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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Organizers of the Quintiles Marathon are sharing traffic hotspots in an effort to bring awareness to residents and visitors of Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington and surrounding areas. Motorists need to be aware of potential traffic situations and logistics at key times during the event this Sunday.

All traffic information and warnings are located online.

Event organizers also offered the following general traffic information for motorists to be aware of during the running events this on Sunday:


Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge will be open for one (1) lane of traffic only through 9:30 a.m. a flagging operation will be in place ***Traffic heading to and from Wrightsville Beach should expect significant delays through 10:00 a.m. – AVOID THE WB DRAWBRIDGE IF POSSIBLE***

Airlie Road will be open for traffic toward oleander ONLY, cars will not be able to take a right or left from Airlie Road onto Eastwood Road

Salisbury Street on Wrightsville Beach will be open to eastbound local traffic only

Military Cutoff and Eastwood will be down to one (1) lane of traffic

Military Cutoff and Town Center will have a cross over for runners and will cause delays going north and south bound through 12:30 p.m.

Traffic coming from Market Street should consider continuing down Market to Eastwood

Northbound Military Cutoff traffic should consider going up Eastwood to Market Street

The Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon is the largest running event in Wilmington, NC. The 2013 half marathon and marathon events are scheduled to start at 6:15 a.m. Sunday. The marathon and half marathon will start at Wrightsville Beach and travel through the Landfall Community in Wilmington. For more information and a complete event schedule visit www.wrightsvillebeachmarathon.com.

Net proceeds from the event weekend will benefit charities including MMRF (the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation), the Landfall Foundation, the Wrightsville Beach Foundation and Cherubs (Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research Awareness, and support).

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  • Gate Keeper

    Congratulation Quintiles, I hope your proud of yourselves for forcing churches on Wrightsville Beach to cancel Sunday services during the Lenten Season. What Godless genius in your leadership came up with this idea. I hope the money you put in your pockets while pretending to support charities fuels the fire that will burn you in H*ll

  • truthseeker

    I am tired of these runners delaying and stopping traffic around one of the busiest interfsections in Wilmington. Eastwood and Military Cutoff Rds are already a nightmare, especially for we living near this intersection. You want to run then run out in the county where your activity will have less affect on traffic. Why do you have to run on a weekend on a very busy traffic area? You could even run a long way off a short pier but quit interrupting business traffic with “BS”.

  • Guest CommonTater

    It’s always somebody saying the same, tired as race baiting, BS such as this…. These events are great for the area you just need to get a clue. Soak your teeth and relax.

  • Guest666

    Could not agree with you more. Between the runners, bicycle riders, mopeds and movie crews, it is difficult to get anywhere in Wilmington. There are plenty of places to run their marathons other than city streets. Seem like everything has priority over the ones that pay taxes, insurance and registration fees.

  • WB

    Actually the churches on Wrightsville Beach were out on the course cheering and cancelled their early morning services on their own. I ran, thank you for all of the support on the beach, and for the church’s for being out there!


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