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LELAND, NC (WWAY) –(Original story prior to Fennell’s resignation, see update below) — North Brunswick High School’s baseball coach has been temporarily suspended from his job.

Brunswick County Schools spokeswoman Jessica Swencki says Randy Fennell is only suspended from his head coach position and not his job as a teacher the school’s athletics director.

Swencki says the school district is investigating the incident that led to the suspension, but she would not provide any details.

Fennell last coached a game last week against Whiteville. His suspension started two days later.

Swencki says she’ll release more information as it becomes available.


UPDATE: 7pm – Randy Fennell’s resignation letter:

This year I accepted the position as athletic director at North Brunswick High
School while maintaining my coaching obligations. No doubt, I have been burning
the candle at both ends which perhaps has compromised my ability to meet the
responsibilities of both roles. Being temporarily relieved of my coaching duties
last week has given me the opportunity to really think about how at this time I
can best serve students and the North Brunswick community while I am learning
more about my new responsibilities as athletic director. What is certain is that
the conversation about my coaching responsibilities has become a distraction from
what is most important…our student athletes. For that reason I have decided to
hand the reins of the Scorpion varsity baseball program to its new head coach
Dustin Medlin. In no way was my decision based on allegations of illegal or
immoral behavior. This will give me the opportunity to focus attention on my
duties as athletic director. I ask the community to respect my decision and put
their energy and focus into supporting Coach Medlin and the baseball program.


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7 Comments on "North Brunswick HS baseball coach resigns"

2015 years 10 months ago

Its a shame that one group of parents has caused this. My understanding is a senior on the team was benched and his parents caused a fit. They rallied the other players and they refused to play for the coach during a recent game. Its a disgrace that NBHS and the Board of Education allowed these parents to get away with this. They are the ones that should be banned from all baseball activities. This is not the only incident with these parents, it has been happening since the child entered High School. I feel bad for the college that this boy attends. (The AD will know mommy and daddy very quickly)
WWAY should do a story on Parents who ruin High School sports.
Sorry this happened to you Coach.

Mike 2112
2015 years 10 months ago

I see Mommy and Daddy got their way again. Why does the board and NBHS allow this to happen. A mans job over their precious not playing, how low can you get. This is not the big leagues and never will. Why allow these parents at games.

2015 years 10 months ago

So the lesson for the kids is what? Do whatever you want and when you get called out for it, cry to your parents so they will bully the coach into quitting? The parents that caused this mess should be ashamed. Think of all the kids who will miss out on learning from this great coach because your little boy didn’t get what he wanted. Happy now?

2015 years 10 months ago

Never met this man personally but never heard a negative word about him. its pretty obvious that the majority of the varsity baseball team respect and admire him. Its a shame what one yet unproven incident can do…what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Or better yet, respect for authority? Coach, you have the support of this Scorpion parent!

2015 years 10 months ago

It is a Coach’s responsibility to make the best judgment calls including who he plays in a game and determines when a player balks the systematic role of being defiant to calls on pitching. If player and his parents get away with being argumentative and causing a Coach to be reprimanded, then it is a sad day in the sports arena. A Coach is not perfect, is human and should be respected for his choice. The venom of such parents will certainly come back for their actions. I feel sorry for the player for his parent’s actions as well for all Coaches that could be effected by other disgruntled parents actions if not pleased with a Coach decision. The great praises and success of this Coach’s record shows the integrity of this man. May God be with his family and all the Coaches out there.

2015 years 10 months ago

I have known Coach Fennel for nearly 20 years, his wife taught me in K4. He is a great christian, a phenomenal coach, and cares dearly for his athletes. I never had the pleasure to play under him but would have loved nothing more than to play at one of his schools. The article doesn’t reflect the suspension reason, but I feel confident nothing will turn up in the investigation. All the best Coach, I’m sure you’ll be back in the dugout in a few days.

Jeanne Rhein
2015 years 10 months ago

I am truly shocked and saddened by the resigniation of Coach Fennell. He has been role model as well as an inspiration to so many young people. The fact that NBHS would let this happen is appalling and embarrasing. The school has shown the stand they so clearly take. You DO NOT have to follow the rules if you or your parents yell loud and long enough or if you throw a big enough tantrum. How sad that a man such as Fennell is allowed to fall to the side while the school lets such behaviour, behaviour that should have banned them for the remainder of the year be rewarded. The statement was made “I will have your job” and he was right. SHAME ON YOU NBHS, BOARD OF EDUCATION, antone that allowed this to happen.


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