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BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) — Police say a trip to the laundromat ended violently for two Blandenboro women and landed the town manager in trouble.

Penny Sahli says she was was doing laundry Sunday at town manager Delane Jackson’s laundromat, but the machines she was using were not working. She says another woman told Sahli if she wanted to talk to Jackson, she should do something that would catch his attention on the surveillance cameras he watches from home.

Sahli then smoked an e-cigarette and left the laundromat with a friend Zorrita Wood. When they got back, she says Jackson was waiting.

She says after trying to explain what happened, Jackson started swearing and was visibly upset but gave her her four dollars back. But Sahli said he pushed her and Wood.

“He said, ‘Get out of my washer. I could ban you,'” Sahli said. She said, ‘I’m calling (police officer) Randy Sykes.’ He said, ‘You call Randy Sykes, because he works for me. You tell him to come to my house and have some tea.'”

When the officers showed up, the women said they took out a warrant on Jackson for assault on a female. Sahli says as soon as Jackson was released from jail, he took out a counter warrant on her for communicating threats.

We tried to reach Jackson for comment, but town hall says he was in Raleigh at a conference. Jackson is due in court April 23.

Sahli is no stranger to the law. The Department of Corrections website shows she has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1989 with convictions for fraud, credit card forgery, drugs, obtaining property by false pretense, breaking and entering, larceny and forgery.

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  • PublicAvenger

    The last paragraph says it all. Ms Sahli is a thieving criminal. Though it was not reported, I bet she also hasn’t worked a day in the last 15 years, and lives off the system, through welfare. It sounds like 2 welfare queens, making a play.

  • jamie stone

    Penny Sahli is my older sister and yes she has done some messed up things in her life but since she’s been home all she has done is work to provide for her 2 kids. Why do people always assume you are a bad person for what you have done in your past…your past is your past not your present or future. I don’t know what went on in the laundrymat and don’t care, but I do know one thing a man has NO business putting his hands on a woman, criminal or not!

  • guest – scott


    Mom jailed for cooking meth
    WRAL-TV 5 Raleigh |
    “Zorrita Wood pleaded guilty Monday to operating a meth lab out of her trailer home. Her 14-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son told social workers they helped make the drug. Prosecutors claim Wood and both children traveled from Oregon, making meth in hotels before moving to Pittsboro… When social workers took custody of the children, both of them tested positive for meth. Woods’ ex-boyfriend faces a number of charges, including the statuory rape of Wood’s daughter.”

  • Help Me Understand

    Why did the journalist or person over media imaging decide to display a video of Black customers – that have absolutely nothing to do with this story (just happen to be using a laundry mat) – when all parties involved are actually white? It only takes a quick Google Image search for the names of those charged to find updated images of those involved.
    As luck has it, I am doing research on the history of racial tensions in Southeastern North Carolina. This is a problem that no one wants to address, but is regularly seen in media publications. It may not be maliciously executed, as probably in the case here, but it is disturbing to see how two Black customers that were not involved in this incident are plastered throughout the video while a report of two White accused criminals is being read in the background.
    How unfortunate that WWAY TV did not notice this age-old, stereotypical trend of promoting images of minorities with violent crimes in the media. Citizens of North Carolina have worked very hard to lift the state out of the shadows of its racially-charged past. Please exercise more cultural sensitivity when creating these types of stories. Also, a ten-second Google search can also help with providing updated images of actual people involved. If publication rights to pictures is an issue, why not avoid showing people – of any race – at and just show a picture of the building where the crimes occurred?

  • Guest2020

    Someone could make millions off of reality tv in this area. It would be called “Local Government Officials Gone Wild”. Do they drink a different kind of water than the rest of us?

  • It seems that everyone must be scared. All everyone does is cumplain about him and now everyone is tight lipped. Must be because of the tea party the police department at his house. This man acts as if he is God around Bladenboro. He bosses the employees around and if anyone crosses him look out. He somehow has ended up with property off Ash Street that the town paid to have surveyed. He runs the town like a Hitler. He contorl the police department, the public works department, town hall, the mayor and the town board. We had million dollar drug deals going on and no one sees nothing. Well maybe Mr Guy will bring a few down with him, understand that a deals are being made with him now. We lost a good police chief over this man, a good wastwater man over this man because they stood up for what is right. Danny was a good man who wouldn’t stand for what was going on, where is he now-gone. He has the goods on the mayor so even when a few comissioners stand up, he still wins. Give himself a raise when he wants one and no one is able to stop him. Some comissioners got my vote because they promise to do something about him but over a year later and they do nothing, must have something on them too.
    He put new townhall across road from his house and they go along with it. Not even in businees part of town but it what he wantesd so he got it. if he like you and you go allong with him, you be ok if not then you had bad day, he pick who work for town ebven chief of police who go along with him and never been seem around town because he dont have to because Delare is all he has too please. Some poeple have little problem and get him to go on them hard while his in group can get away with what they wants too. not everone has to follow rules only those he dont like.
    See how he try to rule the press, it like it all the woman faults because of her pass and hime bing boss an all. why don;t press check on some thing he done and doing and put that in news, ask around, ask about ex chief and why he leave.

  • Guest77

    This kind of behavior by Delane Jackson would not surprise me. I’ve seen the way he talks to people in Bladenboro. I’ve heard how he has treated some people in Bladenboro. Perhaps he should learn some manners and learn how to talk to others nicely. Who gave him the right to touch those women? Typical Southern male.

  • b boro

    b boro is nothing but a toilet.there police force is no different then common criminals . be carefull if you ride though it there police force will ticket for any thing. the hell with them


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