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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A North Carolina poultry processor is shedding about 950 workers by closing a turkey slaughtering plant at the heart of a federal environmental crimes case.

House of Raeford Farms Inc. said Thursday it will shut down the Raeford plant within six months, after turning out frozen turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

The Rose Hill-based company says declining consumption led to the decision to end its production of frozen turkeys that are later thawed and cooked.

House of Raeford spokesman David Witter says the decision is not related to the federal sentence of probation and a $150,000 fine imposed two weeks ago for knowingly committing Clean Water Act violations. Prosecutors said the company discharged water containing turkey blood and internal organs into Raeford’s municipal sewage treatment plant

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  • Vog46

    I wonder if this is the OLD plant or the newer one? There are 2 in Raeford. I’m guessing it’s the old one.

    I’m not surprised.
    I’m NOT ready to say I told you so – YET – but I do believe McCrory has caught a falling knife.
    The question is how deep will the cut be?


  • jj


    What world are you living in? You are going to blame this on McCrory? The Story states it is because of the declining in people buying the product. So, this means people can’t afford to buy or don’t have the money to buy.

    It the tax increases and health care cost, places will not stay open to turn a little profit.

  • Vog46

    No I’m not blaming McCrory at all.
    I said he may have caught a falling knife – meaning the economy may have been slipping before during and after he won the election (heck we’re still under Bev’s last budget).
    That said – the legislatures unemployment gambit will make the impact worse in my opinion but time will tell on that one.
    There are 2 HOR plants in Raeford NC. The one they are closing is the oldest one, called the “kill” plant if I’m not mistaken. This plant kills turkeys and either processes the whole bird OR ships the clean carcasses to other HOR plants for cut up.
    The old plant USED to be on the outskirts of town but the town has grown out, and around this plant. I think this may be a blessing for HOR in the long run given the age of this facility and its proximity to residential neighborhoods.
    No this is not McCrory’s fault at all.
    So, blame this on Perdue if you wish – then give her credit for the Met Life 1600 jobs coming to NC as well.
    Ready to do that?


  • renoGuest

    Government strikes again.Clean water fine yes ! Some employee at the sewer plant crying about turkey waste Yes ! we eat turkey people you are talking about a sewer waste plant,thats ok those 950 people can just draw a check now and do not even have to go to work. You push people with money too far and they will take their money and go somewhere else. Was this a result of leftovers from Bev Perdue.


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