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NC House OKs making permit records confidential


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- The North Carolina House has voted to bar the public from reviewing the detailed records of concealed weapons and pistol permit holders issued in the name of safety.

The House voted 97-20 on Tuesday in favor of making confidential lists of people purchasing pistols or who received concealed weapons permits from local sheriffs and their identifying information. The information is currently a public record, meaning anyone can access them.

Bill proponents argue permit information can help potential thieves figure out who has weapons they want to steal or wish to avoid while seeking targets.

Gun rights advocates also have been angry over media outlets obtaining permit records and posting some or all of the information.

The bill now goes to the Senate, where a similar bill has been considered.

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NC is finally making huge

NC is finally making huge progress every day coming out of the stone age, just like to see it keep coming, as far as who does and who does not have the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones, I am always happy to point out any and all anti gun people and the households they live in.


It's a step in the right direction.


type of thing is exactly why the NRA was opposed to the registry in the first place! The ONLY people in the registry are law abiding citizenry who purchased their guns via legal means.

This law corrects an error! KUDOS to our legislators!


It protects known criminals as well. This was the first article that popped up on a google search: (a VERY liberal site)

"Federal law currently prohibits people with felony convictions from buying and owning guns, but a 2011 New York Times investigation revealed that thousands of felons get their gun-ownership rights restored, including those convicted of murder, manslaughter, and other violent crimes. Federal gun bans don't apply to ex-cons if states choose to restore their civil rights."

" Violent criminals may petition to get their gun rights back in states such as Ohio, Minnesota, and Virginia, and the standards judges use to restore these rights, the Times found, "are generally vague, the process often perfunctory."

For instance, under Washington's Hard Times for Armed Crimes Act, judges have no discretion to deny felons their gun rights based on mental health, character, and other factors. Analyzing data from Washington, the Times found that since 1995, more than 3,300 felons and people convicted of domestic violence have regained their gun rights in the state: "Of that number, more than 400—about 13 percent—have subsequently committed new crimes, the analysis found. More than 200 committed felonies, including murder, assault in the first and second degree, child rape and drive-by shooting."

So - if a criminal gets his gun rights back his privacy is protected as well.
That's right - even a murderer.

And in some states is automatic:
"In at least 11 states, according to the Times, nonviolent offenders automatically regain their gun-ownership rights after they finish their sentences or are not charged with new offenses for a certain time."

But this is still ongoing:
"Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers across the country are pushing felons' gun rights (while others are denying them voting rights). In January, a state representative from Colorado introduced a bill that would allow people convicted of nonviolent crimes or felonies to possess guns after release. A similar Republican-backed bill was introduced in Oklahoma a month later, but that plan was derailed when party members learned "nonviolent" offenses also include drug trafficking, child prostitution, and child pornography."

"Rights" as granted by our Constitution - are hard work.
Guesttenheimer is right that we should enforce current laws - by why?
The article above clearly indicates that getting your gun rights back - after murder - after assault - after many other felony convictions - heck even after going crazy - is easy and in some cases automatic.

"Rights" are being given back to criminals.

So they too will get their "privacy"



This a step in the right direction. It should be no ones business who has a CCW or pistol permit. Just like it shouldnt be public information who wins the lottery. Its a safety issue.

This will make it harder for

This will make it harder for libs to target good law abiding citizens. They are not going to be happy.

Excellent proposal for a

Excellent proposal for a law! Law abiding citizens should be accorded this protection of their privacy.


you want to know if your crazy neighbor has a gun permit? Aren't you glad to know that our resident county commissioner tea bagger has a concealed carry permit? It just might save a life.

Obviously, Guest Man, you

Obviously, Guest Man, you don't have a clue. First of all, those who have CCPs have been thoroughly checked need to be concerned about them, whether a tea bagger or a neighbor. Second, as a CCP holder, it really makes no difference to me who knows I carry. It would seem that criminals would tend to avoid those that are known to be armed.

In addition to your thoughts...

...the protection of privacy will prevent all of the criminals that are let out of incarceration from finding out who has weapons and where to steal them from!


What makes you think CWP applicants are thoroughly checked out?
The 11 criteria under GS 14-415.12 (b) 1-11 are easily met.


Easily met?

There's a bunch of checking that goes on. At least that's what appears to happen. They have you sign off on release of any and all medical records from anywhere. The ones involving mental health required me to specifically sign those sections of the forms.

There was facility specific releases from all the local hospitals and providers, and a whole bunch I had never heard of. I wound up looking up some of these places with tree names on the list just for curiosity.

There there's some sort of national clearinghouse for who knows what information that sends the applicant a bill. I'm sure there's real interesting stuff in my background... Tonsils out, and busted hand from falling off a bike when I was a kid. Oh yeah... a couple of bouts of kidney stones and lithotripsy, and the associated drugs for that.

Whatever they do, it takes a while. I didn't see in that list of 11 items that you're required to be an open book for all your medical history, but that IS what's required. It would appear that the current requirements and information releases for a ccw in NC should turn up anything questionable in someone's history. The purchase permit requirements, not so much.


will destroy ya!


paranoids have enemies, as the saying goes. And yes, I am paranoid about someone like our commissioner having a CCP. Would it surprise anyone that reads the paper or watches the news to find out one morning that he went postal and shot a bunch of people at a Commissioners meeting? I didn't think so. That's is why we should know; just like we have for years.

Hope for the best..

prepare for the worst Guestman......

As it should be..