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ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An Onslow County deputy caught up in a road rage incident in South Carolina may not be out of a job after all.

Craig Culpepper resigned last week amidst the fallout of a video of him cutting off a driver and hitting his brakes, after the other man tailgated him in the fast lane. Culpepper told WWAY he resigned from his job as a deputy after Sheriff Ed Brown offered him to stay on as a deputy in the county jail. He rejected the offer because he did want that job at the jail he said.

Culpepper was on his way back from K-9 training when the incident happened in North Charleston, SC. He paid for the training himself.

Friday night he posted on his Facebook page that he had an opportunity to keep his job. Today, Sheriff Brown told us Culpepper’s resignation was effective April 3, but he had offered Culpepper the job in the jail again.

Brown said he’s still waiting to hear back from Culpepper on his decision to stay or quit.

Culpepper has not yet returned WWAY’s phone calls.

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  1. guest 12343

    that just shows you how crooked and desperate the sheriff’s dept’s have become, here is an off duty deputy, out of his district, that still can not be trusted, and yet you are willing to put him inside a room, out of the public eye, on incarcerated people knowing he has a bad attitude and uncontrollable temper and let him carry on with victims that have no recourse, yaw need a new sheriff.

  2. Guesty111

    I completely agree! The officer apparently has issues and a serious anger management problem. Why in the world would you not fire him and why in the world would you offer him a job in a detention center. How would the officer react in a life / death scenario. What would he do some late night when a drunk gets out of line and nobody is around? I guess the Sheriffs Dept is like the government where incompetence and ineptitude is not only tolerated but rewarded. Wow, it seems the Sheriff is about as smart as the officer?? – Eastern NC is becoming a national embarrassment from our political leaders on down to LE. And people wonder why no good business wants to locate here?!


    Of the Cops I wonder if this was just not done to appease the media while the heat died down. He’ll go into the jail and in a couple of months back out on patrol, business as usual. Do not ever belive anything a cop says they are unable to tell the truth. Just look at the man that spent 23 years in prison because a cop coached a witness to point him out in a lineup. Remember they are not to be trusted to do right unless it benfits them.

  4. SurfCityTom

    no one has answered.

    If he was training as a K-9 officer, why did he pay for the dog and training? Would the county not have picked up the tab for both?

    Unless this was an attempt to make a career change. IN which case, why was he allowed to drive the marked county squad car to Charleston?

    There are too many conflicting points in the scenario which should be addressed.

    Should Ed Brown not wish to answer the public’s questions, perhaps the County Commissioners should have him in for a closed, personnel session.

  5. Vog46

    about the dog purchase.
    As far as the vehicle is concerned it is far cheaper to allow the use of the squad car.
    If the Sheriff deputy is required to take the course as a part of employment he would get the Federal gas mileage rate of $0.57/mi while using his personal vehicle.
    Many state/county agencies realize its far cheaper to use “company” vehicles and get gas at NC state government pumps.


  6. Vog46

    I was under the impression he was going to be a K-9 officer in Onslow – am I wrong about that ? (It wouldn’t be the first time – and hardly the last)

    Would Ed Brown let a sheriff use a “company car” for anything other than company business? (Ed’s crazy but not THAT crazy)

    As for the dog is that the dog in the picture attached to his news article?


  7. SurfCityTom

    there has still been no answer concerning the dog purchase or his payment of the class fee. If he was training to be a K-9 officer in ONslow County, it would seem they would pay both.

    On the car, again, if he was doing this to further career opportunities outside of Onslow County, he should have been driving his personal vehicle.

    Finally, did anyone even check to see if there was such a class in Charleston? And has anyone even seen the dog? I did not see it in the video.

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