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Commissioners vote to begin process to remove Berger from office


By Ashley Withers

WILMINGTON, NC ( -- "I'm not crazy" – New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger's outraged declaration Monday night set the tone for a lengthy board discussion that ended with a formal move toward Berger's removal from elected office.

The board of commissioners asked county staff to begin the amotion process – a North Carolina common law that deals with a private corporation removing an officer because he was unfit – after questioning Berger about his reasons for believing the county is guilty of wrongdoing toward him.

The discussion started during the public comments section when New Hanover County resident Ricky Meeks used his three-minute comment to ask Berger to take a leave of absence so the board could "get on with the people’s business."

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Ricky Meeks is talking.....

Ricky Meeks is highly intelligent. I've seen him, in person, talking with perfect English, very fast, well-educated, clever, and articulate. I read his FaceBook page. And he tries to come across as a 3rd grader.

When he pretends to be a slow talking "Forrest Gump", he isn't fooling me, or anyone else.

Dumb question

Are Bergers psychological problems protected under the HIPPA laws?
If so we may never know what they are.

Any medical folks here?


HIPPA regulations

yes they are and will never be made public, unless HE releases them. He clearly has a mood disorder that begs for treatment. we are not doing the right thing as a society. He needs help very badly but cannot understand or process that because he believes everyone else is wrong-and likely has VERY convincing arguments why he is right . These individuals tend to be VERY bright.

OK Mr. Berger

You don't have to comment for yourself on every potentially negative post

Reading down thru the

Reading down thru the comments here it's easy to see you left wingers don't really believe in the democratic system yaw pretend to, when a man is elected and he doesn't fit the mold you want him to, or vote the way you want him to, or even acts the way you want him to, you throw him in the fire, well that's not gonna float in this case, hopefully it will backfire in the powers to be faces and next election cycle there will be more down to earth people put on that board of commissioners, people that are more in touch with the normal person just trying to pay the light bill, or car payment or rent, and still have enough left at the end of the week to take there kids out for a hamburger, it sure is refreshing every once in a while to see a "normal" person with normal every day struggles slip thru the cracks and end up in politics!

B M, would you be good

B M, would you be good enough to say which of the votes to censure Brian on the County Commission were made by "left wingers"??

Start from the beginning WWAY....

...and list all the allegations Burger has on everyone, down to a hamburger paid for with taxpayer dollars by someone that shouldn't have.
There will be your novel for the year :-)

NHC & Wilmington love the controversy!!

NHC & Wilmington subconsciously LOVE the controversy. Look at how long it took to get Katherine Moore out of here!! The people even re-elected her once more after her tirades. ...of course, Mr. Berger doesn't have the privilege of throwing out that race card.
Unfortunately, I'd rather have Berger in there than most of the other options that are there. If I was a betting man, I'd say he'll even get re-elected, just to keep our meetings interesting. Like I said, the people here subconsciously love the controversy:)

This is ridiculous. Thomas

This is ridiculous. Thomas Wolfe got 3 votes and he has the right to comment as an elected official? Woody White just wants to hand pick another commissioner. More money for his law firm, Dawson's engineering firm, the incinerator, and Titan

What are you babbling about?

the process is out of their hands now that they have authorized the amotion process.

Oh Good Christ

I just listened to this guy's rambling, and beyond a shadow of a doubt he is not well. Anyone who listens to that would have to draw that same conclusion if they have any brains in their head. And yes, I think he could well be a danger to himself and others if left untreated. His speech pattern, thought process, facial expression, all are straight out of the DSM pertaining to several psychological disorders.

Forget getting him off the Board of Commissioners.... get him committed and off the street.

Berger isn't a push over

The really problem here is that Berger isn't a pushover “Yes Man”. The other members can't stand that. Remember he was voted in by the people and I think the people should be the ones to vote him out. Is council going to try to start removing everyone that is elected that doesn't agree with them? That is why we vote.

Berger hold your grounds.


Have you watched the video of the two meetings that are linked below?

Also - you do realize that when Berger is actually present for a vote (he was 75 minutes late for the January 22nd meeting) he almost always votes with the majority of other Commissioners?

Let's get on with the county's business.

I watched the video of April 8th's meeting. It was truly disturbing. Those who say people other than Berger are the ones who’re creating the problem are also not dealing with reality. Look at the video yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Concerning the attempt to remove him: It would probably be an effort in futility. The law seems more than a little weak on this issue; it would take a long time and would be a prohibitive expense that NHC residents would wind up having to pay for. Even a censure would be a waste of NHC time. He's essentially already been censured by everyone in NHC except for a few nut cases.

Wait him out. Isolate him from government responsibilities. Institute strict controls on his ability to interact with NHC employees or to consume NHC time and treasure in any way. Ignore him.

A four person board with Berger simply sitting in a fifth chair and being essentially ignored when he even bothers to show up at all, is a much better arrangement than what we have now. When his term expires he'll have to leave the area if just to seek employment because no one in their right mind around here would even consider hiring him.

Let's get on with the county's business.

Set to and Set up

I agree Berger can be ignored.
Why go through all this "who shot John".

What grabbed my attention was the way, in the 4/8 meeting, that Berger was laughably set up by the other Commissioners. From the way the rookie Wolfe initially blasted him, to the inelegant Dawson having the motion in hand, prepared in advance,the scene was scripted. I also enjoyed the playground-like sparring of White and Berger. A shaggy dog joke.

I particularly enjoyed the spineless future Congressional candidate, Barfield, excusing himself from this meeting, so the stink of it will not stick to him if it all goes bad.

All very entertaining and pointless. Just ignore this teabagging clown for another year and a half. Then...Buh Bye Berger.


Nicely said..........


video evidence

I posted this below, pasting it again up top.

If you want to see how Berger acts when he gets caught in a lie, watch some of the June 18, 2012 Commissioners meeting when they addressed Brian's travel habits. He gets caught twice making accusations with nothing to back it up. Claims other commissioners buy golf clubs, charter private flights, and stay at $400/night hotels. When asked to whom he is referring, Brian just starts talking in circles and/or denying he'd just made the allegations.

select "Items 18 & 19" the 7:10 mark and the 13:40 mark

and last night's meeting too

watching it now
"Public Comments" section

Berger claims to have been bullied and treated wrong by fellow board-members and staff. At 12:40 - Woody asks him to please provide specific examples of when he was wronged, and Berger claims this meeting isn't the right time or place to share the specific examples... Woody presses for specific instances, that in front of the voters at a public meeting is the perfect time to share about incidents of being wronged... and Berger just flounders and speaks in generalities AGAIN. Then he finally says that some combination of former Commissioners Catlin, Thompson, and Davis violated the Americans with Disabilities Act somehow with regards to Berger, but still doesn't say exactly what.

Then in "Items 18 & 19"
Props to Thomas Wolfe for really giving it to Berger starting around 5:20.

Seriously, how can anyone back this guy? His supporters sound like the Iraqi Information Minister.

a true man of the people

brian burger is about the only guy up there who isn't a crook, he should vote to have all of them other bully's and crooks to get kicked off of there so they quit stirring up trouble for him constantly, the only reason they're after him is b/c he's not a libber democrat like the rest of them, they should impeach the rest of them crooks in jail for about 20 years for egregious behaviour by a public official, they're all nutcases who should need to go to dorthea dix and after all this brian burger should get out of this dump and run for governor!

Please don't...



You're absolutely right!

Well, at least when it came to spelling "egregious" correctly.

Considering the fact that the rest of your post had more spelling and grammar mistakes and more nutty ideas than you'd find in a fourth grader's essay on existentialism, I was quite surprised. Did you buy the word from someone?

You're were also right in suggesting that Berger should run for governor. He could be the first Governor ever from the great State of Confusion. You should consider running with him as Lieutenant Governor. I can already see the campaign posters: "Berger & Burgerboy .....Perfect Together" Now that's truth in advertising!

English, please?

I hate to be nit-picky, but I think I might be more willing to give the comment above a fair chance if I could read it without my brain melting. There is this special key on the keyboard labeled "Shift" that can help you capitalize letters, if needed. In fact, there are TWO of them. How convenient!

Another helpful feature of keyboards enables the user to incorporate punctuation into their paragraphs, thereby creating a simple structure of communication that most people refer to as a "sentence."

I think that is a good place to start, and then we can work on the correct way to spell words in the singular and plural form.

I see there is no need for instruction on how to use the thesaurus, however you should know that there are two definitions of the word "egregious." You should specify whether you mean to say that their behavior is "shockingly bad" or "remarkably good." That makes a difference.

One last tidbit of information for you (for future reference): the Dorothea Dix Hospital is no longer accepting patients. It closed last August. The only nutcases you'll find there would most likely be of the ghost-hunter sort.

Where's the manifesto?

I'd like to read it. I think that would give some idea what Mr. Berger's state of mind is. He actions do seem to be purposefully counter productive to the process of running county business.


Berger's Income

I have read that Berger has no real income. If so, who is supporting him financially?

Does he own a home? Is he renting an apartment?

I would imagine he is in desperate financial straits. On one level I feel sorry for the man. On another level, I find him most irritating.

Anyway, it would be interesting to know which of his political supporters are also his financial supporters.

Berger's term

Expires in Dec of 2014 - next year.
he's up for re-election in the Nov 2014 ballot.
If this drags on a year, as I suspect it will through court challenges we will have funded tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars so that we could remove Berger for what 3 or 4 months?

They waited far too long to do this. Barfield should have started it.
Next year White will be explaining to voters why he waited and why it cost so much.
I'm sorry but this seems blatantly political and fiscally irresponsible.
Berger never had my vote.
Neither White nor Dawson will get mine next time around


And, if I read correctly

the county would be unable to use the County attorney for this. They would have to hire another lawyer to pursue.


Where is the info on this if you don't mind sharing?


Read it

in the star news. Something about Berger being a Board Member and there is some restriction which prevents the use of the County's attorney against one of the Board Members. Now the question is who will pay for this hiring?

From Port City Daily

Woody WhiteReply
April 9, 2013 at 8:59 pm
Folks- some facts: today, the NC state bar approved the county attorney proceeding instead of retaining outside counsel. Which means it is not costing the taxpayers anything for the process. Who knows how much it is costing us to deal with a mentally unstable person on a daily basis, not to mention the lack of businesses we may be chasing away. When the citizens see the facts that will be in the pleadings, everyone will have an open and unobstructed view of what is happening behind the scenes, and how unstable he really is.

Now I don't know if this is REALLY Woody White.
I just found this odd