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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the Azalea Festival and the Azalea Garden Tour just weeks away, you may notice some new landscaping at the entrance of Wilmington near I-40.

Area leaders and the DOT announced the completion of a beautification project right under the city’s welcome sign with a ribbon cutting ceremony today.

Inspired by the sign’s design, you’ll notice palm trees and, of course, azaleas.

“We thought it was a worthy place to landscape with this gateway entrance into Wilmington to throw out a beautiful welcome mat for the people that are going to be coming to our city in the next few weeks, and for months and years to come,” Cathy Poulos of the Cape Fear Garden Club said.

Before the festival, next week is “Plant an Azalea Week.” It’s an effort to keep the city’s reputation of the “City of a Million Azaleas.”

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  • Guest CommonTater

    all kinds of hideous I agree!!! Wonder who knew who to get that “thing” placed there huh?

  • GuestNow

    Now if they would only get rid of that awful metal sculpture! The azaleas and palm trees all by themselves would be a huge improvement. I can’t see how an ugly metal scrupture like that represents a beautiful historic city like Wilmington.

  • Guest Reply

    They should also have giant photographs of our roads with pot holes…and traffic trying to get from Shipyard & College Rd to Oleander on a weekend.
    Talk about a crowd pleaser…that would do it!


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