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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The world is remembering a powerful leader today. Arguably the most influential female leader of the 20th century died of a stroke.

Margaret Thatcher, England’s first woman prime minister, paved the way for many female politicians today.

One local expert, though, says gender had very little to do with Thatcher’s position of power.

Yes, she shared the international stage in the 1980s with male counterparts Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, but her creative ideas and ambition is what got her votes.

She led the effort for the Conservative Party in Great Britain to privatize publicly-held industries, and she shifted the balance significantly on the side of capitalist economy.

“For her, her gender was not part of the reason for her political success,” UNCW political science professor Jennifer Hurran said. “It was her ideas and how hard she worked. She based a lot of her policy and leadership in the United Kingdom on those ideals.”

Dr. Hurran said Thatcher knew where she stood, and she moved her government in that direction.

Hurran says young women in the UK and around the world have a woman to look up to in Thatcher. She also says the “Iron Lady” proved to men that women are just as capable and creative.

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  • Erlkoenig

    God bless you Margaret Thatcher.

  • Guest CB One

    She was a true “statesman.” Nothing like the empty suit idiots in
    charge of our country now. God help us. Obama has us swirling
    around the bowl, we just have not gone completely down the drain.

  • Vog46

    Gotta love Margaret Thatcher.
    maintained a 60% tax rate on upper incomes in Britain.

    And was a staunch supporter of the national health care system in Britain as well.

    30% unionized workers in the government sector 12% unionized in the private sector.
    yeah we need a Thatcher here.



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