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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — A former chief of the Hampstead Volunteer Fire Department is charged with shooting his wife in the leg and stealing his neighbor’s truck.

According to Surf City Police, Hampstead resident, James Daniel Garvey, is in jail after he stole the truck and wrecked it going north on Highway 17.

Firefighters in Hampstead say Garvey was the fire chief there about 10 years ago. They say he was chief for over 2 years, but has not been associated with the fire department since then.

Garvey’s neighbor called 911 after both Garvey and his wife showed up, covered in blood, at his doorstep.

“My neighbor lady ran over here. She’s got blood on her and said her husband is going crazy,” Garvey’s neighbor told 911. “He came running over with blood all over him. He said she is trying to kill him. She is saying he is trying to kill her.”

Garvey is charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, and domestic violence.

Investigators say Garvey’s wife is okay.

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  • GuestX

    A decade(10yrs)ago he was a fireman and you feel this is a necessary piece of information needed in order to sell this story.Can you say sensationlism.The things so call reporters will put in thier article to hype it up.Way to help build confidence in the people who serve.

  • renoGuest

    maybe its because the public always here what heros fire chiefs are?
    just maybe ?

  • jarrod

    I hate to hear this, very sad!

  • tchn

    Will someone please explain why the media must attempt to denigrate the men and women who serve a vital role in protecting the life and property of citizens as firefighters, often with no pay, by a headline such as this. This man had not been part of HFD for 10 years, yet that’s the headline in the story. I’m sure he’s done other things in his life or been a member of other organizations, but why try to draw a correlation between being a former fire chief for a short period 10 years ago, to an alleged violent act today? I see this in media reports all the time: former teacher, former pastor, former law enforcement office, etc. I can understand if giving part of the suspects history might include recent occupations, but it seems that the media picks out only certain public service occupations, even when they were many years ago, and then leads the headlines with it. I for one, am disgusted by this practice. If anyone wonders why the public has such little regard, trust, or respect for the media, this is an example.

  • guesty99

    tchn…As I was reading the story my thoughts were somewhat with yours… Why was there EVEN a mention of him working for the HFD ten years ago, how did it have ANYTHING to do with the story??? I read some of these stories and can’t help to think how they were able to pass a college communications major and actually secure a position writing for anyone… English was definitely NOT one of my better subjects and yet I continuously catch their writing errors.

  • iamwithyou

    Amen!! Do you ever see headline former McDonald’s employee or former Food Lion employee!!

  • Guesttenheimer

    It’s called, “DRAMA in the headlines”. It’s what makes you “look” at what they went to the trouble to write. If it’s any public official, former public official, teacher, LEO or anyone that’s even been close to being in any of those positions at anytime of their life, they print it in the headline to get the “shock factor” and make you look.

    Worked didn’t it?

  • Guest Reply

    Talking about bogus news you are? Yes!
    Now for some real news media worthy entertainment:

    Is Crap King? Absolutely!
    Does enough of the public support this type of thing? Absolutely!
    Will this type of entertainment cause us to miss the next invasion of the Eskimo’s against our country? Absolutely!
    And our parents thunk The Beatles were warped and stunk!

  • CashMoney

    Man, some people can’t see the forest for the trees! The reference to the HFD is just that: a reference to give folks an idea of who this individual is… I’m sure the reporters don’t want to downgrade the story by any means. When a story is published and the headlines read “former whatever”, it gives the reader a sense of the type of character the individual should have as an elected official. Labeling gives contrast to their current state of mind or character….nothing to do with the organization… although, organizations such as this should have a checks and balances system. What better way to do this than via media? If you don’t like it, go fill out an application at the news station… Oh yeah, this guy was a behind the scenes employee for a company I work for. Personally, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Maybe he’s made a lot of bad decisions though and finally, things are starting to catch up to him. I hope it all gets sorted out and they figure out who was assaulting whom. It sounded like the neighbor is a little frustrated too…”Aww Man, these crazy people…Awwwwwwww Maaaaannn!”


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