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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Deputies found a dog that was barely skin and bones about two weeks ago in a Brunswick County home.

Officers say he was on the brink of death. Now the dog's owner is in jail, and the pup is recovering.

The Australian Shepherd mix was extremely malnourished and dehydrated when he was found. Now he is on track to being healthy. When deputies found Springer, he could barely stand up. Officers say he went without proper nutrition for at least three weeks.

Since Springer's rescue, he has gained almost 10 pounds and is getting healthy.

The dog's owner Tara Johnson is charged with cruelty to animals. She is in jail under $1,000 bail. Springer is still a piece of evidence in this case, but will be up for adoption once the case is closed. Animal Protective Aervices says animals are a big responsibility. If people cannot take care of their pets, they will face serious consequences.

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  • holly the dog

    Lets lock her up in her home without food or water for three weeks then we will be even

  • Guest22

    A prayer has been answered.

  • Guest28401

    What a scumbag. instead of a jail cell, can they keep her in a crate without food for a couple of weeks? It is too bad there is not a “Dexter” to take care of her when she slithers out of jail.

  • jhhastings

    How Ms. Johnson could allow her dog to suffer is shocking. I hope there are no humans (children, elderly people) in her care because she is likely to treat humans the way she treated Springer.

    Ms. Johnson is obviously a sociopath who cannot feel empathy. This story is extremely disturbing on many levels . . . and infuriating.

    I just hope to God she is never allowed to have another “pet.”

  • Guest757

    BY reading the comments from when this story first broke. She does have a daughter.(poor girl)
    I hope DSS really looks into her hard now.. and place the child in the fathers care. Beause she is a piece of trash!!! If she couldn’t take care of a dog how is taking care of a child???

    DSS do your job.. for the sake of the child

  • Guesttenheimer

    …and likely the only place she’s safe. From the likes of the comments I’ve read, a lot of people would like to meet her in “person” and are waiting for her.

  • C

    I would love to know where this psycopath lives so we can protect our children and animals.

  • Guest2020

    What she did to that dog is sickening. He would have been better off if she had just let him out of the house and walked away from him.


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