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In late 2008, when Michael Krause became CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority, he recalled Creekwood South was a community on the verge of collapse.

The public housing project, which opened in 1972 on land north of Market Street, had not been substantially updated. Dozens of units plagued with termite damage, moisture, plumbing problems and other issues sat vacant and boarded up.

On Friday, the authority officially unveiled the new Creekwood South after the authority spent about $16 million – using federal money and tax credits – to redevelop its 198 units.

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  • Guest 100

    Why so much money??????????????? Half of the people there don’t work or are thugs….although my heart goes out to the ones who have to live there not by choice. Okay lets fix Creekwood up so they can shoot or burn it down…good use of money. Let us stay in the budget and not put the most expensive things in those houses but put what I can afford to put in my house which is the lowest priced thing on the shelf…and me and my spouse both work everyday and we don’t get foodstamps, medicare, medicad and we don’t have ten children!! Come on and lets break the cycle and actually get these people some training so I can stop paying for them to stay home while I go to work!!!

  • anne

    Yes – I can see quite a bit of money has gone into these. Now that there are some nice places available, I hope that the people that move into them respect and keep them in good condition – but if history is any indication, that won’t happen.

    There should be stringent guidelines put into place concerning upkeep of these apartments. Renters should have to follow strict policies and any type of wrong behavior, including drug use or abuse of the property should have dire consequences.

    People are being given another chance at a better place to live – don’t blow it!

  • Charles Walters

    They are going to make it a nicer place to sell drugs, and plan the crimes the animals who live there commit. 16 million dollars could pay for a lot of teachers in the classrooms around the state. But no, they have to use it to give the useless bunch of crap who will never ammount to anything productive no matter what they are given. Bulldoze the place, and let the hoodrats scatter.

  • Guest0101

    What a shameful waste of money. All THEY will do is destroy it again. A fancy drug headquarters. Awesome

  • Guest98124

    Talk about a waste of money. You could pour $16 million into Creekwood every year and every year it would end up in the same desolate condition it has always been in. The people that live there don’t have to pay much in rent, if any at all, so they don’t care if it gets trashed. If they were paying normal rent or were held accountable for damages and such, maybe you’d have a decent neighborhood. Creekwood is too far gone, stop wasting money in that area. Let that problem work itself out.

  • windy

    What is the point of renovating known drug dwellings just to have the dealers and other criminals return to those buildings, permeating their illegal ways and trashing up their new homes that were once again, put into their greedy outstretched hands by the taxpayers. Its time to stop the free ride. Who in this community would ever motivated to work now that they have modern renovated digs. And furthermore, there does not need to be any 5 BEDROOM APARTMENTS. Any welfare recipient that has that many kids thus needing such a large home (again, at the expense of the tax payers) should have been through a mandatory spay and neuter program years ago.


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