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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A judge found Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White not guilty today of three counts of sexual battery and one count of assaulting a female.

Susan Prater swore out warrants against White last fall after she claimed White, who was an investigator in the District Attorney’s Office when the two met, touched her inappropriately and that she felt threatened.

On the stand today, Prater said she believe officials in the case and WWAY were involved in a conspiracy against her.

Prater testified for several hours Monday and for a couple of more hours today after a one-day break in the trial.

It was quiet in the courtroom after Judge Scott Ussery announced his verdict. He made it clear there would be no further discussion of the matter or there would be jail time.

Because of the involvement of a former employee of the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office, a prosecutor from Fayetteville was brought in to hangle the case.

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  1. Robin

    Regardless of Praters situation or invalid testimony, Richard White is definitely no gentleman or hero.

    Outside of his public persona is a very deeply disturbed and perverse individual who himself has hurt and destroyed many lives in his path.

    God help anyone trying to expose him and get SOMEONE, ANYONE in the leagal world of law to make this man accountable for Whites foul and perverse behaviors.

    Our entire family and friends hope the baby is not thrown out with the bath water regarding White due to one womans failure to bring truth to the surface due to possibly her own personal issues, psychological, emotional, drama.. etc..

    No matter what we all know the reap what you sow law is true for every person and NOBODY gets away with anything at the end of the day! Thank You!

  2. My Oak Island Misadventure

    This does not surprise me at all!!!

    This woman stalked me, harassed me, and then filed criminal charges against me.

    I am the man in the 2011 case that filed charges against her successfully. Thank God for Judges that pay attention to the LAW…there are so few of them out there.

    Hats off to District Court Judge Marion R. Warren for his excellent work on the bench.

    “As long as Ms. Susan Prater resides on Oak Island (actually Caswell), I will never return”

  3. Protection Order 50C

    This woman tried to destroy me and all I worked for…BUT FAILED.

    If you need additional information on this matter, please feel free to contact me. You can find my name and number in the Court file.

    By Larry Sackett
    Published: Monday, October 1, 2012 at 11:12 a.m.
    Last Modified: Monday, October 1, 2012 at 11:12 a.m.

    The release says Prater has “a substantial history of false claims against judges, law enforcement, and other public officials. She has brought false criminal charges against individuals that have been dismissed by the Brunswick County District Attorney’s office.”

    In July 2011, Prater initiated charges accusing a man of making harassing phone calls and assaulting her by grabbing her arm, according to court records. The charges were dismissed by the district attorney’s office for lack of evidence. In turn, the man brought charges accusing Prater of making harassing phone calls and stalking him. The court issued a judgment against Prater in November.

  4. Mr. Disgusted

    Susan has been doing this for years. Not too long ago, she posted a request for donations on her Blog. I couldn’t believe anyone would fall for it. Obviously, the poor gentleman from Iowa did. In a way, he deserves it. Susan’s Blog was laughable, but it worked for her, once again. She has hurt many people in Brunswick County with her false accusations and she has obviously profited from it. There is no downside for her because as my hero, W.C. Fields once said: “There is a sucker born every minute”.

  5. Guestlike

    Something is just off about this whole thing. It’s disturbing,how both parties and supporters of the both parties are acting like monkeys throwing pooh at each other. How can either one expect to be taken seriously?

    My gut feeling says that the accuser isn’t telling the whole truth, and the sexual assault case was merely one to avenge the fact that she felt like she was wronged. The chip on her shoulder is glaringly obvious. It’s one thing to feel like a victim, it’s another to be the boy who cried wolf too many times. Not only did she disseminate her own credibility, but she diminished others investigations of White’s corruption as well by tarnishing the evidence with her own need for personal revenge. Any legitimate allegations of wrongdoings done by White will from now on be associated with her issues.

    However, since my gut feeling also tells me that White isn’t completely innocent in regards to ethical behavior, I don’t trust him or his blind followers either.

    Both sides were appalling in this case and both sides acted like unruly little children in court and towards each other, making a mockery of our justice system. Shame on the accuser for her larger than life ego, and shame on local government officials for not taking a serious stand against real evidence of political corruption. And finally shame on the people who are are posting ad hominem attacks of both parties. You are cutting off your own nose to spite your face when you didn’t demand dignity and the truth.

  6. Concerned

    That lady is a joke. She lost again. The only person she ever mentions in her blog who has any criminal convictions is herself. Worst part is, she is trying to drag her poor, silly looking son into her madness…I hope she finds help and reality one day.

  7. Guest60

    She needs to go back to Tennessee where she has family to take care of her.

    Yeah…rumor has it that Richard White is a womanizer, but so far, nobody has been able to come up with facts that would stand up in court.

    I’m glad this trial allowed the truth to come out and the citizens of BSL could hear all the evidence.

    I’m satisfied that all Richard White did was get mixed up with a person with a mental illness. Hope he’s learned his lesson too.

  8. interestedperson

    Time to pop the top on that celebratory bottle of wine!!!!!!!

  9. Concerned citizen

    Malzel Tov! Sorry haters.

  10. GuestVader

    I personally think this woman is a total nutcase. Glad it turned out in Mr. White’s favor. Never really had any doubt, however.

  11. Disgusted Resident

    This result was never in doubt. This woman is loony-tunes. On the stand, she claims a conspiracy of all involved, including WWAY3,against her. Are you kidding me! It would be wonderful if she would go away, maybe back to Tennessee where she came from. But I doubt they want her either. The sad thing is that we have not heard the last of her. She already has said that she plans to sue Richard White, Jon David, and her former attorney in civil court for conspiring against her. She has no job so I assume she is looking for a big payout from a lawsuit to keep her financial boat afloat. Shame on the Brunswick County court system if they let her continue this charade. I feel sorry for the public officials that have to deal with her, but I feel worse for those of us who live in Brunswick County that, unfortunately, have to breath the same air that she does.

  12. Guest001

    WWAY 3 can’t even get the judges last words correct. The Judge stated that there would be no reaction in the courtroom after he rendered his verdict. At no time did he ever say it would not ever be mentioned again. I guess the two little girls in the courtroom was the best they could send. Lets at least get the comments correct WWAY. If you really want to get to the truth look into this mans past. He continues to be covered by his friends, but they are finding out that he’s not much of a friend….just ask one of the Attorney’s that was present in the courtroom today. Keep covering for him, he’s bound to be back where he was today again. He has before and he will again. Lets see if this gets posted.

  13. Julie King

    I believe that Mr. White’s history should be investigated by your news investigators and you can start with the victim’s blog. I do believe that the victim has done an amazing job of collecting information in an attempt to uncovering a pattern of Mr. White’s behavior toward women and other citizens that he can use or intimidate for his own gain. I think this would be interesting because the blog can be proven as fact and the public will be informed; or the blog will proven as fiction and Mr. White’s name can be truly cleared.

    I was in court on Wednesday and I totally agree with Guest001 that you did miss the mark on the reporting. We deserve an unbiased investigation outside of the courtroom. I was amazed that the focus of the hearing in court was not what Mr. White did or did not do to the victim, but on other topics unrelated to their relationship altogether. I really want to know the truth about Mr. White, since he is an elected official.


    I do not know Richard White’s history. However, anyone can READ what crazy Susan post on her blog. She failed to prove that he sexually assaulted her. He did NOT sexually assault her. If she was so terrified of him for “trying to kiss her”… then why did she continue to go out and date him? …… In this case, he did NOT assault her. Funny though, sounds as if you may perhaps be a disgruntled ex employee of Mr. White’s….maybe one who lost their job while under his supervision?? … lol … Anyone who associates with Susan Prater will be looked at as Crazy! The best thing this woman can do for herself and society, is to go check herself in to a mental institution.

  15. Got a Clue

    Someone needs to commit this lady for a psychiatric evaluation. She has slandered (and libeled) anyone and everyone who has come in contact with her. She has LOST every court hearing that she has been involved with, and as soon as she doesn’t get what she wants, she targets her next victim. I would suspect, and expect, that she will get sued by multiple people in the very near future. Her little blog will be exhibit A. Quick prediction – NO lawyer, ANYWHERE will attempt to sue anyone for her, but they will be lining up to go after her. This woman is evil, defaming, and vile. And if she thinks she’s broke now, wait until she finds out she can’t get a court appointed lawyer to defend against multiple civil suits. She needs to take her trashy act somewhere else, before the truth starts to come out (even more!) and people can start collecting for the damage she has caused. Stay away from this lady, she not a victim, she’s a pit viper.

  16. Guest God

    No “mortal” judge can declare White innocent. God is the judge, and He will pass judgement on White for destroying people’s jobs, lives, and whatever else he wants to destroy. He, and He alone, is the One who will be in charge of the sentencing on White and all of those who know he is guilty but are too afraid to stand up and say it. I am glad I am not one of you. I fear God, not White.

  17. Guestou812

    Well you are very quick to deny the ruling by the courts. Could it be because it did not come out the way you wanted it to? Susan had nearly two days on the stand and all her writings to “prove” her case and could not! Now you invoke God and state how He will deal with White. Sounds like by this, you have judged White yourself already. Go back and crack open your Bible again and read, “Judge not…….”. And then ask for the forgiveness from God for doing so.

    Mr White, it seems there are still a very few that not only can not accept the results of two elections but now can not accept the results of the courts. Those few would have us all believe that every single person in the system is against her by some grand scheme and plan. That is ridiculous and besides, she simply is not that important for all to waste their time on her. With her loss she refuses to accept this by what? Blaming her prosecutor that was brought in from outside in order to get her a fair hearing. She got the fair hearing and White got the fair judgement.

    Susan Prater has made accusation after accusation about many. They only accusation that involves her that has been proven to be true is the accusations against her. Namely, her convictions for making harassing phone calls and stalking! And of course, that was for harassing and stalking one other she had accused! She is dangerous and a wacko!

  18. Guest001

    By reading theses comments it is very apparent who most are from. The Otis of Boiling Spring Lakes. He was in court to testify for his Super Hero. The same Super Hero that, while employed as Police Chief, used to talk about his wife, how stupid she is, how she didn’t know her job, and how she couldn’t handle the job as Chief in BSL, and guess what ? She was not hired for the job. White’s history is long it goes way back. This poor lady was sent to the DA’s office for some reason ? She didn’t just show up there. If there was no validity to the claims she had, why was she sent to an ” Investigator” as big a joke as that is ? By a employee of the court, and after meeting with the investigator, why was she not told ” you don’t have anything criminal” that we can pursue ? She wasn’t told this because the sicko she was sent to had his own investigation and his own plan to string her along. Hopefully long enough to perpetrate his perverted scheme on this victim he has on many in his past. He almost made it, or though he did. His down fall was this lady didnt let him complete his ultimate goal. It cost him in the end, his cushy job, poor White. Hey maybe he can work in onslow county, they don’t know him there ?

  19. Guestcansee thruit

    Your use of the term “lady” is frankly, laughable! She is no lady. She is a self serving Narcissus that is going for the gold. Look at her blog. She desires and craves attention and she wants to take everyone to court. And whomever you are, you are flapping your lips out of spite because things did not go your way. You are just as much a spoiled brat as she is. So, if you are going to continue writing such childish and unfounded scribblings, let me stoop down to your level and write as elementary as your pea brain can understand.

    “Water melon, water melon, water melon rind.
    Look at the score board and see who’s behind”.

    She is the only convicted person in this mess and you are a dope that thinks your ramblings get you something. Well, they do. They get you the name of being yet another disgruntled person that can not stand the wishes of the majority and certainly has no class at all.

  20. sandman

    Guest001, if your going to spew out a bunch of unproven allegations and if fact now proven false with not guilty verdicts why not tell some stories about Santa and the Easter Bunny? They are just made up make believe also but people tend to enjoy those stories. Your now very old rhetoric has gone past boring and moved to plain torment. Please, STFU! Nobody listens to Prater, Bedwetter, or you! Seems like over two years you would be able to figure that out. Go play in your garden some. Or, the city garden that is.

  21. Guest truthful

    I am quick to deny the ruling, not because I am unhappy about the way it turned out so much as I was sure it would turn out the way it did!!!!! Actually, I do believe what Susan and the other women, who will NOT come forward for reasons I don’t understand, have said about this punk! He gets off on these charges simply because the system here is afraid to do something about his shameful antics because he “has something on them” or perhaps they need a favor.

    God knows my mind and you don’t need to tell me about forgiveness. I wouldn’t expect you to know that much about God. God knows and doesn’t like thieves and liars. He knows who is evil.

    No, everyone ISN’T against HER. The courts are all kissing up to White!!!!! Get it straight, pal. Everyone couldn’t be there….we know who WAS there!!!! With crooked systems, one cannot have a fair trial.

    If helping a person is, in your mind, wasting time on that person, then man, you are the one who is wacko. What if God felt that way about YOU?

  22. Robin

    Well said! However, I doubt we will find many voices of reason or common sense in this paticular scenario. Always a shortage of those and staight up honesty involving anything w/White in my long personal observations, both professionally and personally.

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