Victim’s sister to killer: ‘Bon voyage… to hell’

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Submitted: Sat, 03/09/2013 - 3:47am
Updated: Mon, 03/11/2013 - 5:46pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A death penalty case in Brunswick County ended today before it began. Carl Alston, charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of of a Leland mother more than four years ago pleaded guilty after four days of jury selection.

Burns's remains were found in the trunk of her burnt out car in July 2008. Her family says she was disabled from a drunk driving accident making her unable to fight off Alston.

On the July 2008 night he killed Burns, 49, Alston said he hitchhiked to a Wilmington sex shop and then to the Burger King near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. The District Attorney says Burns was driving home from a downtown Wilmington bar, but investigators still are not clear on how she and Alston connected.

"What we do know, two hours and 45 minutes after leaving this bar, her car is on fire, and she is in it," DA Jon David said.

Even after a DNA test proved Alston raped Burns, he never confessed to the crimes. It was not until he told cellmates in two different prisons that he admitted to what he did.

Friday, a photo slideshow of Burns played in the background while loved ones told the court about their sister, their mother, their friend.

"My mother had so much to do and give this world, and you have just taken it away," Carrie Burns said.

"She wasn't there the day I picked out my wedding dress," Valerie's daughter Casey Burns said. "She won't be there to help me get ready on my wedding day."

Taking the prosecution's plea deal, Alston will spend life in prison without parole and avoiding a possible death sentence had the case continued to trial. "He realized it was in his best interest to come in here and handle the matter today," defense attorney James Payne said.

As the victim's sister Nan faced the man that changed her family's life for the last time, she had a clear message. "Bon voyage on your journey, and may it lead you straight to hell," she said. With the case now behind them, family and friends say they are having a Valerie weekend to celebrate her life.

It will be full of all her favorite foods and movies.

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26 Comments on "Victim’s sister to killer: ‘Bon voyage… to hell’"

J Sutt
2015 years 8 months ago

The post I read below is disgusting. You are making excuses for a low life, while disrespecting the victim. Keep in mind, this was not a usual murder. She was tortured, andhe should never see the light of day again. I knew the family very well at the time of this tragedy. She didn’t deserve to leave the earth that way. I will never forget the talks I had with her. She would always try to make you smile. Her eyes shined bright, as they do in memory. Celebrate her life,

2015 years 8 months ago

This has been another miscarriage of justice! You can’t make me believe that after almost 5 years the DA suddenly has all of this evidence that incriminated Alston? Really? But guess what? I know all the players, don’t I JR? There are at least 3 more players…clues suggest that a drawing found yielded several clues that include: terms like point man, 357 a 40 caliber casing to hold a 9 mm, describing other things like chevy, snowfield, live wire, ban”g”,762 in theshape of a bullet, money bag, drug bag, wolfridge, bell swamp, just ice 762 again with a bullet, you assholes and dummies it happened in bell swamp! This woman was in the neighborhood smoking crack! This so called crime scene was not the orignal one!

2015 years 8 months ago

First and foremost there are alot of tragedy & victims in this matter for both families. To the comments below no matter what a person does in life there is always a label for whatever reason. Secondly, no one is making excuses but stating facts that the media, district attorney,no lawyers provided. So yes misjudgments are involved & lastly only GOD judges and all negative comments,ill harm or threats are being counted.

Grand Ole Party
2015 years 8 months ago

I pray an idiot such as yourself does not breed and further pollute the earth. This moron is as guilty as you are stupid. The only players you know are the idiots you sit around with all day smoking crack with. Shut up and go find a job genius.

J Sutt
2015 years 8 months ago

It makes me sick to see people support someone who is wrong. I’m bias on this issue. I dated the Ms. Burns daughter during the time this happened. I’ve thought of him frequently since then. I’m happy he was caught, but his punishment should’ve been worse. He punked out bc he knew he was going to die. Plain and simple. How can you dispute that his sperm isn’t evidence. I was aware of its existance years ago. And as to the witnesses, he gave details to inmates. He is scum, and deserves to die slow, like she did. He took a great person from this world, and left a void in the hearts of her family and ppl that knew her. I wish the family peace and I hope God protects them, so they will never go thru this again. #JSUTTON