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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A Whiteville woman who spends her time coming up with ways to make life easier for the average person has turned her latest idea into a patented invention.

Entreprenuer Anne Wheeler, creator of B Unique Communications, is no amatuer to coming up with innovations that are a big hit. She invented the first patented baby wipes warmer, and now she's taking her creativity to the kitchen.

She recently announced the launch of the Katchit Tray™, a patented tray designed to contain messes during food preparation.

It's a plastic tray with raised edges and suction cups to hold it in place. The tray is made with a catch-all basin that hangs over the edge of the counter to prevent spills and keep juices contained.

While the tray is intented to make clean-up quick and easy, it's not just great for the kitchen.

The unique Katchit Tray™ was originally designed to cut down on kids' messes, helping parents clean up their toddlers' food and creative fun at the table.

Anne says her ideas come from practical need, and her latest invention seems to prove just that.

Anne stopped by Good Morning Carolina to show and tell us all about her creation.

Watch the full interview to find out more about the tray's many uses, and snag one for yourself at http://www.katchittray.com.

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  • ChefnSurf

    Either the plastic will be too soft and it will score easily or it will be too hard and will dull your knives. Also sticks out from counter an additional 3 to 4 inches. Also too large to wash easily under the kitchen sink. Bad idea.

    Looks like it makes a great catch tray though.

  • Guest40

    well aren’t you the critic…

  • Woolybooger

    I have used this item many times. Mostly as a cutting Board. Works great and cleans up easily in my sink. It scores about like every other cutting Board I have used, but is much more versitile. Certainly controls the juices and splatter much better.

    The coolest thing I have used it for is when I slice Roasted meats on it using my mini-deli slicer. Catches all the juices and not a speck of spillage on the counter top. No comparison to what originally came with the deli-slicer when I bought it. The suction cups help alot with stability and the fact it sticks out over the edge of the counter top or table is a non-factor. I measured it because I needed to make sure it would work and it is only 2 1/2 inches.

    The overall size is certainly larger than any cutting board I have used before, but that was a plus, not a drawback.

    Hope everyone gives it a fair look, it works great at my house and everyone I know who has one is more than pleased.


  • Anne Wheeler

    I always say, don’t judge it until you try it :-) The plastic is not too soft and yes it will have cut marks just like any other cutting board. I think it would be very hard to judge whether the cutting surface on this tray would dull knives any sooner than any other surface. That would be very hard to prove…wouldn’t you think? The 3-4 inches is actually the catchall basin that holds trimmings or meat juices to make gravy. If you have ever noticed, there is a space between you and the counter when you are cutting. You are not up against the counter. This space is always atleast 6 inches. Take a look next time you are at the counter chopping. As for it being too large, there are many kitchens, especially new ones, with large enough sinks to clean this. Plus it is dishwasher safe, even in commercial dishwashers. It has been tested in commercial kitchens and given high marks. Try it, you’ll love it! http://www.katchittray.com

  • Annabel Lector

    That’s all we need is more plastic on this Earth. People already don’t recycle, and there is nothing wrong with the old way, a wooden cutting board and I wipe up the mess. Your product is unnecessary and way overpriced.

  • Dave

    Annabel, if you can’t afford $20.00 for a cutting board, childs tray, jewelry tray and other uses that this product offers than you need to change jobs.


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