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By Ashley Withers

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — US Congressional candidate Jonathan Barfield will be starting from scratch financially for his new campaign – a tough start considering the high cost of successful federal campaigns.

The average successful House candidate spent around $1.4 million in the 2010 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. 2012 average data was not available at this time.

The high cost associated with running for federal office often pits newcomers against well-known incumbents and can put them at a substantial disadvantage for raising money.

"I'm working with consultants in D.C. and they said I will need to raise $500,000 to $1 million. I think that's very realistic," Barfield said. "…The timing is right now and more important for me, I'm working in God's favor. I've had every indication that this campaign is in God's plan and I won't need as much money as others."

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  • deputy 25

    If you want your bubble busted Barfield. Just go ahead and put your name on the ballot!!

  • PublicAvenger

    Nobody would vote for you JJ. You are worse then Brian Berger, and Barfield, put together. And I’m not suprised you would put that money in your pocket.

  • truthseeker

    I would not give this moron a dime. He is about as bad as that buffoon who runs the NC NAACP.

  • wpp

    I am going to send a check for $00.00.

  • fleebailey

    If there was a god he would not have time to devote to 435 congressional races every 2 years

  • ChefnSurf

    First, Mr. Barfield shoots himself in the foot by accepting campaign financing advice that allows him to feel comfortable being massively underfunded for a congressional campaign. That minimizes the probability of his success by a huge amount.

    Next, he shoots himself in the other foot by announcing that he can get by with less funding because he’s “working in God’s favor” and that “this campaign is in God’s plan “. Even though I have my own personal religious beliefs, statements like that create an instant negative knee-jerk reaction in me. That’s the same kind of stuff that every creepy televangelist says when he or she is trying to con the life savings out of some desperate, usually undereducated, poor soul. Perhaps his strategy is to pander to the underprivileged amongst us. One can only come to the conclusion that that’s probably not going to maximize his chances for success either.

    So, after shooting himself in both feet, Mr. Barfield’s campaign is left with about zero chance of success because he really doesn’t even have one political leg left to stand on.

    I can’t think of one reason for anyone to contribute their hard-earned cash to a political campaign that’s so set up in advance to lose.

  • PublicAvenger

    If it’s “God’s Will”, why would he want any money in the first place ?

  • Thinks it’s funny

    And to think, everyone thinks that Berger has lost it?

  • jj

    Give me the money and if I am not elected I have some pocket change.

  • Guest 10101

    Mr. Barfield apparently has chosen to work with the prestigious budget consulting firm “Political-Consultants-R-Us”. They may not give out great advice but they do charge less than real consultants would.

    By the way Mr. Barfield, the first $100,000 you raise for your political campaign goes directly to them. After that, you’ll be set free to follow whatever inside advice God is whispering in your ear. In fact, the last piece of advice they’ll probably give you after you give them the $100,000 will be “Go with God!”

  • Guesttfriar

    Not funny! It’s already happened once, I mean twice. Look at our president!

  • Guest CommonTater



  • stratcatz

    It really scares me when someone thinks they know what God wants and they want your money!

  • Das Weibstück

    Is dat you Iliario?

  • Guesty1

    We do NOT need Pantano. He’s nothing but a carpet-bagging no working tool and the people of SE NC have rejected him twice now.

  • B M

    When I look at Barfield vs McIntyre I can’t see where one will stand any better than the other for this country and taxpayer,they are both after handouts, we need Pantano!

  • GuestToday

    . . . he lost me. The last thing we EVER need is to mix politics with religion. Sounds like he’s reaching for the holy roller vote.

  • taxpayer

    I agree.

  • Guest1118

    an a$$. If it weren’t for the “carpet baggers” this town would be even more pathetic than it already is.

  • Guest1111

    Okay…he’s just a no working tool that has been rejected twice then. The people have spoken twice…it’s time for him to move on and it’s time for us to find some reasonable qualified folks to run in our region. Pantano and others have way too much baggage. No way Barfield is winning anything btw. Yet another idiot that’s just making our region the laughing stock of the state

  • Das Weibstück

    What a pompous ass. Sounds mentally ill.

  • GuestNow

    No more so than you have sounded on occasion, Das.

  • SurfCityTom

    than that. And that will just be for the primary should Mike choose to run for re-election.

    He’ll likely need twice that amount and against Mike he will still face defeat. Barring some stupid, widely publicized action on McIntyre’s part, there’s no issue on the horizen to which Barfield can hang his candidacy. McIntyre is smart; well funded should he choose to run for re-election; and has all of those years of seniority.

    Mr. Barfield should look for other opportunities on which to float himself. Despite his girth, he would still be a small minnow in a large fishbowl.

  • Guest7969

    He’s a JOKE here…might be satan that’s giving him the nod…

  • PublicAvenger

    Funny. I don’t remember God telling me to vote for him.

  • Guest CommonTater

    Satan!! **chuckle**

  • Guest1966

    While I do admire the ignorance of Mr. Barfield, especially in matters of the Wilmington City Counsel politics, I doubt God needs any favor from this idiot councilman! But if God did chose to use a fool, let him raise the money, and send Mr. Berger instead!

  • Guest7969

    SURE…but he doesn’t really have much say in Wilmington City Politics…unless they want something from the NHC COUNTY COMMISSIONERS…which he serves on..

  • Das Weibstück

    Yeah he does. I don’t claim nonexistent beings are helping me do things and using that same nonexistent being to get cash.

  • GuestNow

    No, you just use every available opportunity, however small, to slam (pick on, degrade, castrate) a group of people who happen to believe the opposite of what you believe. That makes you a bigot. Just once, I would like to see a religious article you didn’t spew your venom on. It’s become an obsession with you, and it makes you look intolerant and uneducated.

  • Guest CommonTater

    to me?

  • Guest CommonTater

    of being an ass as you have just demonstrated….

  • Das Weibstück

    There are plenty of them.

  • Das Weibstück


  • GuestNow

    If there weren’t, I’m sure you would make some up. No person or organization is squeaky clean, yourself included. The negative is always advertised more than the positive. I’ll guarantee you that the church does 100 million times more for the human race than you will ever do in your entire lifetime. Your only claim to fame will be bitchin’ and moanin’.

  • Das Weibstück

    Better to bitch-n-moan in reality than in your fantasy world.


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