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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland is changing its priorities on the road. At this week’s town council meeting, leaders will consider a series of resolutions that would push for changes.

The long-discussed Cape Fear Skyway and widening Village Road are currently priorities, but Leland leaders want to focus on other projects.

For starters, they want the Skyway and its projected $2 billion price tag removed from state statute.

“Just the volume of projects that could be done with that money kind of outweighs the benefit of it,” Leland Town Manager David Hollis said.

Not everyone on along the river agrees. Many people think there needs to be another way across the Cape Fear.

“I don’t go along with it being stopped,” said Jimmy Powell, a Southport resident. “I think it should move forward.”

While town leaders are looking to put a red light on the Skyway for now, they also want to stop the widening of Village Road. They want to change their priority to add an interchange at Old Fayetteville Road and US 74/76, which would give drivers another option to get on and off the highway. Leaders think this will help alleviate traffic in the area.

“A lot of that traffic that has to go around town and through town a lot to get to the schools will now be able to get on and off the four lanes at that interchange,” Hollis said.

Town Council will discuss the transportation priorities during during their meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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4 Comments on "Leland looking at re-prioritizing road projects"

2015 years 10 months ago

Mr go back to your sleepy Southport. You want to waste money on a skyway bridge then put it in the middle of Southport! Media has already reported that they can build another right next to the one they have for less than half of the pie in the sky

2015 years 10 months ago

the only opinions that should be tallied on this “skyway” monstrosity should be those that are going to lose their homes in Leland and other areas (not Southport or Wilmington). the rest of us are simply being selfish.

2015 years 10 months ago

Leland’s entire economic growth plan consists of leeching off of Wilmington jobs until they strangle bridge traffic to death and force commuters to stay in Leland.

They’re getting close.

2015 years 10 months ago

I applauded Leland for the widening and reconfiguration of the “town” area of Village Road. When my husband and I first moved to Leland 4 years ago we were constantly dodging people making unsafe left turns from the businesses that line this section of Village Road. Although the construction phase seemed to take forever it was totally worth the wait. The designated left turn areas have made for a safer and quicker commute through town. The plantings in the medians give us such a feeling of living in a place that truly cares about the environment as well. Well done Leland…safety and beauty both for the good of the citizens to enjoy.

Our home is just north of where the widening stopped…just past Sturgeon Creek Bridge. A life-long resident told me the Sturgeon Creek Bridge was built in 1938…I don’t know if this date is true but I don’t doubt for a second that it is over 75 years old. It is a tiny bridge…very narrow and low…and falls right between curves in Village Road on either side. The pavement apparently is breaking and settling underneath on both the bridge and the road. Due to the curves and narrowness of the road itself and the uneven natuture of the pavement people are constantly crossing the center line coming from either direction. And when the fire truck comes barreling from the local station…well just watch out.

The future widening plans…as I had been told…had already been approved to fix this hazard. The bridge needs to be replaced with a wider and higher span and Village Road needs to be widened from Old Fayetteville Road at least to the Old Lincoln Primary area. There are many businesses and fairly new housing developments on this stretch that could benefit. The fire fighters and EMTs would benefit in having a safer and speedier commute to their destinations.

I do not think adding an interchange to Old Fayetteville Road and 74/76 is the answer since there is an interchange just a few miles north of this overpass. I think the money should be used as originally slated and repair and widen Village Road and construct a new span over Sturgeon Creek making it a safer and more efficient drive. And I believe that throwing in the Skyway is a money smokescreen that diverts our attention away from the immediate needs of this area. Let’s fix what we have already instead of starting a whole new project and letting the existing infrastructure fall further behind.


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