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GREENSBORO, NC (WWAY) – He was the Brunswick County manager for the better part of a decade and he’s leaving on good terms, but Marty Lawing’s journey to Guilford County is becoming a rocky one.

After a six to three vote to approve Marty Lawing as the new Guilford County Manager at least one member of the board of commissioners is claiming race was a factor in his hiring.
“It’s obvious that it was not a fair process,” said Commissioner Carolyn Q. Coleman. “I’m not going to call anyone a racist but I had questions about it. To determine who the top three candidates would be we voted on the basis of points, but when we got to tabulating those points an African American candidate had the most points.”

The three African-American members of the Guilford County Board of commissioners all voted against the hiring of Lawing, but at least one says it wasn’t due to his qualifications.

“I was one of the three that voted against hiring Marty and my vote didn’t have anything to do with Marty,” said Commissioner Ray Trapp. “Since the process began when we first got the list of candidates and all of their qualifications Marty was number two in my book. Marty stayed number two in my book up until the vote. My vote wasn’t necessarily against Marty as much as it was for another candidate that I thought fit Guilford County better.”

Trapp says that despite the rocky start to Lawing’s tenure that he does have what it takes to successfully balance the budget shortfall that has plagued Guilford County.

“The goal is to move Guilford County forward and to keep Guilford County running smooth operations and I think with Marty we will definitely get that,” said Trapp.

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  • guest1234543

    Oh he’ll balance your books alright, on the back of taxpayers, come to Brunswick county and see what it cost you for any county service, it will break the bank to buy a piece of property and get it approved for septic and secure all their necessary permits, as long as you have unlimited taxpayer dollars flowing, he can balance the books.

  • Mr.T

    and my guess is you will find a former Brunswick County commissioner involved in this issue.

  • Guest28403

    When in fact all three essentially DID vote against him because he WAS NOT black. Im sick of the double standard that abounds. Blacks scream racism constantly but yet get away with it with impunity and nobody challenges them on it. Enough is enough. Its racism either way folks when you judge somebody based on the color of your skin be it whites descriminating against blacks or the silent issue of black against white racism that seems to go unfettered and unchallenged all over this country.

  • Robert Rules

    If the commissioners are smart they will waste no time in offering the County Manager’s job to the Chief Financial Officer Ann Hardy. She is the true mastermind behind the day to day operations. Truly the unsung hero behind the scenes. Make no mistake about it she is a bottom line Administrator who knows how to make tough decisions when needed and she will keep the County School System in check as well. Ann is highly respected not only by her colleagues but within the community as well.

    She is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly on the finance end. No red tape with Ann!


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