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Commissioners vote to begin process to remove Berger from office


By Ashley Withers

WILMINGTON, NC ( -- "I'm not crazy" – New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger's outraged declaration Monday night set the tone for a lengthy board discussion that ended with a formal move toward Berger's removal from elected office.

The board of commissioners asked county staff to begin the amotion process – a North Carolina common law that deals with a private corporation removing an officer because he was unfit – after questioning Berger about his reasons for believing the county is guilty of wrongdoing toward him.

The discussion started during the public comments section when New Hanover County resident Ricky Meeks used his three-minute comment to ask Berger to take a leave of absence so the board could "get on with the people’s business."

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My response

To Mr White:(Taken from Port City Daily)

April 11, 2013 at 8:15 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Mr White- if thats who you really are:
How can you disclose Mr Berger’s psychological problems? Are they NOT covered by the HIPPA laws which protects HIS privacy?
Second, please reference a written statement by the state AG’s office indicating you can use county attorneys for this debacle.
Third – please don’t insult our intelligence by saying “it won’t cost us anything”. The County attorney had NOT planned on this legal proceeding in his budget and this will take away from other duties.
Please keep a log of all cost associated with the removal of Brian Berger from Office and report back to us with a total cost of this removal.
YOU sir have a fiduciary responsibility to the county as does Brian. YOU as Chair will have to tell us how much this cost.
WE pay your salary and Brian’s. We elected both of you to the positions you hold. You are going AGAINST the wishes of the electorate by removing Berger from office – that is OUR job. WE make mistakes by electing officials that don’t do a good job.
If you fail to keep detailed records of costs for this political grandstanding then we’ll correct one of the two mistakes when YOU are up for re-election.


there will be additional expenses involved regardless of who represents the County. There's the time charge; which is for a service over and above the normal activities of the County Attorney. Extra time means extra costs; if nothing else there could be overtime for the paralegals who will be preparing documents.

And for what? To get him out of office a few months before the 2014 election?

Have to agree with you Vog

not certain who would fund him; but the county would lay out thousands to have him removed just a few months prior to the election and primary.

Better to sit him in a corner like a court clown; pay him his monthly stipend; and bid him a quick farewell after the election.


Imagine the time & money he would save us if only had the sense to resign. Can't believe he cares at all about taxpayers when even most of those who voted for him are begging him to step down.


Apparently you did not get the memo.
No politician is worried about being responsible with taxpayer dollars.
Not Berger, not White, not McCrory, Burr, Hagan, McIntyre or even the President.
It's all about keeping their jobs and their power.
It's all about re-election.


Dopey Comments

Now if only WWAY could remove the dopes on this webpage who still think Berger hasn't done wrong.

Speaking of "Dopey comments...".

You just did a fine job of making one yourself! I don't see anyone saying Berger hasn't done anything wrong. Rules are rules. Berger was elected and he's going to serve out his term. There is no available "legal" avenue to get Berger out of office. All of the chin-music by the commish's and all of the whiners on this blog aren't going to make any difference. It is what it is.

This is actually starting to get funny! Berger isn't capable of hurting a fly, yet the commish's seem to have yellow liquid filling up their shoes and speak in panic mode every time Bergers name comes up. What a riot!!!

Let the amotion begin

he is far from being removed from office.

They are grasping at straws

The NHC Board of Supervisors isnt a 'Private Corporation" the law doesnt apply here and any attempt to do so would be an illegal act on the part of the commission unfortunately. I voted for Berger and wish I hadnt now but that doesnt change the reality of the law in this case nor the lack of any constitutional grounds to be able to remove Berger. Unless he makes himself ineligible to hold office by comitting a felony or another disqualifying act he isnt going anywhere because the lawmakers in Raleigh are too gutless to finally bring a recall provision into the election process to be able to remove people from office for reasons other then criminal acts. Sorry but mental instability isnt a disqualification for office ya'll. But try again.. Yes he needs to go but the failure to have the backbone to bring about change properly is only liable to lead to serious legal bills for the county and fattening Mr Goolsby's wallet further when Berger sues and rightfully wins the case against the county by trying to illegally remove him from office.

Woody White is a Bully/Drama Queen

Berger might be a fruitcake but he won the election. Let the people speak on election day. Because Berger does not play footsie with other commissioners and does not talk, walk, waddle, and quack to the organ grinder, he is an easy target for trashy publicity drama queens and bullies like Woody White and Beth Dawson. They are bullying Berger as a publicity stunt. It is a slippery slope indeed.

The people had the good sense to vote Woody ("Crazy/Power Hungry/Sleazy") White out of the NC Senate and stop Beth ("public payroll") Dawson in her race for the NC House. Subsequently, White and Dawson have proven that they will do anything and say anything and "prostitute" themselves to anyone to get their names in the news.

Bullies, like Woody White and Beth Dawson, are much more dangerous than Berger.

If you don't like Berger, vote him out of office. However, stop wasting taxpayer money and being bullies and drama queens.

Meanwhile, look into Woody White's campaign finances for all elections and into who hires White's law firm while he feeds at the public trough. Look into Dawson's business ties and the "new" business her husband has obtained to curry influence with Dawson. It is a shame.

Coincidence? I think not.

By some odd "coincidence" this post is amazingly similar in content to the post of Guest 1234543's post down the page. A few new add-ons, like this is a "publicity stunt", to dumb it down even more, but essentially the same post. Coincidence? I think not.

It was stupid the first time. To post the same stuff twice demonstrates a slippage on your grippage of reality. No wonder you're defending him.

Does Brian Berger have

Does Brian Berger have family or friends? It seems like he really needs some help. He had the perfect forum tonight when asked to state examples of people bullying him and to talk about the injustices he says the county committed against him, he could not and would not because they don't exist. Listening to him makes you realize he is having problems getting his thoughts together, I sincerely hope that something or someone helps this man before something bad happens. Maybe someone can help him find the man that he used to be, the man that people voted for.

Brian please take some time off and/or resign, its past time, and you are truly taking away from county business.

I guess Mr. Berger knows

I guess Mr. Berger knows something they do not want the citizens to know so bullying him didn't work and now they are trying to make us afraid of him.

Not true...

If Berger had something on the board he would be screaming the details of it all over the place. But because he doesn't, he just uses the same old tired line "I can't say right now". Thinking he's holding something back just doesn't make sense seeing he was willing to pass out papers with nothing but rambling thoughts and not one which had enough details to even justifying a second look. Stop with the conspiracy theories, he is just unbalanced and needs help. Heck he still see Caster as a boggie man and he left the state years ago!

Interesting, so a group of

Interesting, so a group of commissioners decide that they don't like a duly elected commissioner because he doesn't exactly look they way they want him too, or sound the way they want him to, or doesn't fall in line and quack the way they want him to, so they are willing to go against the people's will and over run him, sounds like a very slippery slope they are starting down, and a dangerous path for the taxpayers of "new hanover county"

Brian, is that you?

I think guest 1234543 is Brian Berger. This sounds just like something he would say.


They want him to look professional, sound professional, and stay out of trouble with the law. I think that is fair for board members and citizens

No, they are finally doing something about this idiot!

If you have any doubt, go to the New Hanover County web site and watch last night's meeting from the public comment segment. You can see this lunatic in action!
The real question is why is it taking so long to take action to get rid of this colossal mistake?


Is you sick? This is the people's will!

Is this your first time

Is this your first time reading about this clown? Do a little research then come comment.


Way way more to it than that. I honestly wonder how many of the supporters of berger have really seen him in action If you want to see how Berger acts when he gets caught in a lie, watch some of the June 18, 2012 Commissioners meeting when they addressed Brian's travel habits. He gets caught twice making accusations with nothing to back it up. Claims other commissioners buy golf clubs, charter private flights, and stay at $400/night hotels. When asked to whom he is referring, Brian just starts talking in circles and/or denying he'd just made the allegations.

select "Items 18 & 19" the 7:10 mark and the 13:40 mark

Too long in coming

Oohh Please! Really? These steps should have been taken a long time ago. This guy is ineffective, irresponsible, incompetent and is the laughing stock of the county and surrounding areas. Even people who voted for him have expressed their support for removing him in this very forum many times over in the past year or so. We don't need circus clowns running our county. It's apparent to even the casual observer that this guys has some serious 'issues' that prevent him from being an effective member of the county commission.

reply to "interesting, so a group of......

It's people like you that vote for clowns like him. that's why city, states and the nation is in so much trouble. you do not use the brain that God gave you. he has been a shameful human being to wilmington and north carolina. he needs treatment.

I don't like Berger and want

I don't like Berger and want him gone also, but agree with the prior comment. This is not right. Unless he committed a crime of office it is the voters to decide if he stays or goes should he decide to run again.

Don'tcloud the discussion

It has nothing to do with the way he talks, the way he looks, or whether or not he agrees with other commissioners. It has everything to do with his actions and level (or lack) of responsibility.

- Misses meetings
- Arrives late to meetings
- Drives under the influence (breaks the law)
- Drives without a license (breaks the law)
- Mentally unstable (Police called to his residence for attempted suicide and under either the influence of drugs or alcohol according to police.)
- restraining orders against him

etc etc etc

Don't try to make it out that he is pure and that everyone is a bully. It has nothing to do with looks, sound, or ideology. It has to do with character.


He's fighting the DWI so thats alleged until proven he was guilty.
Mentally unstable? Not so, He would have been held after the suicide attempt. Only a judge can make that determination after evaluation by medical personnel.

Yep he misses meetings is driving without a license and has a restraining order against him.

Please show me in black and white the criteria for removing him from office?
We hare trying to hold him (or measure him against) to a standard that does not exist.
Create the standard. Give us the legal reasons why a commissioner could be removed from office.
Then have this county commission vote on it and make it law.

Good luck with that.......



The so called attempted suicide had to be fake, otherwise, by law, they could not have released him the following day. But, yes he is unstable, with obvious mental health issues. However, often when someone in his state of mind is publicly humiliated, they strike back in a violent way. That is my main concern, as i don't want to see Wilmington on the national news being another shooting incident.

If it's not already too late .....

...... this would be a good time for you to attempt to grow a brain.

Not sure where you've been in the last year but I suspect it hasn't been anywhere around here. The people's will has changed. Repeat; the people's will has changed! No one, probably not even Berger, knew he would fall apart like he did. Regardless of that, he did. The people's business of NHC is more important than keeping someone on for all the wrong reasons if he's no longer capable of providing the elected service we elected him to provide.

To keep him on based solely on "principle" goes against every principle of common sense, much less good government.


Hey Brian, isn't it a little early for you? I thought you usually rant in the middle of the night. Please take a break from this and get some help.


Finally the commissioners got a back bone! I am thrilled at the idea this clown may be on his way out.