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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are trying to fight crime with the help of drivers who spend much of their time on the road.

Police are hoping these drivers will be the eyes and ears of the police force.

Tips on Wheels participants include taxis, tow trucks, Public Works and others. Police train drivers how to be reliable witnesses to report crime when they see it.

Since March 1, nine companies have already signed up to be part of the program.

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  • Guest3130

    Has ANYONE at the WPD read the research regarding just how UNRELIABLE eye witnesses are?!? And isn’t this what we pay our police departments to do, to patrol the streets to ensure their safety? Instead, the police departments are now enlisting non-police entities & individuals to share the responsibility of crime-fighting? Good Lord, Heaven help us all! And it’s difficult enough to challenge the word of a cop, now we’ll be at each others’ throats? Wow.

  • ChefnSurf

    Breaking down your post for a moment …..

    – “how UNRELIABLE eye witnesses are?!?” : Better than no witnesses. Right more than they’re wrong. Ever hear of a police line-up?
    – “pay our police departments to do, to patrol the streets” : They can’t be everywhere at once.
    – “to ensure their (the streets) safety?” : The police aren’t your personal armed guards. Get involved.
    – “now enlisting non-police entities & individuals to share the responsibility of crime-fighting? : We all share that responsibility. Get involved.
    – “Heaven help us all!” : Why not help yourself? Get involved.
    – “difficult enough to challenge the word of a cop” : Wouldn’t an independent witness prevent a cop from making something up?
    – “we’ll be at each others’ throats” : For telling the truth?

    Your posts often seem to follow a pattern of complaining about things that apparently you, as a citizen of our fair republic, don’t even want to lift a finger to help fix yourself. Like so many others these days, you seem to think that just because you pay taxes, big government should take care of all of your problems. You’re wrong. Either get involved or stop complaining.

  • Guest3130

    . . . is in the eye of the beholder – which is exactly the problem. And yeah, my tax dollars DO pay the police paychecks so I DO expect them to do their job. Maybe if we all had that expectation, and held them to it, we would get some return on our investment (taxes $$$).

  • ChefnSurf

    The truth is the truth. It’s not a matter of perception, it’s simply the truth. The only problem with that is your perception of that.

    Spending your tax dollars on police protection isn’t like going into the grocery store and buying a loaf of bread. The police simply can’t be everywhere at once. For the most part, they do their job. It costs exactly nothing for trained observers to act as an extra set of eyes and ears. Equating your expenditure on police protection to an ROI is just ridiculous. Get off your fat butt and get involved.

    (FYI: Replying to a post at the top of the list instead of posting a “Reply” is bad manners and manifests ignorance. Ignorance discounts the value of a post. Something to think about.)

  • TracieC

    Thank you Chef for saving me from having to reply almost verbatim to the above poster.
    As the manager of one of the taxi companies in town that has volunteered to be “an unreliable witness” I thank you for having the understanding and knowledge to not have unreasonable expectations of our police department. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone became involved in the well being of our city?
    We are happy to be a part of helping to stop crime on our streets. None of us is under the impression that the police department are omnipotent beings that can control all. Most of them are just regular guys trying to do a job.
    -Getting involved and NOT blaming the police for everything wrong in OUR city – Tracie

  • ChefnSurf

    Getting involved is a no brainer. Extra eyes and ears on the street just make it a safer and better place for all of us to live in.

    Getting real tired of whiners who complain but don’t lift a finger to fix anything themselves.

    I personally volunteer some of my time with several organizations. It’s the right thing to do. Glad your company has decided to participate. If other posters read this, perhaps they’ll choose your company because of your involvement. That’s called “paying it forward”.


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