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Gay marriage arguments at Supreme Court spark debate in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Should gay couples be allowed to marry and and be afforded the same benefits as a man and a woman? Some of our country's brightest legal minds are left to answer that question as the battle hit the United States Supreme Court this afternoon.

While the debate over Proposition 8 rages in the Supreme Court, students at UNCW find themselves arguing whether this is a debate over values or equality.

"Any kind of sin is bad, and gay marriage falls under a sin," UNCW student Will Oaks said.

Gay rights advocate Djuro Raskovic has a much different view.

"There is no reason besides bigotry that people don't support gay marriage," Raskovic said.

Members of the gay community at UNCW gathered in the LGBTQIA Room Tuesday afternoon to discuss the arguments before the Supreme Court about California's ban on same sex marriage.

"I support it because I support equality for everyone," Raskovic said. "It doesn't matter race, color, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Just equality for every single human being, because we are all human. It says all men and women are created equal in the constitution. It doesn't say that all straight men and women are created equal."

Conservatives on campus say the Bible clearly establishes marriage as being a holy union between a man and a woman making homosexuality and gay marriage sins.

"I'm not saying that someone who is in a homosexual relationship or has homosexual intentions is any worse off than anybody, because it says that all sins are weighed equally, but I do look at it as a sin and against God's will," Oaks said.

"We have separation of church and state for a reason, and I don't understand why what the Bible says should be used as an interpretation for what our laws and government should be," Raskovic said.

Several Supreme Court justices raised doubts today that the case is properly before them. Justice Anthony Kennedy suggested the court could dismiss the case with no ruling at all.

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Think About It

And your post only holds water if you don't believe. We're both allowed to express our beliefs on this forum.

Yes, indeed, I believe it IS all about money. It's all about benefits, property, 401(k)'s, estates....I could go on and on. Just think about it.


Unfortunately it's not as easy as getting a will.
What about spousal social security?
What about spousal pension if one is involved?
What about the marriage tax benefits while living?

You are correct in that leaving some physical assets only require a will but there are other assets that require the government defined concept of "marriage and spouse".
I do agree that based upon my Catholic upbringing that same sex marriage is wrong but THAT is based solely on my religious beliefs.


I'm confused

If gay marriage is illegal (as it is in 31 states), why should gay couples have any of these benefits? They are benefits for legally married couples. If you're breaking the laws of your state, why should you receive any kind of benefit?

Guest now

Social security is a FEDERAL benefit not state.
Just like military pension is a FEDERAL benefit not state.

The blending of federal statutes and state statutes gets confusing.

so if the Supremes rule that Prop 8 and DOMA are illegal (which unfortunately I believe they will)
Then should gay couples be allowed he same secular marriage rights as heterosexual couples do?



In my own opinion, no...they shouldn't. It's illegal in 31 states.

Unfortunately Guest now

I suspect what will happen is that both DOMA and Prop 8 will be held unconstitutional. That means future court challenges with the Roberts court will dismantle all 31 state laws that prohibit same sex marriages.
I hope, HOPE - that it will be left up to the individual states but I have my doubts.

That is for the secular law.
My "law of the land" will always be not to allow same sex marriage.


waste of time

Spousal social security, pension, tax benefits.... that is all covered by marriage. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. These items are not in my vocabulary for a man and man and woman and woman. I don't waste my time on it in thought at all.


"Spousal social security, pension, tax benefits.... that is all covered by marriage. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman."

I can go and get married legally without religious influence and be LEGAL with all the trappings of "marriage" to include tax benefit, social security benefit and pension benefit.
This does NOT require a belief in God or for me to be religious.
Marriage is also secular in nature because not everyone believes in God or organized religion.
Discrimination is against secular law.

"I don't waste my time on it in thought at all."
Oh but you should. There is a difference between what WE think is right and what the secular world thinks is right. For a person who believes following secular law becomes easy as our religious views put us in a mindset that is already "law abiding".
We do have to recognize that there are many people who don't believe and who follow secular laws of governments. Our secular belief in "all men are created equal" has been interpreted by our Supreme Court to mean those of color and those of the opposite sex and so on.
Should gays be any different?
We can sit here and not give it any thought, however we do know that the world exists outside of our religious beliefs.
Again, I don't agree with it on a personal level - but I will not stand in the way of these folks obtaining legal stature.


Hot or Cold

“I can go and get married legally without religious influence and be LEGAL with all the trappings of "marriage" to include tax benefit, social security benefit and pension benefit.”

If you’re talking about same sex marriage, no you can’t….not in North Carolina and not in 31 other states. If you’re talking about a man/woman marriage, yes you can; but that marriage would be done for the “trappings” you mentioned, which are financial benefits. It certainly wouldn’t be for a spiritual reason, which defeats the purpose of the marriage ceremony. That makes it a marriage of convenience for financial gain.

If you’re a true Christian, you can’t just consider secular beliefs. You also need to consider God’s law and trust His determination of what’s right and wrong. He says that homosexuality is an “abomination”. That makes same sex marriage wrong. The problem with a lot of Christians today is that they’re afraid to offend anyone. No one seems to have that same problem with offending us. If you’re lukewarm on this kind of issue, please remember that God doesn’t like lukewarm. He would prefer you to be either hot or cold. Revelation 3:15 says, “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!” Revelation 3:16 goes on to say, “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit you out of my mouth!” We need to be either hot or cold for God. I choose to be hot.

If gays want to inherit property they should be able to do that.

If gay people want to inherit each other's property at death, there is nothing the government or law should do to prohibit it.

The rest of what you said has no basis in historical fact and is merely conjectural and essentially inaccurate. To not even mention the potential for procreation in your position exemplifies that.

If you want your gay lover

If you want your gay lover to inherit your property, all you have to do is have a properly notarized will.

There is no separation of

There is no separation of church in state in the Constitution. This is not a matter of equality. Any man, straight or not, can marry any woman of his choice. Any woman, straight or not, can marry any man of her choice.

This is a state issue and the federal government has no authority and our state spoke clearly on this matter when we voted for the marriage amendment.

Sooo Saddd!!!!!!

The gays lost the vote! Oh well. Just because you didn't get your way you now want to cry about it. North Carolina has spoken! Get over it! One man, one woman equals marriage! You don't like it get out of North Carolina! See ya, addios, good bye!
Here is a thought the next time there is an important vote on something that you want to support then get the people out to vote. WE DID!!!!

I think that gays should

I think that gays should allow to get married in nc i dnt see wats wrng with it now and days u see alot of gay couples raising children and also adopting them. the system is just messed up and dont want to see couples happy. but u no wat im a lesbian and proud of it and their is plenty more out hete in this world we are going to continue to shine GAY PRIDE


I hope you are just a troll and not seriously that stupid....

It's a non-issue

The voters in the State of NC have already voted on this issue, and it's a NO to gay marriage in this state. It's already a done deal. Legally.

Another well educated

Another well educated liberal speaks out.

RU Kidding me!!!

Go Gay Pride somewhere else, we don't want gay marriage in NC. PERIOD!

What101, you are

What101, you are fundamentally confused. The "gay marriage" issue is about the RIGHTS of people and their ability to participate in society's benefits. People's rights are not for YOU to decide, these rights being fought for by the gay community belong to THEM and it is generations past due that they be recognized.


So you want the "right" to dip into my pockets by straining the healthcare/federal/state/county systems to extend benefits to your "partner"? Isn't that strained enough already? The whole fight for same sex marriage is all about finances, not the right to marry your "partner".


this comment gave me a headache.