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We’re doing something a little unorthodox on the website today: We’re trying to get rid of a vintage 1970s era conference room table and chairs.

This set harkens back to the days of Studio 54, polyester leisure suits and long sideburns.

Play “Mad Men” in your basement, or pretend you’re running your own TV station.

Think of all of the great WWAY celebrities that may have sat at this table! Names like Richard Rogers, Shirley Gilbert, Gene Motley and Jerry Jackson!!

We’re asking $150 for the whole thing. You’ll need to bring a truck.

Email spickey@wwaytv3.com for more info or to buy. FCFS.

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1 Comment on "HAPPENING NOW: Retro vintage conference room table and chairs for sale"

2015 years 10 months ago

If I’m reading your ad copy right …… You’re still talking about unloading some really old and used furniture you have lying around the station. Right?

Nice try though! :-)

(By the way …. Studio 54 and your TV studio have about as much in common as a duck has to a mushroom.)


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