• Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren is ejected from a commission meeting on Dec. 19, 2011.

    Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren is ejected from a commission meeting on Dec. 19, 2011.

Charles Warren files federal suit against former county colleagues

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Submitted: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 7:49pm
Updated: Wed, 05/06/2015 - 5:17pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Former Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren has filed a federal lawsuit against several county leaders after he says he was publicly humiliated.

County Commissioners met in a regular session last night to discuss many topics, but they did not discuss the lawsuit.

WWAY has obtained a copy of the suit filed in US District Court.

Warren is suing several former and current commissioners, including Bill Sue, Phil Norris, Marty Cooke, Scott Phillips and Pat Sykes, who defeated Warren in last year’s Republican primary. He is also suing County Attorney Huey Marshall and County Manager Marty Lawing.

Among Warren’s claims are violations of state Personnel System laws, “neglients” (sic) by the county manager, not following protocol regarding sexual harassment complaint and that the county discriminated against county employees who filed sexual harassment against former DSS Director Jamie Orrock. Warren also claims the defendants “created a Code of Ethic (sic) and Conduct that would remove blacks off of DSS Board,” as well as “Conspiracy to remove blacks from DSS Board by abuse of County Commissioner’s officer power, corruption.”


Warren’s suit also claims that the son and daughter of Sykes work for the sheriff’s office “in violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethic (sic).” He also argues that the fact Chief Deputy Charlie Miller works for the sheriff’s office and is a member of the county’s school board is a violation of the Code of Conduct.

Warren’s filing includes a letter on the letterhead of the Bolivia-Brunswick County Black Leadership Caucus, of which he is chair, requesting a federal investigation into the county commission. In the letter, Warren outlines the issues involving Orrock and claims Marshall interfered to protect Orrock. Warren describes the men as close friends.

Warren then writes that the conduct and ethics code commissioners adopted was “aimed at silencing me and my supporters on the DSS Board.” He says when he refused to leave the DSS Board as required under the code, “County Commissioners resorted to retaliation.”

“I have continued to endure public humiliation and retaliation because I refuse (sic) to step down as Chair of the DSS Board,” Warren wrote. “I have been the recipient of attacks in the media that were intended to make me look incompetent and unworthy of someone holding the position. I was censure (sic) and removed from the DSS position and voted out of office.”

In his suit, Warren requests an investigation US Marshals from outside of Brunswick County. A spokesman tells WWAY the Marshals Service does not handle this sort of investigation, instead it focuses on fugitive, sex offenders and other specific kinds of cases.

Warren also seeks restitution for himself, another former member of the DSS Board he says commissioners dismissed from the post and the “three ladies who file (sic) sexual harassment charges.”

Marshall said the county looks for to a resolution in court. Warren would not talk to us today about his lawsuit.


  • Guest2769 says:

    Why interject the organization he belongs too? Was this a warning that if you don’t take his side one would be deemed a racist? When you draft a will, you don’t mention who you work for. All too often these days, people themselves or people describing them, have to attach a label. Like (D) and (R)’s after individuals names in news reporting. We would all be better off if everyone had (USA) after their name. It’s a team effort people and not like Bristol (NASCAR) where you destroy your car, fighting with your competitors, to make it over the finish line.

  • Guestwho says:

    That red coat looks pretty humiliating. Maybe he should sue it too.

  • ILMn8iv says:

    Who is the chairman of the Bolivia-Brunswick County White Leadership Caucus Chapter of the N. C. White Leadership Caucus?

    Maybe the answer would be on White Entertainment Television or in Ivory magazine….?

  • Government Mule says:

    someonelse fault. Anyway; you need a longer, more descriptive title. Like; I, black Charles Warren, black chairman of the B.C. Black leadership caucus of the N.C. Black Leadership Caucus Chapter. Then you could straight request an investigation into white county commissioners by black U.S. Marshals.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    “Warren’s filing includes a letter on the letterhead of the Bolivia-Brunswick County Black Leadership Caucus”.

    I bet they’re just tickled you brought them into this.

    “endure public humiliation and retaliation because I refuse (sic) to step down as Chair of the DSS Board,” Warren wrote.”

    This is like tripping over your own feet, and blaming the ground for your problem.

    This was ridiculous when it was going on, and it’s not going to change the fact that Brunswick County, the whole county, wanted you out of a position you were obviously incapable of.

    I think if I belonged to the “caucus”, I would have to question why you used the letterhead instead of your own. Of course, if it’s a black/white thing, I can totally understand. Maybe they need a new chairman that won’t drag them down into a media circus that’s going to end badly for you.

    Sometimes, it’s our own fault when we trip. Your dreaming.


    Back off NASCAR….It has noting to do with this horses a$$! He is just a waste of money & time

  • Guest2769 says:

    Webster’s Dictionary defines “analogy” as a “resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike”. So I support your comment that this story has nothing to do with NASCAR. The resemblance you missed was that individuals in public office are willing to destroy their car (country) just for the purpose of wining their race (election / passing their agenda).

  • PublicAvenger says:

    How long will these Cry-Wolf, Race-Card, tactics go on ? As long as guys, like this, can keep capitalizing off them.

  • guesty says:

    Warren suing for ‘humiliation’ is no different that a circus clown getting mad that people laugh at him. Wait, maybe Warren is a clown just missing his makeup. He should sue himself since he acts like an a$$.

  • Guest666 says:

    Maybe this guy needs to join up with the R.C. Soles troupe and add the woman that caused Richard White so much trouble, as well as several former and present members of the Wilmington PD. Seems like they all run in the same circle.

  • truthseeker says:

    Why do black people always, always cry discrimination. Especially any one associated with the NAACP. They are nothing but race baiting incompetant fools. This lawsuit will get nowhere and just cost the taxpayers of Brunswick County money to defend it. Brunswick voters never let a black person serve on any Social Service Boards or they will make it their personal agenda just like Warren did. We will never make progress in race relations as long as morons like Warren holler discrimination every time they get their hand slapped because of something idiotic they did. The only public humiliation was voters putting him in office in the first place. He is the Berger of New Hanover County!

  • Guestwho says:

    You mean the Berger of Brunswick COunty. Right?

  • Guest Citizen says:

    Mr Warren, of the BBCLCCB-NCBLC, seriously? Maybe you’re a crackpot, and getting rid of you was all part of Bruns Co getting rid of ALL of its mess (leland, etc).

    First, the board is racist, then its not and you apologize, then its racist again. First a Republican, then a Democrat.

    Your real problem is that you have commitment issues. You don’t know how to commit; to a decision, a stand, a belief. Your much better at complaining than anything else it seems.

  • B M says:

    You talk about a piece of work, I saw Charles Warren this winter in Sam’s Club in Wilmington, do you know how I know it was him??????????? He was still wearing Brunswick County clothing with his name embroidered in it. Would that not be considered impersonating a government official?

  • Guest2020 says:

    It was a code of ethics that he voted for. The only humiliation brought upon this man is what he brought on himself. You got found out. You got voted out, now, please do Brunswick County a favor and just disappear into the woodwork. You are acting too much like our former sheriff.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    Brunswick County… I know this guy is like the hemorrhoid that just won’t go away!

    Hey Charlie… buzz off. You have caused enough problems loser.

  • SouthEastNC says:


  • Grand Ole Party says:

    No one has humiliated Charles Warren more than Charles Warren. Black Leadership Caucus my a@@. He is nothing more than another race baiting racist.

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