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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The sexual battery trial of Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White, a former investigator in the Brunswick County District Attorney's Office, began today in Bolivia.

No cameras were allowed inside of the courtroom as the woman accusing Richard White of sexual battery and assault on a female took the stand to describe how the nature of their relationship evolved over many months.

She said that she first met White in October 2011 as she urged him and the District Attorney's office to investigate her attorney.

She admitted to calling and speaking to White many times about her claim, and on October 28, 2011, she said he invited her over to his house for a drink. After discussing her complaint for a while she said white then hugged her "in a friendly way" and attempted to kiss her. She claims she told White that she did not want that kind of relationship.  She stated under oath that it was a good thing he tried to kiss her, because it established boundaries between them.

She admitted that a few days later she called White multiple times, but he would not answer or return her calls, and she got upset to the point of crying.

In January 2012 she said she once again tried to call White about her complaint, and he asked her out to dinner. She admitted they had made an arrangement to "celebrate" her former attorney getting in trouble by drinking an expensive bottle of wine, but that their relationship was still "friendly and professional." The woman claims White would once again try to kiss her, but that no malice was involved.

On March 1, 2012, they went to dinner and a movie. She claims during the movie he kept touching her and rubbing her upper thigh. Later that night as he dropped her off at home, she says White groped her, and forcibly kissed her, and at that point she claims his pursuit was no longer friendly.

There will be more testimony Wednesday after the judge told the woman they would take as long as they needed to get to the truth in this case.

WWAY does not usually identify alleged victims in cases that involve sex crimes.

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  • Guest001

    Apparently some of the messages in support of the victim are not being posted . This will probably not make the post either. It appears someone who has a bias is screening these post. This man continues to carry on as he has his entire life. If what this lady is saying is not true, why is he not working in the DA’s Office still ? Oh yea, he resigned but it was to spend more time with his grand son. He continues right where he leaves off from one job to his next. He’s going to continue his ways because he thinks he is above the law, and apparently he is. He has been though more SBI investigations than Carter has pills, and his latest victim gets no justice. He will continue to pray on women. Maybe next time it will be someone close to the people who had a chance to put a stop to this continued abuse of good women. I will be waiting till I hear about the next victim, and there will be another one


    Yes!!! it is time to sashay into the kitchen and grab the bottle of celebratory wine and talk about all of the shenanigans that took place in the court room today! First subject of conversation will be: MOVE BACK TO TENNESSEE SUE BEE! NaNa Na Na… NaNa Na Na…Hey Hey….GOOD BYE!

  • Captain America

    The truth and justice will always prevail .

  • hmmmm

    Just a thought,…where are “all” of her supporters? Oh yeh, she has none! I am shocked she has nit begun to make up fake people on here to defend herself. (or has she Ms Smith)

  • Guest Not an Einstein

    It doesn’t take Einstein to figure this out. The answer is: As many times as he is guilty of crimes! There are many on the list!! Problem is: A system full of people just as bad as he is! = Get off free!!!!!
    I am POSITIVE she never felt like a let down lover! He was supposed to be helping her, not humping her! Come on people, get your mind in your head where it is supposed to be!

  • Das Weibstück

    What blog?

  • Sleepless in BSL

    Rachel is the name WWAY3 uses to refer to the alleged victim, so that is what I will call her. Do you folks recall the famous John and Lorena Bobbitt incident in 1993? This was the case where the wife cut off her husband’s private part because of some perceived indiscretion. Luckily for him, surgeons were able to re-attach it so he was as good as new. But, alas, John and Lorena were soon divorced. I often wondered if Lorena was able to get a date with any other men after her divorce. Well, Rachel may not take such drastic action as Lorena Bobbitt, but she still seems to find a way to take legal action against men who she has dated and who she believes treated her badly. Last year, she was found guilty of stalking a former lover and this year, Mayor White did not meet her expectations, whatever those were. I wonder if Rachel will ever be able to get another date after this in Brunswick County. Lorena Bobbitt, where are you when we need you!!!!!

  • Guesttthhuu

    I noticed the arrogant attitude as well with her son. He has an apparent “little man syndrome” that was funny yet sad. His unkept hair, beard, and clothing spoke volumes. I do feel a sense of sorrow for this young man. He was kind of thrown into this mess. From him sleeping to his textinh and yoga poses during court, you could tell he was just as bored with his mother’s nonsense rambling as everyone else was. Poor kid.

  • Guest001

    Poor White he gets dragged through the mud, lied on, investigated by the SBI and forced to resign from jobs all the time. Why does he get treated this way ? How many SBI agents does it take to investigate White in his life time ? That’s one Einstein could not figure out.

  • guest2345

    It seems to me that this woman has done nothing but spew noxious and vile comments about EVERYONE. If you read anything ever written by her you will see that there is a long a established pattern that everyone is out to get her. From Food-lion, her attorney, her new attorney the D.A., Richard White, the press, the raccoon in her attic, her landlord, the clerk of court, opposing attorneys, people she sees in Wal-Mart, Hope Harbor and the man on the moon. Folks this is what we call a Paranoid Schizophrenic. I think she may need a little mental health help.

  • Captain America

    I cant understand why anyone could take this woman seriously . She has a history of this and she aint even good looking . Looks kinda nasty …..just saying .

  • Captain America

    Lets pray for this evil woman ……..

  • shameful

    It is obvious that this woman has no respect for herself or anyone else. Even her son did not respect the authority in the courtroom. He wore dirty tennis shoes, white V-neck tee with a too big blazer and dirty jeans. All 5’1 of himself was called down by the judge and baliff for his disrespectful behaviors. I can not figure out why she would want to subject her 19 year old son to testimony about her affairs. She seriously needs to seek professional help. Richard is innocent and she is a disgruntled delilusional exgirlfriend.

  • Guestlike

    …maybe we need to keep an open mind. Let me first say that I do not know either the accuser or the defendant, this is just my perspective as someone looking from the outside, in.

    I’ve been reading the accuser’s blog off and on for a while now, and I will admit some of the things she writes is pretty absurd. I definately do see a bit of childish and vindictive behaviors in her which comes across from the things that are written. The ridiculous halloween picture of the judge, for instance, I think really stands out as elementary behavior. A little dignity would have served her better.
    The the accuser also portrays herself as a “know-it-all” writer, investigator, lawyer, artist, despite the fact that it is clear that her skills in those departments are amateurish at best. This is annoying, and does nothing to further her case,and frankly it makes her very unlikable.

    I also don’t understand why the accuser carried on with Richard White and continued to keep company with him if she was so afraid and uncomfortable. In my opinion, this really casts doubt on her claims of assault. The accuser declares that she was only seeing White as to not “mess up” an investigation against her attorney. But any logical adult should know that having an ongoing relationship-whether platonic or not- with an investigator is not the usual way of doing business. If anything, it makes the accusations of unwanted touching, dubious.

    On the other hand, I believe that we as society have a responsibility to take accusations of assault seriously, and we must hold accountable elected officials who abuse their power. If one percent of what this woman is claiming is true, about White misusing his authority, then folks, there is a serious problem in Brunswick County, and we owe it to ourselves to get to the bottom of the matter.

  • Captain America

    After this trial is over with no man in Brunswick County will want anything to do with this woman. She is fatal Attraction crazy.

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