McCrory budget proposal would cripple CFCC Marine Tech program

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Submitted: Thu, 03/21/2013 - 3:04am
Updated: Thu, 03/21/2013 - 4:36pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Governor Pat McCrory unveiled his state budget proposal today, and it doesn’t bode well for Cape Fear Community College’s Marine Tech program.

The Marine Technology Program at Cape Fear Community College is a unique program in North Carolina. College officials say CFCC is recognized all over the world for providing trained marine technicians.

“It’s the only program of it’s kind that provides hands on, off shore, on the water training to students to help them get jobs in the maritime industry” said CFCC spokesman David Hardin.

As it stands, the Governor’s budget proposal allocates just over $343,000 to CFCC’s program. That’s only half the amount it takes to operate on an annual basis.

Hardin says the cut “essentially cripples the training ability.”

The program nearly has a fifty year track record of successfully placing students in jobs upon completion of the program according to college leaders.

“The North Carolina economy needs jobs, this is not the time to be cutting a job training program” said Hardin.

Mike Diefenbech moved to the Port City from Indiana specifically to enroll in the Marine Technology Program because of all it offers. Although he is a senior this year, he is concerned with how prepared future students will be if the budget were to be cut.

“With half the budget, they won’t be able to bring in anything new to keep up with current updates. ”

In the past eight years CFCC has fought this budget battle three times. Governor Perdue’s budget two years ago tried to do the same thing, but the local legislative delegation fought the cut and kept the program funded. Hardin says CFCC will be perusing local delegation and Governor’s Office again to educate them on the importance of the funding.

Senator Thom Goolsby says he is already on board. “It’s a great program. I am 100 percent for it. I faught for it last time, and I will fight for it again. ”

Governor McCrory will be in the Wilmington to help CFCC break ground on its new Fine Arts Center tomorrow. We’ll talk with him to find out more on why he wants to cut the program.


  • Guest6969696969 says:

    if the Marine Tech program is so successful what is the number of graduates that get employed into their chosen fields in the “private sector??”

    I think you need to Do your own “homework” to find the exact number(s), though, It’s been cited Time & time again that “nearly” everyone finds Employment in the Private sector, and YES; Jobs in “related” industries, Here in the USA AND other Countries & Companies, Foreign & Domesticly…

    These are the Childern, there are children that are hungry everyday, people are hurting for jobs, the state needs to get its head above water , the last thing we need to spend money on is the study of left handed lesbian/gay fiddler crabs!!

    I’ve read plenty of Idiotic comments here on WWAY, though this one here; Just Maybe the Dumbest post of the YEAR!

    The “Marine Tech Program feature’s *more* than just studying more than Gay/Lesbian Sand Fiddler crabs et al, (as cited by ONE example? Pfft…)I really doubt that there’s been a “Grant” for that, On the OTHER hand, I’m postive that I can “reference” a few Gay/Lesbian *ART/ART-WORKS/Film*, in the *Fine Arts Field(s)* of Study.
    No offense intended towards PROGESSIVE(S),Nor; people of that Persuasion.
    How(s) about JOBS/Career’s in these Industries?
    The Marine Tech Fields in General?
    1. Physical oceanographer
    2. Chemical Oceanographer
    3. Biological Oceanographer
    4. Meteorological Oceanographer
    5. Geological/Geophysical Oceanographer

    ALL, which have “different application(s)” or Related Field(s), (Such as Design/application(s)) on Metal(s)/Composit(s), that are being purposed currently, such as WIND Farms, Energy Industries, that require, Geological/Geophysical insight(s) in using the foremention Applications..
    Chemical Oceanographer, for example, realting to Oil/Energy Industry applications or Aqua-Culture, eg: Fish Farming.. In addition to Meteorological Oceanographer, You wish to know “when/Where/How/Why”; For suitable applications for Aqua-Culture, or Predicting SST’s from Hurricanes to Fishing; Yes even, help including Predicting the Weather?
    OR Biological Oceanographer, to find out WHY, We may have a Fish Kill, or NOT having a great year for Shrimping, in Our Biosphere?

    Do you also know there are *boat building/Marine Application(s)*, such as Ship Engineer(s); that CFCC offers, along with-in the Marine Program it-self? You know like, Keeping you trudging though Dangerious Seas?

    For those interested, take a Gander here at this Link–> decide for yourself —>

    So everyone can get a Job as a Dancer/Painter/Actor?
    Or the “Fine Art(s)”; of playing POLITICAN Learning how to Raise taxes, cutting GREAT Programs, Cronyism, While appointing your friends in Industries that “Donate” to your Political Career?

  • Guestthug says:

    Mississippi and Alabama will be laughing at the backward state of North Carolina in less than 4 years. Art Pope’s puppet is doing everything he told him to do!

    I ‘ll bet a lot of Republicans will be sorry they voted for this idiot in less than 4 years as well, as the middle class WILL be taxed out of existence to help out the super-rich GOP donors that own this state now.

  • Vog46 says:

    So it’s cut, cut cut slash slash slash without thinking of the consequences?
    When a politician says one thing then does ANOTHER thing don’t you think that’s just a tad disingenuous?
    Or dos he get a pass because you believe he’s cutting cutting cutting?
    How do you justify the increasing spending then? $400B over Smileys budget?
    How do you justify his raises for his cabinet while cutting unemployment bennys? To repay a “loan” that’s not due in one year but 3? What? So they can find a job faster in a state that’s losing more jobs as we speak? 76 counties are now above 10% unemployment – that means only 24 are at or below 10%.
    I voted for McCrory and donated to his campaign.
    But between whats he’s done for cronysim and what the Legislature has done the one chance the GOP had at running this state for the first time in 100 years may be their last and its so un-necessary.
    And the bad news? If the Dems get back in control they will do exactly what he GOP is doing now and all the conservatives will be screaming.
    Pat said not more than a week ago that more money should be spent on college courses that prepare students for jobs – this is exactly what the Marine Tech courses do and they are better than most at job placement.
    I’m all for cutting budgets -in good economic times.

    We’re far from good economic times.


  • renoGuest says:

    WOW truth hurts dont it,thats the kind of response i was looking for .
    When you liberals find out you do not have a answer the name calling begins. Well why dont you just give us a few prime examples of what a great private sector job this is??? If tax money did not pay for the first boat then why dont you tell us were that money came from. You are the one that needs to produce evidence of all your comments before opening your liberal mouth. What cant tell the truth ? no real answers,you people are a joke and its time real politicians like Pat take them out.
    Please Advise.

  • Vog46 says:

    You’re both right and wrong.
    From WWAY news article:

    “The college negotiated to purchase the R/V Cape Hatteras for $900,000, considerably less than the original $1.8 million asking price. Funds came from the college’s state equipment funds, institutional funds and private donations from the CFCC Foundation.

    “Pulling the finances together on short notice was essential to the effort and I can’t express enough how grateful I am to the CFCC Foundation Board for their support. We couldn’t have done it without them,” Dr. Spring said.”

    Both operational and private funding we used but no loans were under taken.

    Sorry Reno but this program has a far better chance at job placing grads than a liberal arts graduate would have.
    This program FITS the mold of job specific college courses McCrory talked about just last week.


  • renoGuest says:

    I was not even talking about the cape hatteras but as we are i would expect the colleges state equipment fund to be tax money ?? I was talking about the dan moore were did the money come from for that boat ?
    Same old story just like the fire departments spend the money first then cry and lie to get money to cover their asses. The time has come to pass for college/ fire department lies just to collect more money from the taxpayers. Everyone needs to get over it we voted a conservative into office thats not afraid to do something about the wasteful spending so the lies no longer work.

  • renoGuest says:

    cut it. If they have the money to buy a new boat sell the old one and make up the difference. These marine tec programs have been around forever and have done nothing to help anything on the coast.The only jobs for these grads are government jobs anyway and they are being cut too. So why keep a dyeing program ? I say cut and cut more it is about time we have politicians willing to do something instead of spending money they dont have.

  • taxpayer says:

    No taxpayer dollars were used in the purchase of the R/V Cape Hatteras. As far as your ignorant comment about the jobs only being government jobs, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of these jobs are private sector…not government. If you’re going to spout off about a program you know nothing about…don’t spout.

  • Vog46 says:

    The marine Tech program is college level vocational education which McCrory touted a few weeks ago.
    Interesting cut………


  • Jason says:

    Yeah, it’s bad. Don’t worry, though. It essentially further guts all community colleges and even the public schools and universities. That’s on top of all the cuts they have been through the past 4 years. Education has no place in this Republican-run state.

  • deputy 25 says:

    but democrat controlled for almost 120 years, now the mopping of the mess to clean that up!! it may stink a lil while before it gets cleaned up. Real priorities first!!

  • Gate Keeper says:

    Well that didn’t take long. Patty wants to cut funds for a program that makes graduates “career ready”. Remember the rhetoric of creating a special diploma for students who are ready for employmemt and not just a bunch of bookworms? Well he threw that out the door cutting the CFCC Marine Tech program, but restored funding to Tryon Palace to the tune of $2 Million. That place is a bigger money hole than Airlie!

  • deputy 25 says:

    there are children that are hungry everyday, people are hurting for jobs, the state needs to get its head above water , the last thing we need to spend money on is the study of left handed lesbian/gay fiddler crabs!! Thx McCroy for getting things back under control from the 120 years of dumbocrat rule!!

  • taxpayer says:

    Your diatribe has nothing to do with the topic.

  • taxpayer says:

    Here we have a Governor who is wanting to literally gut a program that is the most successful program in terms of job placement at CFCC, yet wants to increase overall spending versus last year by $400 Million dollars.

    Fortunately, our local elected officials will fight this cut tooth and nail. Thom Goolsby has already gone on record stating he will fight the cuts to this valuable program.

    Since Pat will be in town today for the ground breaking ceremony for CFCC’s new Fine Arts Center, hopefully folks from the Marine Tech program and CFCC will corner him and ask him to restore the funding to last year’s level.

    To lose or diminish this program would be a travesty.

  • Mr.T says:

    but it’s going to be a long 4 years for Eastern NC.
    Charlotte, the Triad and Raleigh think of Asheville and Wilmington as places where you go see pretty leaves in fall and play in the water in summer. The gravy is going to Charlotte folks. Our big guns are freshmen Goolsby and Rabon, WOW!!

  • Vog46 says:

    While Goolsby may have said he’d fight tooth and nail the proof will be in the puddin’ as they say.

    He ran on a jobs platform and has done squat for that.

    I would have at least hoped for by now a small tax reform package.
    NADA – nothing – zilch

    And they’ve had months to prepare even a bland package.
    McCrory has slashed spending in some programs, increased overall spending and is relying on increased revenue to pay for parts of it.
    I hope he is right but I am fearful that the economic “recovery” is sputtering and in NC it may be much worse than the nationwide recovery is. If this is true his increased revenue may evaporate – much the same way it did for Sleasely and Smiley when the economy crashed. This of course will not be Pats fault (nor was it S&S’s fault) – but he will have to deal with it.
    I hope I am wrong……..

    But cutting education is NEVER a good idea unless it’s fraudulent or wasteful programs which the Marine program is not.



  • renoGuest says:

    Travesty Really…….who”s ??

  • Tired of it Citizen says:

    Fine Arts Center costs? Just sayin!

  • renoGuest says:

    Pat should cut that too ! everyone that works and pays knows that… so time for the lies and free rides to stop. People see through the lies and want it stopped.

  • GuestVader says:

    Let the ones that benefit from the program be the ones to pay for it, not the taxpayers. I am beginning to like McCrory better.

  • B M says:

    Give Govenor McCrory an “”””””A plus””””””””” for the first few months on the job, he has done what others have failed to do, we elected him to get the spending under control and now he has proposed a budget and yes there is a lot of fat to trim from this states budget, that means everyone has to give up something, if the Marine Tech program is so successful what is the number of graduates that get employed into their chosen fields in the “private sector??” let the administration voluntarily take a pay cut or dismissal to make up the difference in operating cost. It’s time this state and federal government rigns in it’s spending!

  • fleebailey says:

    How about the unnecessary raise for his Cabinet. They were already well into six figures.

  • renoGuest says:

    Well said !

  • B. Hower says:

    Well, if you’re suggesting the Governor’s administration, to include aides, office help, hangers-on, housekeepers at the Governor’s mansion, cutting back on dinner/entertaining expenses, travel expenses, landscaping, lighting,air conditioning, water usage, paper usage, office supplies,PR personnel, etc., etc., I am all for it. And let’s not forget about the Capitol and our senators and representatives. All for one and one for all–let’s be fair about this. The Governor and our elected officials should lead the way in setting an example by cutting their own administrative expenses. Let McCrory make sacrifices in order to inspire the rest of us. Let him pare his own administration and administrative expenses to the bone. Then I might actually buy into all this BS about trimming the budget for the rest of us.

    And guess what–I encouraged my child to enroll in this Marine Technology program after a great deal of research, because after two years he will have hands-on, practical, technical, EMPLOYABLE skills unlike a 4-year degree in marine biology (which he does hope to get one day, but will require grad school to be employable). And my family is no slouch in the degree department (my father’s double engineering degree from Columbia, my brother’s degree in computer science from Stanford managed to get them only so far before being laid off). This program has numerous interested employers. Yet it is OK to support a new CFCC fine arts center (by the way, isn’t the superb Cultural Arts Center right down the street on the UNC-W campus pretty darn new?? That project cost $33 million dollars).

  • Guestawmighty says:

    Neither Thom Goolsby nor Bill Rabon is a freshman senator.

  • renoGuest says:

    Who are you trying to fool fool ?

  • renoGuest says:

    Sure its a wasteful program everyone knows it thats why its being cut.

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