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SALISBURY, NC (AP) — One of the North Carolina legislators who sponsored a resolution declaring the state can make its own laws about religion without involvement from the federal government and courts is apologizing for any embarrassment to his community and state.

The proposal’s primary sponsors are Republican Reps. Harry Warren and Carl Ford of Rowan County. Warren tells the Salisbury Post the now-dead resolution was poorly written.

It declared that states are sovereign from federal oversight and could independently “make laws respecting an establishment of religion.”

Warren says he only intended to allow Rowan County officials to continue opening meetings with prayer, not to establish a state religion. The American Civil Liberties Union sued county commissioners last month, accusing the panel of violating the First Amendment by routinely praying to Jesus Christ.

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  • Guest350

    What more can you expect from Republicans. It is sad that our state has to be embarassed over and over by elected officials. Do we really want this kind of leadership in NC? Please, somebody, get us out of the dark ages.

  • taxpayer

    “Do we really want this kind of leadership in NC?”

    The current leadership beats the hell out of the fiscal mess the Democrats got us into over the past 100 years. Maybe you’re one of those who suckles at the public teat month after month and don’t want to see your benefits reduced.

  • Erlkoenig

    Were you not embarrassed by all the NC Dumbocrats breaking the law and winding up in jail?

  • C B Lewis

    All county Commissioners and City Council should open their meeting with prayer period. If this nation needs any thing it is more prayer. If you take note when we the people are in trouble,what is the first then we do is call on our Lord in prayer.God is the only one that we can trust and believe in for sure, MY HOPE AMERICA WITH BILLY GRAHAM.God change a nation by changing people. My prayer is He will change all of us. God Bless

  • Guest20013

    Phillipians 2: 10-11

    “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.

    That means the ALCU.

  • Guestomfg

    Thats what YOU believe. You cant force everyone to conform to your fairytale.

  • Das Weibstück

    Its a real shame that our elected officials have nothing better to do than shove their beliefs down our throats. Everyone in NC is NOT a christian. There are so many more things this state needs to worry about than darkage nonsense.

  • Sister Agnes

    You will find out one day the truth and you will beg for forgiveness and only wish you would have trusted God. Until then my friend…

  • ken

    When we get into trouble or screw up big time the first thing you hear someone say in the crowd is “OH MY GOD”. Even efforts to stop school prayer have failed. In classes today when kids take test or are called on by the teacher, many of them say a silent prayer and hope GOD will assist them in passing their test or will give them the correct answer.

  • Donald Smith

    The idea that morality and religious beliefs are outside the bounds of legislation is false. To intentionally legislate religion out of government is in fact the legislation of someone’s belief system. In your post, even you are in support of a belief system being legislated. So lets simply call it what it is, you want your belief that religion has no place to be the law of the land. This in fact is a move to have your beliefs legislated.

  • Das Weibstück

    Having no established religion is not a belief, it is a necessity for government to run smoothly. We are not a theocracy. Morality is a necessity but no religion is necessary to have morals.

  • Justin America

    It takes as much faith to believe there is no God as it takes to believe there is… maybe more.

  • Vog46

    I disagree.
    The GOP legislation was going to COST more money that it was worth.
    Kinda like Voter ID law – it will be challenged and he challenge will be wasted monies.
    Both parties like to spend too much.

    The fact that this legislator apologized for sponsoring this piece of feel good legislation is indicative of a guy who see’s he’s wrong and attempting to pass a bill that would cost the state dearly.
    This goes to prove my point.
    The governors excessive pay raise for appointees proves it yet again.

    Anyone who thinks the GOP is going to reign in spending needs to look again.


  • Guest Reply

    Hey Sis…did Jesus walk upon any other planet(s)…and were there more like him scattered out throughout the Universe and Solar Systems to teach their inhabitants stuff and such?
    Who invented the Vacuum of Space too, and why is there a vacuum anyway?

  • Guest-o-matic

    …allow the brainless idiots of todays world to be able to walk around without a constant headache. Glad to see it’s working for you!

    Now, since you are in such a philosphical mood, why don’t YOU tell everyone where that first hydrogen atom came from, huh? I seriously doubt you have the basic idea of the reason for that question, much less the answer.

  • Sister Agnes

    They ain’t but one Jesus and HE is the One that you will be bowing to! Bow the knee now rather than later… God created everything!

  • Guest Reply

    “Now, since you are in such a philosphical mood, why don’t YOU tell everyone where that first hydrogen atom came from” (Unquote)

    First…philosphical is spelled “philosophical”…but I knew what you meant Guest-o-matic.
    Second…I love bandying words to individuals that believe “they/themselves” here on Earth, are the “Chosen” ones…while Junior in N. Korea has his finger pointed at the button. I personally don’t think there’s any harm meant by either party myself…except for Junior in N. Korea with his finger pointed on the button…and the religious fanatics throughout the world. That difference in religious beliefs has caused the majority of Kaos on this poor little planet called Earth.

    Help me out here…is it just “your inner group” that are the Chosen Ones…or all Earthlings???
    Now…Chosen for what? And that question goes to Sis Agnes too.
    Myth’s and more myth’s about “Jesus is coming” has worn itself out to a frazzle. When will you realise your Knight in Armor ain’t comin’…but second thought…go ahead.
    Now, go ahead and throw back the standard remark my way about me going to Hell in a handbasket, because I could care less what you think or threaten my “end of life” with. It is what it is, and will be what it will be….ka sura sura :-)

    The creation of all worlds, and the endless universe you see on a starry night, is from gases/molecules/atoms/explosion’s/collisions of all of those things (and maybe some spicey foods mixed in) rotating in endless paths forever and ever…(and one more)…forever! That’s a proven fact…but a man returning from death to save us from our sins is merely a myth…and that myth is printed…but goes undated. Sounds like “Buying Time” endlessly to me.

    The fact remains…believe what you want to believe…but all man kind derived from 2 people named “Adam and Eve” has storybook land written all over it…and if it’s true about those 2…you then are related to Junior in N. Korea…so tell him to “Cool His Heels” how ’bout it…huh?

  • Guest-o-matic

    You can’t and did not address the intent of my question or the basis for it. With all of your ranting and your belief that all of this just went “poof” and happened, it shows your extreme lack of depth and foresight. Even the tiniest and most obscure forms of life are utterly amazing and beyond the explanation by even the best scientists and physicists. The larger, grand picture is awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and filled with wonderful mysteries that will never be solved by man, unless of course, where limited brain function barely allows one to exit their back door without assistance and then walk around totally devoid of the circumstances of their surroundings and basically don’t care. You seem to believe you have the “creation” all figured out, but it doesn’t impress me as you being a stellar student in the subject of particle physics. Those that DON’T know are usually well-versed in Bullsh*t as you are and continue to make baseless excuses for their lack of knowledge.

    With a “poof” you arrived and with a simple “poof” you will exit. Happy “poofing” and good luck with it!

  • Guest Reply

    What are you trying to say…Dr. O-Matic?
    Your answer to all life is entitled…….”No answer there at all” (is that for me or you?) Seems you are reluctant to say what you think your reasons are for life. You don’t have a clue…or you think it’s not worth discussing? Paint us a picture Doc.

    If your reason(s) for “all existence” are based on your religious beliefs…then spit it out and say why and how because it’s Ok…but spit into the wind if you think others are less intelligent than you if you disagree with their beliefs, (because you have yours as others have theirs).

    You never stated what your beliefs are…only that it’s “beyond the explanation by even the best scientists and physicists”, which you apparently are not. I simply believe in the Big Bang Theory that science has stated…no more…no less :-)

    You stated….”Those that DON’T know are usually well-versed in Bullsh*t as you are and continue to make baseless excuses for their lack of knowledge.” Are you referring to those scientists and physicists you mentioned too?
    Then what is your belief of how life started Doc? Really…explain this and I promise not to make fun of it.

    Your comments are the very reason I “do” make puns at folks like you that are without retrospect, because they present themselves as being an expert on the unknown…but know absolutely nothing to back it up. That is what I make fun of…so….
    Throw it our way Doc…how and why is life, as it is today, in your own words, and start from the beginning.
    This all started from me using the word…”Vacuum”! HA!!!!

    Have a nice life Doc!


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