StarNews announces digital subscriptions

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Submitted: Mon, 04/08/2013 - 12:35am
Updated: Mon, 04/08/2013 - 1:23am

From Bob Gruber

WILMINGTON, NC ( — For more than 146 years, the StarNews has been the news leader in Southeastern North Carolina. Our reporters and editors are regularly honored with state, regional and national awards for quality journalism. They are recognized for in-depth local coverage, investigative reporting and innovative approaches to bringing you the latest news, business, sports and culture. 

In fact, this past year the StarNews was honored with 32 awards from the North Carolina Press Association. We have more award-winning reporters, photographers and editors than any other local news organization.

Over the past decade, we have responded to a growing web audience. In addition to our core newspaper, we are presenting your news when and where you want it: on the web, on your phone and tablet and through our e-edition. We are now also the local leader for breaking news online and via email and text alerts. 

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13 Comments on "StarNews announces digital subscriptions"

Guest Reply
2015 years 8 months ago

I clicked on the website this morning…and an icon of a Dollar Slot appeared on my monitors screen, wanting me to insert the proper payment by cash/debit or charge.
I knew if I had tried…it would have punched a hole in my screen, so I decided “No”…I’m not ruining a $300 monitor for this! :-(
One more thing…why would they ask for my full Social Security #…my Mother’s maiden name…my first grade teachers name…and my 1st pets name as well????
Then I realized I had clicked on “Free” :-(
How many just clicked on Star News to see the icon? :-)

2015 years 8 months ago

I have been reading my news here lately:

It seems the be an extensive news array and commenting is allowed.
Right now, commenting seems to be light in volume.
This site was mentioned quite a bit as an alternative, on the Star News when they announced they were going to charge for the E-edition.
Feel free to visit….


Rick Wilson
2015 years 8 months ago

Bye Bye Star News

2015 years 8 months ago

I wouldn’t count ‘em out just yet, Rick ….

2015 years 8 months ago

Is a newspaper that is teetering on irrelevance. For me it started with Amanda Greene calling herself the “Divine Diva” as if reporting on religions somehow made her “divine”. The brashness of this title considering the subject she was reporting on was distasteful at best and arrogance at it’s worst. Thee were other reporters with the same sort of egos. Mike Voorhies(sp?) and his domestic problems while reporting on family trips with his son was also weird.
IN addition, the paper was dominated, not with news, but by advertising.
Between the egotistical reporters, the advertising, the lack of in depth reporting on local stories and the blatant support of the stadium which included limiting letters to the editor by opponents being published, and its liberal slant the Star News was hurting it’s own reputation. The sale of the paper from the NYT to Halifax was also perceived as the NYT’s ditching the Star News.
I smell desperation on the SN’s part by charging $10/mo for digital online content, while charging $13/mo for the printed version. The digital version is much less labor intensive to produce since the “news” is already written in digital form by the reporters.
WWAY and WECT would be wise to step up to the plate on their e-news websites. This is an opportunity for both entities to show who the REAL news outlets are in the city.


2015 years 8 months ago

I see one of the Star-News employees in the grocery store asking if I’d like a free newspaper. I always stop and ask…”In your opinion, is the Star-News a credible news organization with fair and balanced reporting, or are they simply a left-wing newspaper that feels big government and less personal responsibility is the answer.”

Ah…the “deer-in-the-headlight look” I get.

I quit subscribing/purchasing the Red Star News almost 10 years ago. Now that they’re going behind the pay wall…good riddance forever.

2015 years 8 months ago

So long Star News! I’ll be getting my news from WWAY and WECT. If they starting charging, then I’ll get my news from TV, which I already pay for so it won’t cost any extra.

Guest Reply
2015 years 8 months ago

Mamaluke and Momma Mia!
Star News…you folks started your own internet website…no one forced this upon your little biddy heads!
The internet used to be a format where people paid by the hour (remember those days) and then simplified to a one time monthly fee.
Now…a monthly fee for (i.e.) Time Warner’s “Roadrunner”/or whatever servers there are out there is the bottom line IMO…and with all the advertising icons smothering websites today…one step further to gouge the public is merely a “nail in the coffin” to their demise. Raise your advertisers fees. DUH!!!!!!
So run it up the flagpole Star News for a monthly internet fee…and we will be waiting to see that flag at half staff shortly after April 15th…which by the way is TAX DUE date. Any connection there Star News…or are you looking to go Chapter 7 or is it…13? HA!

Two choices for the other “2” news media agency’s here:

1. Here’s your chance WWAY/WECT, because when Tiger Woods sits out a PGA golf tournament…the lesser knowns Win!
2. Join with the Star News bean counters…and you’ll all be pulling the plug on your websites soon enough.
3. Don’t race to be the first to present a news story in (half facts) just to say “I Win”…because you will only be adding the statement: “Stay Tuned” every time.

Follow these 3 steps…and you will keep an internet audience.

The End

2015 years 8 months ago

Oh I don’t think Rick’s “counting them out” but it’s certainly losing out in the “influence game” here in town.
It used to be that people turned to the newspaper for ALL the news – national, international, local, political etc…..
Now the Star News will lose more readers than they have for their printed versions as they charge for previously free content. Those advertisers currently paying for space on the E-edition will probably start thinking twice before paying for more space.
I think this is just one more twist in the Star News death spiral.

One thing they did right was to say they were no longer endorsing candidates for office during election season.
That struck me as reasonable – especially for a liberal slanted newspaper. I thought “Hey that’s a start”.
Then they said no that won’t apply to bond referendums – they they go off the deep end promoting the baseball stadium. Liberals think government should pay for everything. Government was going to pay for the stadium so the SN was endorsing liberal views. Endorse the referendum you endorse those candidates that also favor that referendum………
That was a politically charged bond issue and the SN should have never taken a stance on it.
It’s just one of many things wrong with that paper. Their journalistic integrity went out the window on that one…….


2015 years 8 months ago

I can tell you it is because of miss management and the lack of caring for the business they have. I stopped my subscription a couple of years ago. The reason was poor delivery service and there was beginning to be more Ads than news. They had stop covering local sports and events. They were more focus on day old nation news.

After 20 years of paying for an annual subscription (in advance) I stopped. Would you believe no one called to ask why?

2015 years 8 months ago

After 20 years I quit getting the paper several years ago for the same reason. They would not deliver it randomly. I called repeatedly and they really did not seem to care, nor did they when I unsubscribed. Good riddance SN.

2015 years 8 months ago

20 years ago, I couldn’t wait to get my newspaper. Now I buy, maybe 6 or 7 a year. Like they pay telephone, the newspaper industry, keeps shrinking and shrinking.

2015 years 8 months ago

…. that the last person to leave the Star News takes the time to turn off the lights.

They were on the wrong side of the last really important referendum around here by a whopping 70%. If that’s how they care about Wilmingtonian’s, why should Wilmingtonians care about them?