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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Pat McCrory has signed into a law an exemption that will keep residents in Monkey Junction from having to pay property taxes to the City of Wilmington.

The city annexed the area for a few months, before a new law last year let residents petition to stop from being forcibly annexed into a municipality. Residents voted overwhelmingly against the annexation, but it meant they technically owed property taxes for the months they were part of the city.

The bill McCrory signed, sponsored by Sen. Thom Goolsby (R-9th District), requires city’s to waive the taxes for areas that were annexed for six months or less then deannexed.

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  • Guest Reply

    “BTW – the state is getting dangerously involved in local affairs on a statewide basis”…..(Unquote)

    And it’s about time someone plants a microscope on our local leaders…other than Google Earth’s satellite telescope :-)

  • Vog46

    You seem to want to give McCrory credit for this legislation.
    This was brought about by homeowner lawsuits
    The politicians jumped on board to make it look like they fixed this problem.

    Kudos to Pat for signing it – but that’s all he gets.

    BTW – the state is getting dangerously involved in local affairs on a statewide basis……


  • Waterboy

    I love this new governor……
    Now if he could pass a bill that would relieve us of Berger..and I voted for him.

  • Wouldnt you like to know

    What the city of Wilmington should do is put up toll booths all over. If people want to use city services and take jobs pay the toll im tired of footing the bill for non city residents gee and the traffic would decrease around Wilmington.

  • guesty

    There is a federal tax on gasoline & diesel fuel so if the city gets any of that federal money for road maintenance, the county people have paid their dues.


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