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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A prostitution charge against a woman cited during a botched sting operation last year that has led to a SBI investigation of the Wilmington Police Department has been dropped.

Court records show the charge against Lauren Brittany Crocker was dismissed Wednesday, when she also pleaded guilty to a traffic infraction.

The dismissal means there are now no charges against all three woman cited in the sting operation March 16 and 17, 2012. Police voided citations against two other women shortly after the sting.

Last week District Attorney Ben David and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous asked the SBI to look into WPD in the wake of an internal investigation into the sting targeting advertised escorts. Evangelous last week called thing, which included months of silence by the officers involved, "a mess."

Two officers were demoted and another suspended for their roles in the undercover operation. WPD says its internal review found no violations of law by officers.

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  • Donny

    How in your right mind could/would you run this story identifying this girl? From now until eternity her name will be googled and this story will come up linking her to a crime she is NOT charged with. You know nothing about her, nothing about what led to the charges, nothing about why the charges were dropped yet for some sensational reasoning you did this story to prove what, that you can?

  • GuestUSMC

    I also was somewhat surprised that this woman’s picture was made public. She is a victim just like Richard White in another story where the innocent is unfairly punished and the guilty are allowed to hide in secrecy.

  • Guest Reply

    Could be that the WPD had her on charges that would have stuck…but they “Botched” it, and the charges HAD to be dropped.
    Still though…you are right…innocent until proven otherwise.

  • Guest34535

    She might be able to provide some insight into exactly what “errors” were made by the cops. It’s not her first time in the system….


  • Guest, Just Another

    I doubt she was selling girl scout cookies. There was a reason she was charged. I took your advice, googled her name. This was the second mugshot, hmmmmm. Did WWAY do her a disservice? Probably not, nows she’s not anonymous, maybe she’ll clean up her act.

  • Guest60

    The charges against her and her arrest for them are public record. Now the charges being dropped due to lack of evidence are a matter of public record too.

    WWAY has done the right thing by reporting this.

  • Guest001

    Apparently you are as naive as a new born baby. Richard White is a predator always has been and always will be. This latest is just that the latest, there are more women before this lady and there will be more after her. He thinks he is above the law and so far he has been, but he keeps pushing his limits. One day there won’t be a way out for him.

  • As far as posting her pic now it may not be any different than posting pics of arrestees on mugshots when they are arrested.

    Here is the pic on Star News of her and it looks like a different person to me. Check it out.


  • Guest45984980393

    Yea I agree with that other commenter, this does feel unseemly posting her picture. How about posting the pictures of the cops involved in this debacle?

  • Guest4572

    As long as we are naming names, put the officers names up here also. And then get them off the streets and out of law enforcement. Why should we tolerate stupid cops wasting our money, and more importantly, arresting innocent people. Those morons are just the kind of cops who give all LEOs a bad reputation so get rid of them !

  • guesty

    Their names have been released. Sort of.

    Evangelous would not name the officers, but WPD records show the department demoted Sgt. J.P. Fitzgerald to corporal last month and transferred him from Special Operations to Patrol. He is resigning effective Friday. The department suspended Sgt. William Richards for a week last month and transferred him as well. And just last week Cpl. Andy Lazarro was demoted to officer.

    They are in this story in the fourth paragraph down.


  • Guest Reply

    Here’s their names: (AKA)
    1. Clancy Clumpums
    2. Lulu Clognoy
    3. Sitch Bubble Smith
    4. Robert Ramjet (Roger’s brother)
    5. Cedric Bildgewater
    6. Crim Cramms
    7. Kojak


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