loud, brash disc jockeys nowadays.

  • Guestopo says:

    Most of the radio stations in this town have made changes that their listeners don’t agree with. 104, WGNI and a few others use to be good stations some years ago until they were sold to some out of state/town conglomerates…they are out of touch with the local folk but expect local buisnesses to fork over big bucks to be sent up the river to fat cat owners and their minions.

  • guesty says:

    Sirius satellite radio where you will never hear Pat Koballa, Davy and Peanut or any of the other moronic commercials the local stations play.

  • huge Craig fan says:

    How in the world could letting go of the funniest guy on local radio be a sound management decision?? I have listened to Craig every morning on the way to work for sooo many years. Like many others, I’m sure, I was a GNI fan who switched to Sunny along with Craig. I don’t always agree with his AI analysis, but that’s part of the fun! I can’t believe this. Craig is a “must-do” for morning radio. I hope he is loud and proud with letting his fans know where he ends up next. That’s where I’ll be! Whoever made this decision….really??!! Because this is a sucky decision. If your goal was to put a damper on the morning drive, I guess the decision was a success. Otherwise, it just simply sucks!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Communications Director for the City of Wilmington. Put a spin on all of those negative items which pop up in the media. OR, Public Affairs Director for CPFUA.

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