ONLY ON 3: Murder victim’s mother speaks out

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Submitted: Fri, 03/22/2013 - 1:58am
Updated: Fri, 03/22/2013 - 1:14pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Investigators say someone shot and killed Rahman Liadi in the Houston Moore Housing Complex early Thursday morning. Liadi died at the scene of the shooting.

Tonight, the victim’s mother is speaking out and remembering her son.

Rosita Liadi said Monday night the family was playing cards, and today they are mourning the loss of Rahman.

“He’s gone, and that’s on the will of God,” she said. “He did great things, you know, and that’s what I am going to remember him by. He went ahead instead of going backwards.”

Liadi’s family says he was a friendly person and worked hard for everything he had. He was a South Brunswick High School graduate and worked at the Verizon Wireless call center.

Wednesday night was the last time his mother heard from him, when he called to tell her he loved her.

“I asked my son what is wrong. He said, ‘Nothing,’ not knowing that my son either he was dying or something had happened to him at that time,” Rosita said.

She says her son’s love is what will get her through this difficult time.

“Love conquers everything,” she said. “Love is something that will bind people together.”

As for a message to her son’s killer, she said, “As his mother, trust and believe me when I say this, somebody will have to answer to me, because I will not sit here and let somebody get away with murder.”


  • Byron says:

    Thank you all we still need answers

  • Shannon says:

    What a great guy he was. Always had a big smile and a kind hello. I only spoke to him a few times
    but when he said good morning and smiled i knew my day was going to be awesome.
    Thanks my friend . I will miss seeing at work..RIP

  • Meredith says:

    Rahman was a good kid. I worked with him at VZW. He talked alllll the time. Constantly talking and asking questions. Full of questions. I remember his laugh. He laughed every day. It breaks my heart to see that such a bright light and a promising young man was taken from us so soon. I pray that his family can find comfort in knowing how kind and outgoing he was and how many lives he touched. I will forever remember you Ramen Noodle and pray that justice is served. xoxoxo

  • Co-worker says:

    Rahman was a great guy that never met any strangers. We worked the same shift and these past few days have been hard when its time to leave work and he is not there to hold the door or fuss at me for walking slow. He will be missed by everyone at Verizon. I would like to let his family, friends and fellow co-workers know that they are all in my prayers. RIP Rahman

  • shannon says:

    He was such a nice guy. He would do anything for anyone.. his handsome smile would make your day almost perfect

  • Kenneth Barham says:

    You know I woke up to hear that someone died they had to tell me the name a couple of times but in reality I knew who it was just was hard to believe that someone I grew up with an was always there together playing video games dreaming big that we was Rahman liadi I have to say we all grew up to the best we all could an we done a great job. A good man was took away from us all in physical form ill never forget you you was my black brother just a different mother ….. You soar with that man upstairs rest in peace to you man you will be missed Brunswick county got love for ya 2013 winnabow, nc

  • coworker says:

    He was a great guy and never had a bad thing tosay about anything or anyone. He was a hard worker and a determined individual. The person who did this horrible act will answer to the crime in this life or the next.

  • Another Co-Worker says:

    RIP Rahman. Although we were not “close”, we were friends. You were a wonderful human being and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. You were kind, polite and hardworking. You will be missed by many at work and I am sure outside of work. I pray that your family finds peace and holds on to the memory of who you were. I pray that they find whoever is responsible for this senseless act. I hope they live with the nightmare of what they have done everyday and never feel peace in their mind or heart. It takes a weak person to commit this kind of crime. May justice come quickly.

  • james m says:

    It is such a loss. He was ambitious and a driven young man with purpose. We used to work out in the gum every day before during lunch before our schedual changed. Getting to know Rahman was and ever day fun event. His outgoing attitude and passion for exceeding life’s challenges will truly be missed. We must stay diligent in bringing justice for Rahman.

  • Kevin Mercer says:

    Let me first start out by saying my name is Kevin Mercer. I am Rahman’s best friend. Rahman and I spoke of this day right here, right now several times. And he always said I better be up here speaking when his time comes. He said he was going to try his best to talk Jesus into letting him attend today. And trust me when I say this, if there’s anyone in heaven that can talk Jesus into something its Rahman Liadi. With that being said I do feel like he is here with us today or if not Jesus programmed us in on his new 72 inch big screen in heaven.
    Rahman and I go back to about the 3rd grade. I don’t remember a lot of memories from elementary school, but I can still recall a few. One of which is the first memory I have of Rahman. It was about the 3rd grade. I had become friends with Rahman and Byron. Byron and I had become friends first because we were already in boy scouts together. So through Byron I met Rahman. So one day in School Byron starts teasing and aggravating me and Rahman so we decided to team up and take it to ol Byron. We got together and planned our attack; we decided to get him while he was in the bathroom on our potty break. We waited patiently for our chance and somehow had it arranged so us three were the last three kids in the bathroom because back then everyone went at the same time. Once it was us three it was on! Rahman went at him first, getting a couple licks in before shortly being thrown into the urinal by Byron. I can’t lie, I stood back for a second to see what was going to happen when Rahman went at him, but once I seen him go down I took a big hop and kicked big ol’ Byron right in the belly, turned around grabbed Rahman and ran out the door. That was the start of our great, inspirational friendship.
    All throughout school we remained close friends. We played football together, we ran track together, and we roamed the halls together of the high school. Rahman was a great athlete and competitor. He didn’t like to loose and he always knew he could do better if he tried harder. Rahman went 110 percent in anything he did. He loved football, he said he thought it was great how he could actually run and knock someone down and not get in trouble. And he played hard, made a lot of good tackles, missed a lot of easy tackles too, I can’t lie now because we have talked about the football days so much. And like I said it’s a good chance he’s here with us today. I would tell him how he would always put his head down and try to deliver a knockout blow and he would end up missing the tackle. We would argue who the better player was. It would be back and forth, all day we could argue or as I would say, debate. The best football memory took place during football camp at camp pretty pond in boiling springs lakes. We had like a 4 or 5 day camp to come together as a team before the start of the season one year. It was a great time, we played capture the flag every night I think. I remember Rahman was running away with the flag or something and it was dark out, he was at full speed, and out of nowhere he was clotheslined. Literally, he had run into some clothesline he wiped out. I didn’t see it but he told me about it. And when Rahman told a story it was just as funny and good as being there if not better. Late one night at camp I brought out my paintball gun I had snuck in with me. We were all in small cabins kind of in a circle. Lineman with linemen, defensive backs with defensive backs, wide receivers with wide receivers or so forth. Well I remember Rahman was in the cabin across from mine. I took a couple shots toward his cabin. At first no one knew what we had had and Rahman being the tough guy decides he’s going to come and find out. As he’s walking across the way between the pines that were between the cabins, I handed the paintball gun over to Rand Smith. Everyone is laughing so hard. Rand aims and fires a few shots, Rahman quickly ducked for cover. At first everyone thought we didn’t have paintballs because at first we weren’t using them. So Rahman gets up and walks closer because he is thinking we didn’t have paintballs. As he gets closer we put some paintballs in and well, we got poor Rahman good. We laughed and joked and we thought it was all over. The moment our cabin, the defensive backs, thought it was over was the moment we had made a mistake. About an hour later I guess, Rahman sneaks up on our cabin with the fire extinguisher pointed toward the screen door. Looks in at us, and says, “Say I won’t”. Sure enough I just had to say it and without hesitation our cabin was filled with clouds of starchy powder. It was terrible; everyone stormed the front door in a panic to get out. Rahman was happy he had gotten the last laugh about that and the coaches were a little ill but it was too funny to be mad for real. Rahman was also a great track star; he had a lot of heart and could run the curve of the track better than anyone. Rahman was so talented in everything he did.
    Rahman and I came from two different worlds really, and that’s what made us wonderful friends. Looking at both of us you might not think we would be so close or even friends at all for that matter. But we both liked that. We talked about the way he seen things as a young black man and about how seen things as a young white man. We would cut up with each other about our races, the differences we had and realize yes we are different in ways, but that’s is what makes us all unique and special. We were very honest with each other, even if we didn’t like what the other said we always respected each other and knew it was always fun and games between us. We had the best conversations, we talked about everything, race, religion, sports, business, women we cared about, our struggles in life, where we wanted to be in ten years. Being a part of Rahman life and having him as a part of mine has truly been an honor for me. I do not have anything I wish I would’ve told him before he left this earth. Our relationship was that good. I told him all the time I loved him, and he how much he meant to me as a friend. I was so proud of Rahman for all of his accomplishments. We were both proud of each other and even though we never said it I know we looked up to each other.
    During his life Rahman had lots of struggles like anyone. Rahman loved who he was but he didn’t like the way some people perceived him. For the most part of our relationship I didn’t see it, but then I started to. And it was sad because Rahman had a big heart and a good soul. You can’t judge a book by its cover. And it happens way too much in today’s world. Looking at Rahman you might not think he liked to read books or listen to country music (his favorite song: don’t take the girl). You might be interested to know Rahman was writing two books. One was a fantasy book, and the other was a book about his life. His autobiography was his way of telling his life story and the leaps he had taken to get right with god and his fellow man to live a better life while on earth. Rahman had many things to be proud of, his job, education, car, own place, his friends, his family. He helped many people and everyone knew he was a giving person, and he was never selfish. He lived life to the fullest and tried to talk to his friends he thought may be going down the wrong road and encouraged them to make their life better. He knew nothing was given to you and you had to get out and make your life the way you want it to be. The autobiography he was writing was being written so that one day when he could say he finally made it where he wanted to be emotionally and financially in life he could try to publish the book to help people see life is what you make it, and no matter the struggles in life you face you can overcome anything with a little faith and determination. Rahman worked at Verizon for at least several years now, and started as temp, then got on permanently. When he first started he had no car, but he always found a ride some way somehow. He was committed to being successful. He worked with me with in my business, invested money when he didn’t have to. No matter what I needed he was always there. All I’d have to say is I need you to do this, and he would reply, “Consider it done”. He always wanted what was best for the company and was proud to be a part of it. He constantly asked for more responsibilities. He said recently he wanted to start collecting timesheets and emailing them to the distributors for me and I asked him if he had a computer, printer, scanner fax machine? He said to me, “no I ain’t got any of that but I’ll go buy it so I can do that for you.” I told him he didn’t need to but he sincerely wanted to, and was going to all those things just to be more involved.
    I was really looking forward to the bright future with Rahman by my side. We both had big dreams and we always included each other in our futures. However knowing Rahman as well as I did I can truly say I know without a doubt he is in heaven. He had recently gone around and made amends with everyone he ever thought he had done any wrong by. I strongly believe when we leave this place and we are before the lord we are judged on the way we have affected other people’s lives. I feel like it is so important to treat everyone how you wish to be treated. Me and Rahman talked on this subject many times throughout our time together as friends. And my mind can rest at ease because Rahman lived by that. He has had such a positive impact on my live and I know he did with everyone he met. It’s hard to loose such a close friend, a guy I considered like a brother, one of the three musketeers, my buddy. But I know that god brought him up for a reason and Rahman was prepared to go so now was as good as time as any. Rahman is on permanent vacation and we should all be jealous.
    Since this has happened I have come to realize some faults and barriers in my life, and I know what I need to do to overcome them. I realize that Rahman would want me to do things better and give things 110 percent and not just 100. With that being said I’m going to start trying to be more like Rahman, and we all should. I’m going to work harder than I ever have to make the company successful, start going to church, and always look to make myself a better person. Rahman may not be here in his earthly body but he will always be in our hearts.

  • Jessica Hammons (Jessica Thorpe) says:

    Rahman was such a great person with a beautiful personality. Im shocked to have gotten the news of my friend’s passing. TO this day this seems like its all a bad dream. I hope the PD in wilmington and sorrounding countys are helping to catch the person responsable. No one should ever have to go before the good lord above calls. But now he is in heaven looking down on us all and I know Rahman will keep all of his friends together till the end for we will meet again one day my dear friend/classmate. Today you will be layed in your final resting place. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. ~ Love your friend/classmate, Jessica Thorpe(hammons)

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