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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — It’s no secret that the United States Postal Service is struggling financially and is billions of dollars in debt. One Leland woman says she knows why after a piece of certified mail she sent to her accountant went missing.

After retiring from New York, Donna Jensen moved to the Compass Point community in Leland. Unfamiliar with the state’s tax laws she enlisted her longtime accountant up north to help her sort things out.

“Because I moved and sold the house in New York and bought the house here, lived there part of the year, here part of the year, I felt very confident that she would be able to handle the New York end, the North Carolina end, as well as the federal,” Jensen said.

Jensen says she thought the safest way to get her tax information to her accountant in New York was by purchasing a piece of certified mail at the Leland post office and sending it on its way, but where it went from there is anybody’s guess.

“I assumed a certified return receipt meant that it was tracked all the way and that I would know when it got there and that somebody would have to sign for it,” Jensen said. “I felt like it would be taken better care of along the way, but apparently not.”

Jensen contacted the Postal Service and was told her mail had been lost. She’s concerned considering how much personal information, including her Social Security Number, address and financial information Is in the packet.

“The Postal Service processed 160 billion pieces of mail last year, so one can imagine there are unusual circumstances where a mailpiece is misplaced or delayed for some reason,” Postal Service spokeswoman Monica Robb said in an e-mail to WWAY. “Although the likelihood of such an occurrence is small, we can certainly understand the angst it cause the individual whose information is contained in the mailing. Again, we apologize and will continue to work to locate the mailpiece.”

Jensen says she has learned her lesson and will no longer use the Postal Service for important documents. She said she sent another copy of her information via FedEx. It got to her accountant the next day.

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  • Guest1313

    The Leland post office has always been known for poor service.

  • Guest Reply

    I was having such an exquisite evening with friends/family/neighbors (and my cat) until I read this news story.
    My fault though…I got up from my visit…ran to the computer to check the latest important pressing news reports…then read this :-(
    I had a neighbor that this happened to once…but they retired here from Idaho.
    WWAY you went to her house in Leland for this story? Come on WWAY…we want more Berger news!!!

  • Guest28403

    dont encourage the trolls please. We’ve all had enough of Berger’s insanity even those of us with some sense who voted for the poster child for mental exams for all politicans.

  • guesty

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. They forgot about incompetence.

  • Guest1966

    I’ve had problems at the Leland post office too! I just about had to throw a tantrum before the Post Master would even concern herself with dealing with me. I said it then, I understood why some people were “going postal” on employees of the Post Office at the time. Just another Govt. Business giving it to the people, at their expense!

  • Kim Moore

    How does some lady from Leland get on the news because her certified letter hasn’t been delivered? Really?
    For half the money she spent at FedEx, she could’ve sent it overnight by the post office guaranteeing a signature and tracking from start to finish. Wish WWAY had asked her if she’d like some cheese with that whine. If it’s a slow news day, let’s feature some of our military families with kids serving overseas defending our freedom. Let’s feature a day in the life of one of the hundreds of volunteers in NHC. Let’s feature amputees who have overcome their handicap to inspire others. Let’s feature some local kids who deserve recognition.

    Delayed mail? Give me a break.

  • Guest28403

    Maybe next time you should read the article entirely before you go off half-cocked and make an asinine comment. The reality is it was the USPS who lost her letter not FEDEX as you apparently implied. She mailed it via our lovely USPS which you so apparently are enthralled with. In fact its likely had she sent it via UPS or FEDEX it might have actually arrived to its destination. On several occasions my wife and I have had issues with the USPS either losing mail we’ve sent (including our rent check to our landlord in one case) or never recieved mail that was sent to us. I find it amazing an organization so dysfunctional as the USPS even still exists other then due to its Union supporters in Congress who wont let it die or be privitized as it should be. Government has proven time and time again it is completely INCOMPETENT in running any entity which requires speed and efficiency (other then our US Military which does its best to dodge the moron paper pushers who would otherwise try to clog the wheels of the machine like they do everythingelse).

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    A while back I sent an important document to the Social Security office in Georgia, as best I remember. I mailed it in a priority envelope, signature required, tracking and all the bells and whistles. It made the trip to the destination city, but was never delivered. Of course, I called USPS and all they could tell me was that they had no idea what had happened to it. No refund was offered and my paperwork lost forever. FedEx is a much better and safer choice for anything important.

  • Guest Reply

    Look at this way…hopefully there’s been a ton of JUNK mail that’s been lost too through the mail service that you never had to shred into tiny chunks.
    A tax accountant here in North Cackalackey can handle taxes paid and money earned in 2 states at once. This lady’s best bet was to go to a reputable tax firm here locally and have them handle the situation. Isn’t that what she was doing sending her info to her New York taxidermist…or “Up North” as the reported said.
    Jeez Louise…another comedy for free!
    (Paid for by the HNR Blok folks)

  • Guest Reply

    Loved your comment to me, and was as much fun to read it as I had posting mine!
    Danke Schoen!!

  • GuestTroller

    Brian Berger can fix this.

  • Kim

    I never stated that FedEx lost her mail.

  • Guestpoison boy

    Dude, you need to read the whole article. That lady remailed her taxes thru FedEx.


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