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ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — An Elizabethtown man was already in jail when police arrested him for attempted murder yesterday.

Jeffery Lewis III was in the Bladen County Jail on multiple unrelated charges when deputies charged him for a shooting at Bo’s Food Store February 9.

He has a $1.2 million bond for the charge on top of the bond he already had.

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  • Guesttenheimer

    Take a good look at Ol’ Jeffery here. Looks like a nice guy, huh? Well, the DA’s and the judges seem to think so. This career criminal of a violent nature has a total of 15 VIOLENT FELONY CONVICTIONS and 4 misdemeanors! He’s only 24 years old with this record a mile long. His Felony convictions consist of 7 B&E’s, 2 possession of stolen goods, 2 armed robbery and 2 discharging a weapon in an occupied dwelling (among others). Really? Why is he in and out of jail? Why isn’t he kept there for the remainder of his sorry life? He has NOTHING to contribute to society but CHAOS!

    So the DA’s and the judges of all of these convictions think it’s okay to let ol’ Jeffie boy out so he can AGAIN, rob a supermarket and carelessly shoot at MORE people! Thanks Mr. DA, Thank you Mr. Judge! YOUR decisions to mangle the law and allow people like this to propogate freely in our society IS the VERY reason that gun violence exists today! It has nothing to do with background checks, weapon type, ammo type or the capacity of magazines.

    There is absolutely NO REASON why criminals like Jeffrey here, with a violent history of convictions that obviously put the public in danger at his impulsive whim, are allowed to freely migrate among law-abiding citizens! NO REASON AT ALL!!!

  • anonymous

    I agree with you. This man robbed me this past saturday at gunpoint. If he had been in jail, i would still have my money, my phone, and maybe even my peace of mind. I am terrified to even go home at night now. After reading his other charges, i am just grateful to be alive at this point.

  • Guest Reply

    “ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — An Elizabethtown man was already in jail when police arrested him for attempted murder yesterday.” (Unquote)

    According to the police there…after many man hours of a man hunt/searching and following leads about this man for attempted murder…the search was called off after they found out he was in jail…already. Their 2nd reaction was to find out which jail…then someone said…”Hey…he’s in our jail, next to Otis Cambell!!!”


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