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ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — A second stolen gun in a week has been taken off of Elizabethtown’s streets.

Police, investigating a suspicious person report Saturday, arrested Carl Reaves, 24, after they say they found a gun on him.

Investigators learned the gun is a personal gun of a Bladen County Sheriff’s deputy and was reported stolen last November.

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  1. RSimmons

    An LEO’s unsecured weapon gets stolen and nothing happens to him? Is this what the NRA calls a “responsible gun owner”?

  2. Guest2769

    How do you determine it was “unsecured”? The story reads that he reported the gun stolen. It could have been locked in a safe in his home that was burglarized. That would be like someone asking why nothing happened to you if someone stole your car and ran someone over. How is he responsible?
    What does the NRA have to do with it? Any small thread to connect one thing to another to rant for your cause. How about being a responsible poster and gathering some facts to support your opinion.

  3. Truth Seeker

    1. This is a “personal” gun of the deputy. Not his duty weapon.
    2. Where in this article does it indicate that it wasn’t secured? You do realize that “secured” guns get stolen too right?
    3. What is your idea of “secured” anyway? Is a locked car or box secured?

    People like you are always looking for a way to blame the cops. This article is about a bad guy going to jail… stop trying to turn it around.

  4. Guest564

    There were no details given about how his personal property – it happened to be a gun – was STOLEN. As long as it was on his property – probably was, as it was his personal firearm according to he story – the only responsibility he had was to ensure that a minor had no access to it if it was in a condition that it could be discharged (loaded, not locked, etc). Nothing in this story suggests that a minor was involved.

    In fact, now that Mr. repeat offender here is being charged with a couple of felonies, maybe he’ll be off the street for a while.

    So, given your logic, if someone breaks into your house, steals your keys and your car, and mows someone down with it, you are responsible for that?

    It was stolen from him (assuming it was a male deputy), and he reported the theft. Hopefully he’ll get his property back.

  5. readb4youcomment

    it was his personal firearm not his job issued firearm why should he be punished for something that he had no control over? Im just saying..

    it would have been different if it had of been his job issued firearm.

  6. SurfCityTom

    was stolen and reported as such.

    Why take his job from him? Would the same standard apply if he had a not at fault accident in his personal vehicle?

  7. Guest-o-matic

    The gun owner had reported the gun as stolen, exactly what he should’ve done. Nobody ever said the weapon was ever “unsecured” and nobody has the right to steal other peoples property! So instead of asking a stupid question like, “Why does this Deputy still have a job?”, attempt to be somewhat productive by asking, “What will the judges and DA’s do to this criminal for stealing this officers weapon from his home?”

    In case you weren’t perceptive enough to notice, the thief already has a criminal record and will have a bigger one now provided the judges do their job. It is people like Reaves here that are the basis for gun-related violence, but they continue to walk freely among us.

  8. Patricia

    Why do people think that just bc they have the worst job and most dangerous job that bc some thief came along and stole his gun that he shouldnt have a job!! Stupidity!! Maybe your gun will be stolen and maybe they will take your job!! They are humans just protecting your smart ___ !!

  9. Guestr2d2

    After reading some of the comments sent in to this page, I’m a big proponent for breeding back grounds. If your as stupid as some of these people leaving these comments you should not be allowed to breed. Its time to take a look at controlling the IQ level of people having kids. If this is the kind of idiots voting, raising kids, or for the love of God responsible for some one else, stop think your a retard don’t make anymore retards.

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