FIRST ON 3: Onslow Co. deputy resigns after traffic incident in SC

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Submitted: Thu, 03/21/2013 - 3:59am
Updated: Thu, 03/21/2013 - 1:08pm

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An Onslow County Sheriff’s deputy has resigned after video surfaced online of his involvement in a traffic accident Monday evening in South Carolina.

The video shows Dep. Craig Culpepper pulling in front of a driver on I-526 in North Charleston, SC, and pumping his brakes, causing the vehicle behind him to hit his cruiser. North Charleston Police cited Culpepper for being responsible for the accident.

Culpepper told WWAY the driver of the other vehicle, Chad Walton, baited him into the incident.

“I fell for it hook, line and sinker,” Culpepper told WWAY by phone Wednesday.

Law enforcement sources in South Carolina tell WWAY they have had frequent encounters with Walton, who they say often drives around recording video of law enforcement officers trying to catch them in bad situations.

“The video is not all of the pieces,” Culpepper said. “It doesn’t show everything that took place.”

Culpepper says he wishes he had had a chance to tell his side of the story before the video appeared online and on television. WWAY tried multiple times Tuesday to get information from Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown, but he did not return our calls. We did not learn of his name until receiving an incident report from North Charleston Police this morning. NCPD did not return our calls last night.

Culpepper and a news release from the sheriff’s office this morning say that before Walton’s cell phone video begins, he rode up behind Culpepper and flashed his headlights and motioned for the deputy to get out of the way.

Culpepper says Brown offered him a chance to stay on as a detention officer. Culpepper says he chose to resign instead.

Culpepper, a father of four, says he was in the Charleston area because he was training to be a K9 officer. He said he had bought a dog on his own and paid for his own training, and was returning from completing the 40-hour course.

The Sheriff’s Office says damage to the cruiser should be fixed for less than $100. Walton said Tuesday he hopes the Sheriff’s Office will pay for repairs to his truck as well.


  • Charleston Resident says:

    If you will entertain this idea, you (Walton) slap someone in the face UNPROVOKED and then that person (Deputy) hits you with a baseball bat. Who’s really to blame here? The reaction wouldn’t have happened without the initial PROVOKED action/root cause. The Deputy should have held himself to a higher standard and should not have sank to Walton’s “idiot” level. But Walton should be held accountable for his actions as well. Walton says that if he flashed his lights that a driver should politely move over. If you flashed your lights at me I would think your an A-hole, straight up. You started filming because he didn’t move over when you flashed your lights at him? A REASONABLE person would not have immediately resorted to filming. It was clearly evident that Walton was speeding first and made an illegal pass on the right, which is solely an entrance/exit lane for Leeds Ave and Dorchester Rd. The reaction was excessive, and the Deputy deserved what he got. But Chad Walton, you should look at yourself in the mirror and know you’re truly a D-bag. What do you do for a living again, race streetbikes on an amateur circuit and sell bike parts, right? Time to grow up my man. Interesting that if you look on Mr. Walton’s facebook page he has a picture of his shop. There you will see where he stocks a t-shirt that says “Cops Lie”. Chad, tell me you weren’t grasping at straws to begin with; c’mon, we’re not ALL that naive.

  • NC Resident says:

    At 00:56 approximately in the video you can see Mr. Waltons’ speed as he passes under the bridge. He is driving a ford truck and the speed denomination is by 10s on the speedometer. The travel speed he is running is over 60. As you know the speed limit in that area is 60. The vehicle beside the cop car is keeping the same pace so its more probable than not that the vehicles were traveling at speed and not below the speed limit.

    Mr. Walton found the outside lane to pass in to show that he was aware that the Deputy from out of State could cause him no harm. This move was disrespectful and if this was a Deputy with proper jurisdiction he would have had a ticket for speeding.

    Mr. Walton speedometer is still visible after he makes the pass however the speed is not illuminated. I looked and compared and approximated his speed to be in the 70s. It is also evident in the video that he is catching the traffic in front of him at a rapid pace. Its more reasonable that the four cars in front of him were going the speed limit and Mr. Walton was driving aggressively above speed because he knew the cop was out of his jurisdiction.

    I am playing devils advocate because of the post that I have seen. The officer made no mistakes until the truck passed him and from there forward he was in the wrong. The ex deputy indicates in other social media his wrongs and his embarrassment. The officer should have called local law enforcement and followed the vehicle until they could catch up. No one is perfect..

  • Guestguestguest says:

    I am a NC leo and I think the deputy is an idiot! He was impeding the flow of traffic first of all, which causes a unsafe situation. Then he gets passed and pulls back in front of the guy. Regardless of what Chad was doing the deputy had no jurisdiction to take any enforcement action, and should have been in the slow lane and out of the way.

  • Guest6645 says:

    There are two mile markers on the stretch of road in the video. The first is just after they get on the bridge, and mile marker 13 can be seen passing at 11 seconds in the youtube video.

    Google maps link:

    At about 1:11 in the youtube video, they pass mile marker 14. He turns the camera to the left, so you cannot actually see the mile marker, but directly across the road from it is the back side of the sign that says leeds Rd. Just to the left you can see MM 14.

    So, it appears the Mr. Deputy was driving AT the speed limit. Doesn’t excuse what he did later, but he also wasn’t driving slow prior.

    Goggle maps link:

    One minute elapsed time for a one mile distance = 60 MPH.

    Youtube video link so we are all looking at the same thing:

  • Kristin Brown says:

    He “baited” you into slamming on the breaks in front of him? Yea, that makes perfect sense.

  • Guess says:

    1. You fail to comprehend that the officer was already breaking the law to begin with by impeding left lane traffic. Doesn’t matter who is going what speed, you use the left lane for passing only and always yield to faster traffic.

    2. Police officers are public taxpayer funded service people. They work for us. They do not get to hand out tickets because they were “disrespected”. They have to respect us, they’re paycheck.

  • Gee money says:

    Go to his Facebook page for his store “Chad Walton Racing”. He sells tee shirts, one of which reads “Cops Lie”. Mr. Walton obviously has a problem with authority.

  • Guess says:

    The people saying the driver was at fault need to learn the rules of the road. You maintain the right lane except to pass. Period. You don’t cruise along in the passing lane, talking on your cell phone, eating, talking, or picking your nose (like most people in the left lane today) blocking faster traffic. Doesn’t matter who what fast they are going. You move over. Cop should have set the example, instead he created a dangerous situation. There is no danger in a citizen driving 70 or even 80 in a 60mph zone.

  • JackE says:

    Cops think they are above the law. Period. And they will look out for each other. Someone I know who is a retired cop was actually pulled over this morning for speeding. 58mph in a 45mph. When the cop walked up to his car, he noticed the blue stripe sticker in his window. He let him off instantly. WHY??!!! He was speeding! More than 10 miles over! What makes this retired cop any better than me or you or anyone else? I also know cops who have been vendictive enough to when they are mad at someone about a personal issue, they will tell other cops to look out for someone by giving them their description (vehicle, tag#, etc) and follow, stalk, whatever you want to call it so to catch them when they make a mistake, no matter how small. Cops should be held to higher standards then the public. If they break they law, they should instantly be punished. After all, they are the ones who are suppose to uphold these laws. And get rid of those blue stripe stickers! Those should be against the law. That’s like a “get out of jail free” card…indefinitely!

  • Vog46 says:

    An NC Sheriff, travelling on a SC road see’s a guy speeding and doesn’t call it in? He doesn’t pickup his cell phone to make a call, give them a plate number?

    No the NC SHeriff jams this idiot up causing an accident.
    Perhaps the guy was speeding? THAT in retrospect, doesn’t matter because the NC Sheriff had no jurisdiction but had the ability to get those in charge out there. He as an LEO could still testify as an expert witness to the speed involved in a SC courtroom if needed.
    No, this clown from Onslow jacks up his brakes.
    He embarrasses the department and sheriffs in general.
    And YOU decide that this Walton guy was speeding?
    You MAY be right but our illustrious LEO coulda and shoulda called the appropriate agency.
    And didn’t……
    The LEO was wrong
    He should also pay for repair of damages to Waltons truck with his last paycheck……..


  • Anon777 says:

    Sorry, but all the deputy had to do was speed up or slow down and move into the right lane. Nothing is more annoying than someone on a four-lane highway going the same speed as the car in the next lane when there is no need. Just move into the other lane. It impedes the flow of traffic.

    The deputy was just being a stubborn and petty jerk. Fortunately for Walton he captured the hot-headed officer’s reckless actions on tape. If not, he probably would have been ticketed.

  • Guest28403 says:

    is gonna screw with the wrong person and get his arse handed to him and deservedly so. If I was the PD in the area I will pull this tool over everytime he’s on the damn road for reasonable suspicion of anything. If he so much as bloody well sneezes or crosses a line slightly. Pull him over and demand a roadside sobreity test. This Walton clown obviously has serious issues of his own if he’s out trying to stir up crap and looking for trouble. Since he wants to find trouble Im sure the SCHP and others will be more then happy to oblige. Enough by the bok encounters with the PD and charging him each adn everytime he does somethind stupid might finally result in some action. Hit him where it hurts his wallet and his insurance rates and possible loss of his license for points (they do add up quick if you make one too many illegal lane changes and other things which are overlooked by a lot of cops). This Robin Hood wannabe will either quit the bull**( or he’ll learn a costly and expensive lesson. Reality is most cops are hard working folks like everybodyelse sure there are a-holes I know cause Ive run into a few along the way but hardly all. This dude has serious mental issues that may need to be examined before he does something really stupid.

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    Your attempt to analyze this incident is somewhat accurate, but the “fact” is that from the very begining of this incident, the deputy was obviously and purposefully impeding “normal” traffic flow. General rule is: Right lane slower traffic, Left lane for passing (If nothing else at all, that’s the basic use of “courtesy”, remember?). That’s pretty simple and has always been the norm. I can guarentee you that if the officer had flashed a civilian driver lumbering in the left lane (even in a non-emergency situation) and was met with that sort of blatant and ignoring response, he would have been pulled and cited.

    The officer made several mistakes. He was impeding the normal flow of traffic by knowingly and intentionally blocking the passing lane. He made intentional intimidating actions by speeding up and cutting the other driver off in anger. In case you didn’t know, applying your brakes to someone following too closely AND causing an accident is breaking the law known as, “Failure to Avoid an Accident”. The officer was NOT in a jurisdiction that afforded him any authority. The officers willful and intentional actions caused an accident which could have been much more serious. The officer did not use the sound judgement to contact jurisdictional authorities to address this incident, most likely because he was WRONG from the very beginning.

    This isn’t about being perfect at all. Not by any means of the imagination. This is about being a power hungry, narcissitic hot-head without the capacity to utilize prudent judgement, even in a simple incident. We simply don’t need those types acting in a professional law enforcement capacity. He’s done!

  • Guest 1492 says:

    You are incorrect.

    From United States Uniform Vehicle Code:

    “Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic”

    and SC Code 56-5-1810(b):

    (b) Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.

    and SC Code 56-5-2920:

    Any person who drives any vehicle in such a manner as to indicate either a wilful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.

  • Ariana says:

    While everyone is throwing the cop under the bus, I have to wonder why someone feels justified doing the following things – #1 – speeding, #2 Hands off the wheel while using his cell phone, #3 Flashing his lights at a cop to get out of the way??? This guy “frequently records while he’s driving”???? He’s breaking every law there is and he’s not liable for his failure to brake properly? If you play like that, you have to accept the consequences – period. That guy needs HIS license taken away.

  • Guest Reply says:

    1. Deputy Craig Culpepper stated in this interview, that he lost his job because of this event?
    (Fact is…He resigned. Lost and resigned have 2 separate meanings in this case.)
    2. “Law enforcement sources in South Carolina tell WWAY they have had frequent encounters with Walton, who they say often drives around recording video of law enforcement officers trying to catch them in bad situations.”
    (Apparently he has reason to do this. I think we’ve noticed a thing or 2 in our area from recent and past news reports of unethical actions by police/deputies.)

    We will probably notice a trend forthcoming of citizens doing the same as Chad Walton has done via video, from this point on…and it may be a good thing IMO, if for anything…an awareness wake up call from both sides of the drivers wheel. The law applies to us all…and Big Brother is watching.

  • Guest Former LEO says:

    I, too noticed the car running beside the deputy’s car. It is unusual for anyone to run less than the posted speed on most any highway. But, so what if the deputy was driving under the limit, just pass him and go on, like Walton did. That should have been the end of it, but Culpepper had to take it a step farther. In the first part of the video, it appears Walton was tailgating, which in itself will PO most drivers. So, the deputy, even though he did make a bad decision, was being harassed. I would imagine Walton will get what’s coming to him sooner or later.

  • deputy 25 says:

    after being in law enforcement for 28 years,i see these new breed of officers with their oakley sunglasses on,basic boot camp haircuts, attitude as big as the moon and a head to go with it.not all officers,but a lot more than used to be.they are taught to DOWNPLAY their authority.they take a oath holding a BIBLE and then they throw the BIBLE away and forget the oath they swore to.You have no POWER, just AUTHORITY there is a difference!when out of state as i have been,you do as the romans do,their town,their law,respect it. you have no authority their whatsoever.when out of your jurisdiction,if a robbery or officer needing help pops up in front of you,by all means, use your authority then to help out.people speed all the time on the I526,been there myself in my patrol car.i got in the right hand lane and went with the flow,down I-26&I-95 as well.seems that when they get a blue light and car they forget that who they are. they are still human and citizens are get respect[most of the time]by acting with respect.sure you gotta do what you gotta do to some, but 99% of the time you will get respect if you act with a better attitude[KARMA] happens good as well as bad!the uniform doesnt make the man,the man makes the your job,talk with people, community policing is nothing new.get to know the is not just about being in CONTROL.that is not our job,our job is to deter crime,help when called upon uphold the law with common sense,but not upplay your can lose that badge easily as you get it. INTEGRITY IS BEING HONEST WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING [OR FILMING THESE DAYS] He had the right to film,dont be the monkey in the show when one does an officer and a gentleman.lay down at night with a clear mind,soul that you helped someone rather than you hurt someone.we are not judge and jury,it is our job to put them in the courtroom if need be or called looked up to and not down and do the same for are your own worst enemy before you ever put on the badge and go out the door to work!!!

  • jj says:

    Not sure what is worst a cop driving below the speed limit or flying down the road. I am on hwy 17 in Brunswick county all the time. The deputies are alway flying by without blue lights on. One night I have a little white car go by me flying and there was a duty following it all the way to Leland and to a restaurants.

  • Guest4321 says:

    I love that you whine about cops not getting tickets under an article where a cop got a ticket! Lol! My 70 year old aunt got pulled for speeding and did not get a ticket, is my Aunt Connie “above the law”? She will be thrilled that working in a factory all those years got her in the “above the law” club you are so afraid of. Oh and you figured out ONLY cops are vendictive, no one else on earth is, jst cops huh? You’ve got it all figured out.

  • johns123 says:

    Thank you very much for your comments that echo exactly what I have observed as well.

    I’ve been in public safety for a long time but building and maintaining dispatch systems, and every senior officer or Chief I talk to always say that the biggest issue they face is finding officers that will NOT act as this individual just acted.

    Sadly there’s bad apples in every bushel, and while people are attacking the victim here, he did a service to the community at large this week by helping expose someone who shouldn’t be in the field of public safety.

  • Your high horse says:

    your soap box. You say, “And get rid of those blue stripe stickers!” If you think the purpose of those stickers are to “get out of jail free” you are sadly mistaken. Those stickers are a single blue strip with a black background and are a show of support for the many law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. I guess we should also ban the pink ribbon stickers oh and the Obama support stickers too. I’m not in law enforcement and I don’t have one of those stickers, but I think I may go get me one of them thar “get out of jail free” cards. (And yes, I am intelligent enough to realize nothing about that last sentence is proper usage of grammar. A$$!!

  • Guest6645 says:

    The rightmost (3rd) lane the truck moved into is for the exit ONLY…

  • Undertaker says:

    Slamming on brakes in front of someone is not failure to avoid and accident…SORRY!! It actually is CARELESS AND WRECKLESS OPERATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I had a cousin several years back who had a car change lanes in front of him then slam on brakes. My cousin hit his brakes but could not avoid hitting the other fella. My cousin is the one that got ticketed. Why is it different in this case? The officer did say that he didn’t do the right thing, but this Walton fella sure wasn’t an innocent party. What Walton did had to be the equivalent of texting while driving and he is apparently one of these people who think that just because you have your hazard lights on, that gives you license to drive fast, drive like an idiot or park wherever you want to. He certainly needs to go back to driver’s ed.

  • Guest7969 says:

    You’d loose your job…and rightfully so

  • Guess says:

    Um, you completely overlooked the fact that the officer was the one breaking the law, impeding traffic, failing to yield. Then when he finally did he made a decidedly aggressive maneuver and essentially caused an accident. The fact that Mr Walton caught it on tape is the only good thing to come of this. Quit making excuses for the real offender, the cop.

  • Guest209459483444 says:

    “This dude has serious mental issues that may need to be examined before he does something really stupid.”

    I thought the same thing about you when I read your comment.

  • pac says:

    If you observe the cop passing him and turn hard and hits his breaks to create the accident.The cop is who tried to create a dangerous obviously are trying to protect bad cops.That makes you just as bad or your stupid,

  • Chloe says:

    If you look in the video you can see Mr. Walton speed up and hit Mr. Culpepper. Also he was on hisphone, which by the way you can’t do!! The deputy was trying to slow down he driver he did what he needed to and i applaude him for it! Mr. Culpepper should not have been fired

  • Besty_Guesty says:

    Sheriffs and police chiefs should remind their subordinates that the proliferation of dashboard cameras, smartphone cameras, video cameras in the hands of the citizens that they serve will only increase with time. As a result, so will the ability of citizens to record and publish the actions of the officers. Be safe and act like someone is watching because they might just be not only watching, but recording.

  • carl says:

    The speed limit is 60 in that area and if you look at the trucks speedometer you can see he is going over 60. The police car is traveling at the same speed as the car next to it as you can see in the video. Hence its reasonable they are both traveling at speed limit. Once the truck has the third lane he passes illegally to the right and then speeds up even further above posted 10mph. I think that is a sign of complete disrespect to law enforcement in general. In the video you can also tell that the truck is catching traffic at a high rate of speed. The assumption I would make from that is that he is speeding very excessively.

    The person driving the truck was upset that an officer from another area without jurisdiction was holding him up from breaking the law. It was stated by local officials the person driving the truck frequently made videos of law enforcement in a bad light.

    In conclusion the SC driver was wrong in everything that he did and I hope that he gets charged with reckless driving. The NC Deputy made a mistake and its evident in the video. There is no question about that. Had the video not had the Deputy passing him back and doing the brake check. It would have just been considered an idiot behind the wheel of the truck.

  • SC RESIDENT says:

    The NC deputy was BAITING the SOUTH CAROLINA resident on SOUTH CAROLINA roads by driving 50 miles an hour and not allowing cars to pass him (a trick cops love to do)on one of Charleston’s most heavily used highways…the SC driver was trying to GET AWAY from the cop when the cop ran him down and pulled in front of him causing the wreck. KEEP NORTH CAROLINA LAW ENFORCEMENT IN NORTH CAROLINA! What an A$$$!

  • Guest12354 says:

    So once again we catch a dirty police officer, abusing his power, and he RESIGNS. Is there something in NC law that let’s these guys resign and then move on to another police force? If so that is one law that needs to be changed immediately.

    And why would Brown offer him to stay on as a detention officer after the deputy has clearly shown he can’t be trusted on the average citizen, is the sheriff gonna turn him lose on incarcerated people to abuse even more, this is really wrong!

  • Guest what says:

    He flashed the cop to move over? OMG…that’s just terrible. Next time that someone flashes you to get over, MOVE OVER!!!

  • Guess says:

    The speed limit is irrelevant. The person breaking the law and causing an unsafe situation is the LEO who was illegally maintaining the passing lane while next to traffic in the right hand lane. Speed limit has nothing to do with it. Officer or citizen, makes no difference. If you are driving in the left lane and you are not passing, you must yield to faster traffic behind you. Even if you are driving the speed limit and the guy behind you is doing 100, you yield to faster traffic. Someone’s life could be on the line being rushed to the hospital in that car, or it could be just a guy speeding, but it’s nobody’s place to essentially perform a rolling roadblock effectively playing wanna be cop.

  • bjack1100 says:

    This may be drifting off the point somewhat but you wrote “It was stated by local officials the person driving the truck frequently made videos of law enforcement in a bad light.”

    What local official said this? If you want to see the videos that Chad Walton “frequently made of law enforcement”, go see them for yourself at his YouTube channel. He has a motorcycle racing business and posts under the name MotoVisionTV:

    I count 3 out of 50 videos that he has posted that were recordings of law enforcement. I’m not taking his side but a lot of hearsay has been tossed around about both people involved in this. I don’t know the deputy that was involved in this but I don’t think that he’s a bad person, he’s just a person that used bad judgement and has paid for it. He has owned up to his actions on his facebook page. Judging from the comments and stories I have seen on that, he is not a bad person and probably was not a bad cop until he made this mistake.

  • ljvb says:

    Your statement is incorrect… sort of. First off, speed limit might be 60, but no one ever does the speed limit.. anywhere. I live in DC, speed limit on I495 is 55, 99% of the traffic is doing around 70 to 80 mph.

    Yes, that is illegal. However, that is how things are.

    Secondly, the rules of the road are Keep Right, Pass Left, for everyone, cops included. First rule of the road broken, second is impeding the flow of traffic. Law enforcement or not, respect goes both ways, and in this case, the LEO had no jurisdiction in the state he was in, therefore he was just a normal driver, and the whole respect for law enforcement goes right out the window when he was intentionally causing a traffic backup.

    Lastly, whether or not the truck driver was being a tool is irrelevant, law enforcement officers are supposed to uphold the highest standards, and letting another driver bait you shows poor judgement.

  • Guest 1492 says:

    You are incorrect.

    and SC Code 56-5-1810(b):

    (b) Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.

  • bjack1100 says:

    Speed limit in I-526 is 65mph. BTW, were you watching the same video I saw where one vehicle cut another off then slammed on his brakes causing an accident? As for making videos of law enforcement, what is wrong with that? Police dash cams do it every day. So why shouldn’t private citizens have the right to record events for their own protection? A U.S. District court has upheld that the First Amendment protects the recording of police officers performing their duties in public. Check it out:

    There have been many cases where this practice has shown police abusing their authority. In this case, it showed the officer committing what would be a crime if any other citizen pulled that stunt. In conclusion, your conclusion is erroneous.

  • LOL says:

    He baited him? Reverse entrapment? This guy just keeps getting dumber. Can’t he just admit that he’s an a**?

  • Vog46 says:

    Onslow county style.
    Was offered another position and he turned it down.

    So we have a SC man who drives around trying to catch cops doing bad things and he catches an Onslow County Sheriff doing? Bad things.
    and the Sheriff is offered another job?


  • otterpop says:

    It’s disconcerting that an individual in such fragile control of their temperament and of a “baitable” mentality would be entrusted to wield the power of the state and carry a weapon.

    The deputy’s deliberate actions placed him in the situation he finds himself in today. To cast baseless accusations, blame the victim as it were, in an attempt to deflect responsibility is simply childish.

  • Guest tattler says:

    “I fell for it hook, line and sinker,”

    Yeah right. Check out the video.!

  • BiGGNuttZ says:

    Everyone knows that cops abuse their power and do what they want when they want.. Chad is only bringing this to light. Kudos Brother!! Reverse entrapment? Lmao. Dirty cops tend to get dirty, maybe they will finally get dirty where everyone can see it. Nice job Chad keep up the great work!!

  • 1Guest says:

    Sorry. Sounds more like the officer’s ego couldn’t handle being treated like any other driver on the road. Even if this guy is out trying to push officer’s buttons, saying you were baited into it sounds like an excuse for really poor behavior.

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