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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WWAY) — A South Carolina man takes to social media to vent his frustration with an Onslow County Sheriff’s deputy.

The driver, Chad Walton, began rolling video last night right before he says the deputy cut him off and caused a crash. He later posted the video to YouTube.

Walton came up on the Onslow County Deputy going eastbound on I-526 in North Charleston, SC. Walton says the deputy was holding up traffic by going 50 mph in the fast line, when the speed limit was 60.

To get around the deputy, Walton says he moved in to the right lane before pulling back into the fast lane. Still recording video, Walton caught the deputy passing on his right, then cutting back in front. That’s when the video shows the deputy slamming on his brakes, which caused Walton to rear-end the cruiser.

“That video doesn’t lie,” Walton told WWAY by phone. “You can see how it happened. You can see the speedometer in the video, where you can see I was going 60 miles an hour.”

After the crash, Walton says the deputy, driving car No. 145 that was marked as a K-9 unit, did not pull over, so Walton called 911. Walton says North Charleston Police responded and cited the deputy for being at fault. The officer was not ticketed.

So far the Onslow County Sheriff’s has not returned calls for comment. North Charleston Police also have not responded to our requests for more information.

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75 Comments on "CAUGHT ON CAMERA FIRST ON 3: Driver says Onslow Co. deputy caused crash in SC"

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Harvey Dalison
2016 years 2 months ago

One thing bothers me. For years SC had signs that read “Keep right except to pass”. Another read “Slower traffic keep right”. Where are they now? People seem to think they have a “right” to immediately get in the left lane and slow down. Not even a cop has the right to impede traffic if the lights aren’t on. Even an ambulance driver gets a ticket for causing a crash while the lights and siren are functioning.

Are people too lazy to move over? Why must they ride the left lane? While in the left lane they tend to do what… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

Thanks for your comments wannabe deputy. But you are obviously a moron

So convenient for the victim to have a camera? You sound like those moron POS cops that try to arrest people for filming your abuse.

bad lieutenant
2016 years 2 months ago

The deputy was going 50mph (speed limit is 60mph on that stretch of road) in the passing lane and was staying right next to an SUV, causing a mess of traffic behind him. The driver in the truck had no other choice.

2016 years 2 months ago

“the civilian driver…” You a cop by chance?

Passing on the right on a multi lane highway is not illegal.

As far as why he got back in the left lane after passing the car in the middle lane, there were slower moving cars in his lane after he passed. Watching the video, It appears he wanted to pass the car in the middle lane, but was blocked by the K9 car. There was three lanes in the direction of travel for a period of time, and he passed in the rightmost lane – he even signaled! The highway was reduced… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

I can tell the guy has a chip on his shoulder. Probably got passed over, when he tried to become a cop. A professional victim, who knows just how to push the right buttons, to egg on a situation. Now he’s playing “Mr. Innocent”.

But the deputy was clearly wrong, and should be charged. If I were the sheriff, I would hate to do it, but I would ask him to resign, for abusing equipment, and endangering people. So convenient for our victim to have a camera.

This “victim” should not get one penny beyond the damages, since he was doing… Read more »

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