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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sen. Bill Rabon filed a bill yesterday in the state legislature that would raise the speed limit on some North Carolina roads.

The bill would allow the DOT to set a maximum speed limit of 75 miles an hour on certain interstates.

“We’re trying to get people from point A to point B in a more timely fashion,” Sen. Rabon said. “Seventy-five is not unreasonable. A lot of people drive 75 already. Not that that makes it OK, but I think in the long run it might even help with enforcement.”

Rabon, a Southport Republican, is one of three primary sponsors of Senate Bill 709. The bill says the Department of Transportation will have the ability to determine on the basis of engineering and traffic that a higher maximum speed is needed.

To increase the speed limit, the bill says it has to be safe under the conditions of the interstate to do so.

Drivers we spoke with liked the idea.

“Everybody already drives 75 and above anyways, so I don’t think it will be a big deal,” driver Brian Harris said.

We reached out to the Highway Patrol for a statement, but they did not want to comment unless the bill becomes law.

We spoke with another driver who said he drives 85 already, so raising the speed limit would make what he’s doing closer to legal. He did not want to go on camera.

Rabon admits some people may think that increasing the speed limit will make drivers who already exceed it just go faster, but he disagrees with that logic.

“I think there’s a limit to how fast most drivers will go,” he said.

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  • Guest Reply

    What’s all the hype for anyway? People drive that fast down College Rd/Oleander/Shipyard/Market St./Carolina Beach Rd. (especially)…and now…River Rd.
    The list goes on and on :-(

  • longcolt

    article said, “certain interstates”. read the entire article. don’t start goose stepping with your rule book yet.

  • Vog46

    This is the tale wagging the dog.
    People say I drive 75 to 85 already – make my illegal act legal.

    On I – 40 between Wilmington and say, I – 95 I might say its safe to drive 75mph.

    We sometimes don’t know whats good for us and I fear that in this situation that’s exactly the case.

  • Guest1234567890

    The reason there is no speed limit is that the other rules are strictly enforced like the left lane is to be used for passing only. Having driven on the autobahn several times, you NEVER see someone in the left lane just driving.

  • Guest Reply

    Play this in another window: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iukUMRlaBBE

    Don’t be alarmed…the digital read out of the drivers speed on the Autobahn is in kilometers…not MPH. The reason there is no speed limit is because of the lack of Rest Stop toilets for miles on end.

  • B M

    seemed mighty convenient that Rabon would want the speed limit raised going to raleigh, but this one I agree on, interstates should be 75, they were designed for faster travel, I would like to see all roads increased by 10mph, in the whole state, one other thing rabon should sponsor is a bill in NC to get rid of “ALL” unmarked cars used in any law enforcement where the civlian is being targeted, and all law enforcement that interacts with civilians be in a full standardized unifrom that is instantly recognized! The mere presence of recognizable law enforcement does a lot to deter any lawbreakers, whether it be speeders or home break ins. It’s better to deter crime than it is to target people to generate revenue.

  • Guest4572

    Un-marked cars are a pet peeve of mine too. I consider them a form of entrapment, and a danger to public safety. Our laws should never be enforced by sneaking up on people. If you want people to slow down just put a marked cruiser on the road and see what happen every time. I feel the same about those random check points so popular these days. Clearly they are an unreasonable random search, but no one wants to be seen as supporting drunk driving. And yes I know the courts have ruled on this many times, so save it please. Yes they do take a few drunks of the road, but they really haven’t done anything to reduce accidents involving alcohol have they. And the vast majority of accidents DON’T involve drinking anyway. The automatic license plate check on Wrightsville is the last straw in what has been a creep towards a totalitarian style of government here and we need to wake up and smell the … BS

  • 75 mph is reasonable. NC’s fastest, safest, and most fuel-efficient roads carry long-distance travelers, truckers, and tourists– they deserve a higher speed limit. Unreasonable is the DANGEROUS IGNORANCE about where fatal crashes occur, which is: intersections, sharp curves, and where opposing traffic is separated only by yellow paint stripes — all problems “designed out” of interstates! North Carolina rural interstates account for less than 5% of state traffic deaths. The fatality rate of 1.07 on NC’s rural interstates is FAR FAR LOWER than other rural roads’ rates of up to 5.42 deaths per 100 million travel mile (latest federal Highway Statistics, Table FI-30).

  • SurfCityTom

    ban cell phone and other portable comunication devices such as I-pads while driving on these highways. Especially by HP and state employees using state vehicles.

    I don’t know how they do it. Drive 75+ MPH; use a cell phone; and check whatever on their I-Pad or laptop.

    Going to be a wreck one day.

  • GuestBullShit

    The Fourth Amendment has effectively been repealed. The Highway Patrol is none better than hitleryouth skinhead lookalikes who only exist to drain your wallet for the benefit of the State. If these idiots really were trained they would have found the remains of that woman in the wreck in Smithfield.

  • Guesttoo

    I’m guessing that someone had a less-than-positive interaction with the po-po?

    I’m not crazy about undercover cops either…but it’s criminals that make them necessary. They’re the ones that you should be mad at. Unless you’re a criminal, of course.


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