Onslow Co. lawmaker says higher boat fees could pay for dredging

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Submitted: Tue, 03/05/2013 - 1:31pm
Updated: Wed, 03/06/2013 - 1:22am

JACKSONVILLE, NC (AP) — A state senator is suggesting that money from higher boat registration fees should be used to pay for dredging North Carolina’s coastal inlets.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reports that Onslow County Sen. Harry Brown wants to create the Shallow Draft Inlet Dredging Fund.

The money for the fund would come from proposed increases in vessel registration and titling fees.

Brown says it’s important to the economy to keep waterways such as New River Inlet and Bogue Inlet open to shipping. He says the inlets are used by recreational boaters, commercial vessels and fishermen among the many users.

It costs $15 a year to register a boat in North Carolina. A proposal in the legislature would increase that with fees based on the length of the boat being registered.

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  • Vog46 says:

    “They’re like…best friends!”

    Best Friends can marry.
    I think of them as first cousins – and we all know what inbreeding does……….


  • Vog46 says:

    Why look at a third party?
    Of course if you look at what the Democrats did to the Unemployment Fund you might see the real problem here.
    They cut corporate UI taxes.
    Oh that can’t be you say?
    How “Republican” of them!!!!
    But wait.
    They didn’t do it just once.
    They did it 6 times:

    The Dow hit a new record high yesterday – yet the day after Obama won re-election many conservative pundits were saying we’ll be in for a crash.
    Democrats are good for corporations and typically – TYPICALLY are good for job creation.
    Job creation under Jimmy Carter was 10 times more than George W Bushs terms.

    I just wonder when the Legislature and McCrory will start proposing these jobs bills they so fondly talked about during the election campaigns…….


  • B M says:

    Actually your wreckless voting for DEMORATS for the last 100 or so years is why NC is in such a mess, always letting libs choose what’s right for the citizens and kicking the can down the road for the next generation, if the DEMORATS would have dont the right thing years ago all NC useable inlets would have been jettied and problem solved, all the states above us and down thru Florida did this, saving their citizens from this mess right now, but NC for years has had the good old boy system in place and rewarding the chosen few with dredging contracts and beach renourishment contracts has been one way they repaid the favors, now that’s over!!!

  • Guest3130 says:

    Keep voting in your beloved conservative Republicans & keep seeing the middle class & poor pay the bills for their rich, fatcat friends.

  • Guest1022 says:

    While I can’t disagree with you, I can say that Democrats ran this State for over 100 years and that is exactly what we saw from them. Maybe people should start looking at third party candidates a little closer.

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    Change my reference of “tax it to death” to “tax AND fee it to death”. Like it really makes a difference…
    Taxes never go away and fees only add to them. They’re like…best friends!

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    The latest economic upheaval (6-7 years worth) and these rediculous fuel prices have all but killed the boating industry. New boat builders have fallen like flies. The bigger the boat the worse it gets. Add to that the skyrocketing cost of fuel, insurance and maintenance and you have a once popular activity that is going by way of the Edsel. To put a cherry on top of it all, our commercial fishermen as getting so restricted with their available catch they’re looking for alternative ways to make a living.
    So go ahead and kill it! Tax it to death like everything else and ruin it for everyone, but let’s make sure that we support our local entitlement recipients and the illegal aliens for generations to come! They really need their polished 24’s and I-Phone 5’s to keep the drug business booming!

  • Guesty1 says:

    I have a 21′ skiff that I use “inshore only”, never got offshore, will my boat be taxed Harry??

  • CCRes says:

    Did you bother to raise the taxes of the people on Bald Head Island to pay for their dredging? Should I have to pay higher insurance rates for the fools who build beach houses on the water? If you want to live there, then be willing to pay or suffer the consequences. Are recreational boaters the ones that benefit the most from the inlets? Why don’t you get some money from the ones that are prospering from the areas that need to be dredged. You politicians are mostly a group of ignorant selfish jacka$$es. Your personal greed is going to destroy America.

  • Guest100 says:

    NOT usage. Even kayaks won’t escape this one!

  • RSimmons says:

    The fee for a three-year period would be $45 for vessels less than 14 feet in length; $75 for a vessel more than 14 feet in length but less than 20 feet; $150 for those 20 feet or more but less than 26 feet; $300 for a vessel 26 feet or more but less than 40 feet; and $450 for those more than 40 feet in length.

    Also, the fee for new or renewed certificates of title will increase from $20 to $30.

    I seldom go out the inlets but I’m not going to miss the extra $10 a year. It does burn my butt that I am paying for the Carolina Beach charter jerks who think it is great fun to pass close to you at 30 knots in the inlets.

  • guesty says:

    Nice name you picked.

  • Guest666 says:

    Finally, a government official with some brains. It makes much more sense for boaters to pay for such improvements than a taxpayer who lives in the mountains and does not even own a boat. As for a previous comment, yes, you pay. When you buy gas, your taxes pay for all the roads, not just the ones you use. You have a boat and it is available for you to make use of.

  • Guest123 says:

    So by your logic I shouldnt have to pay for salt trucks to de-ice roads in the mountains, or to pave roads on a part of the state I dont go?

    Waterways are as much a part of the state’s transportation system as anything else.

    I think a mild increase in registration fees.is warranted, these increases are ridiculous.

  • Vog46 says:

    Mr Guesty1 in his post below, asked the question about his skiff.
    For anyone who doesn’t know this info already:
    To check on a bill that is proposed go here:

    Look at full text or bill by keywords and you get this:

    Click on the letter “B”
    scroll down until you see the header Boats and Watercraft
    Then S58 funds for dredging
    click on that then you get this:


    Sorry Guesty1. Looks like you’re gonna pay a LOT more than $15.
    Just remember this is a FEE not a tax so the GOP dominated legislature cannot be held responsible for a tax increase because this is a fee.

    Now since I’m in teaching mode everyone should take some time to read the state’s General Statutes:

    Click on contents and be prepared ! There’s LOT of them and they’re full of therefores, whereas……

    And of course you should all rise and read the state constitution:

    Please bookmark accordingly….


  • Guesty1 says:

    I say let the inlets fill in, shoal up, close up or whatever they’re going to do. Let nature take it’s course and deal with it I say. North Carolinians delt with nature for hundreds of years before dredging btw. The whole dredging industry is a boon-doggle imho. They charge incredibly outrageous prices to move sand around only to have it fill right back in within a year or so.
    It costs enough as is to own a boat…registration fees, insurance, trailer tags, fuel, property tax, fishing license…sheesh maybe I’ll just sell my boats and start fishing off the bank.

  • Vog46 says:

    Keeping some inlets open are essential to some smaller communities.
    I still can’t help but think that a regional entity could buy it’s own dredging equipment for inlet dredging and beach sand pumping.
    The initial outlay would be high but it would certainly be cost effective for years…….


  • Guesttenheimer says:

    Owners of large vessels will normally go with the “Federal Documentation” method as applied for with the USCG. There is an initial federal “documentation fee” and that’s it. You request an annual “stamp” to keep your documentation current, keep the vessel name and hailing port clearly marked on the transom (among other requirements) and float on. There are no state numbers, no state registration, no state fees and on top of that, a state entity cannot board your vessel without yours or USCG permission. I’m not sure if there are any limits on vessel length to obtain federal documentation status.

  • Bill Perry says:

    The requirements for documented vessels are at least 5 gross tons. That is about 200 cubic feet of cargo carrying capacity, 10 ft x 2 ft x 10 ft. Most all commercial vessels are documented.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    when not being used CPFUA, or whatever the accronym is for the regional utility monster might want to use the equipment to clear plugged drains.

  • Vog46 says:

    But then again I don’t ever see a time when it wouldn’t be in use……
    The only problem would be is in what order to you pump after a hurricane? Which town’s beaches go first?
    I could see the one closest to the landfall point?
    Or do we rescue Dare county Hwy 12 or whatever it is?

    I don’t understand this pre-occupation with outsourcing dredging when the need seems to be continuous.


  • Guest1324 says:

    New River Inlet and Bogue are used by the Navy / Marines, how much is the Feds kicking in so they can keep using these Inlets??
    What about fresh water boaters that never use the Inlets or even boat in saltwater, why should they pay??
    What about the people who own small boats and never even go offshore…why should they have to pay??

    This NC Congress is shaping up to be the worst in NC history! BOAT TAX, Pro-Fracking waste dumps at our Coast, groins and harden structures to protect McMansions that were foolishly built too close to the water, green light by the Gov & Co to raise our energy rates by 20%, drilling off our Coast that won’t make a hill of beans difference at the gas pump….what’s next?!

  • B M says:

    I can tell the man one thing, you can have it, take this boat and shove it, if you think for one minute anybody would pay to have a Corp of Engineer side cast dredge to shove sand to one side, then the next day the wind comes and put’s it right back you’re an idiot, another one of NC 140 years of backward management, all the states around us jettied their inlets a long time ago, now NC is facing a dilema, I say let the inlets go shut, and while you’re at it “CUT OFF THE BEACH RENOURISHMENT MONEY” and let’s see where the rubber meets the road.

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