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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police busted a meth lab at the Travel Lodge on Market Street Tuesday afternoon. Once there, detectives learned that the hotel’s cleaning staff had cleaned a room that had some methamphetamine and the precursors associated with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Detectives arrested Nikolas Frederick. Throughout their investigation, they were able to identify several other key players in the production of methamphetamine.

The next day, the Wilmington Police Department narcotics detectives were following up on the meth investigation and arrested Timmy Carter for his involvement in the manufacturing of methamphetamine and possessing materials for making meth in the room where he had been registered the previous day at the Travel Lodge.

Later that evening, detectives arrested the remaining individuals that had been identified as being involved.

Detectives watched a vehicle discard some items consistent with manufacturing meth. Officers confirmed that there was a meth lab in the vehicle.

The driver, Dallas Thomas, and two passengers, Jeffrey Lunceford and Jordan Schofield were arrested.

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  • Guest Reply

    Sounds like…”Breaking Bad” (New Season/Episode #3)…”Jesse and Walter Vacation in Wilmington”…..

  • ohreally

    Looking forward to hear : Were the “precursers” found to be psuedoephedrine (nasal decongestents sold over the counter ) or if not, what? … Important for folks to know what’s at the root cause of this.


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