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By Wayne Faulkner

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — A Myrtle Beach developer is proposing to build a major retail center on Market Street in the rapidly growing Porters Neck community and is reaching out to Walmart or a similar type tenant to be an anchor.

Paramount Development Corp. is studying construction of about 245,000 square feet of retail space on a combination of two properties totaling 44 acres at 8107 Market St., said David Harner, the company's senior real estate manager.

Twenty-nine acres that front Market are already zoned high-density commercial, or B2, and Paramount can build on the property without any additional government approval.

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  • Das Weibstück

    Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa next.

  • 1Guesthere

    $$$$ You know who certainly will. $$$$

  • Guestginger

    Really? ANOTHER Wal-Mart? They tried to build one in the Ogden area a couple of years back and fortunately, it was decided that the infrastructure couldn’t support the additional traffic. What has changed to improve that situation now? A small retail center, with restaurants and shops would be fine, but a mega-store like Wal-Mart would just cause Market Street to be even more of a nightmare for traffic than it is already.
    I hope the Porter’s Neck area residents are ready to speak out, like the Ogden residents did when Wal-Mart attempted to invade their community. An open forum will be held on Mar. 27 at the Northeast Library from 5:30-7:30.

  • Guestwho

    A Myrtle Beach developer wants to build a Wal-mart in our City. MMmmmm, that juat gives me warm and fuzzies allover. I’ve always thought our town should be a little more Myrtle Beachy except you know, with more walmarts.

  • Vog46

    Fast growing Porter’s Neck area.
    Further and further away from down town.
    Retail centers go where people LIVE.
    There’s PLENTY of room down town for a WalMart – why not there?
    Of course Walmart may decide not to build in PN – that’s their choice based upon their market surveys.
    The fact that development is taking place outside the city limits seems to indicate that Wilmington, and especially down town Wilmington – is not a shopping destination.
    I doubt there’s enough business to convince Walmart to build a new store there, at least not yet, but if they do? It’s just another thing to draw people away from down town.


  • Vog46

    Now that Wilmington cannot force-ably annex, AND, given that Mayfaire and Porter’s Neck are growing, it’s time for Wilmington to accept the fact and re-think its economic strategy. In the near future Wilmington may become the afterthought rather than the economic epicenter.
    Perhaps it’s time to embrace the change – and encourage growth outside the city limits and do what they can, to the benefit of all of us.
    They should no longer fund, or encourage any entity that has the purpose of economic development of a specific area over another.
    No more WDI, no more NOFO.
    The River front is NOT the ocean front – each is different and unique in their own way.
    Wilmington has to realize that it is the tail being wagged by a much bigger “dog” and not the other way around……..



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