Death penalty sought in killing of CFCC student

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Submitted: Tue, 04/09/2013 - 7:33pm
Updated: Wed, 04/10/2013 - 12:02pm

By F.T. Norton

WILMINGTON, NC ( — The death penalty will be sought against one of four people charged in the Dec. 13 shooting death of a Cape Fear Community College student in downtown Wilmington.

During a hearing before Judge Jay D. Hockenberry in New Hanover County Court on Tuesday, Assistant District Attorneys Barrett Temple and Connie Jordan announced the state will seek the death penalty if Quintel Grady, 22, is convicted of murder in the shooting and robbery of Joshua Proutey, the 19-year-old Clayton teen who was attending Cape Fear Community College. “It’s not gonna change anything. You can kill those people 10 times over and it’s not going to do anything for me,” Proutey’s mother Patty said by phone from her home in New York. “It’s still like a bad dream.”

According to Wilmington police, Proutey was carrying a sub sandwich and had just gotten off work at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center at Orange and Second streets about 10 p.m. Dec. 13 when Grady; Christopher Cromartie, 23; and Daniel Henry, 17, confronted him in the parking lot.

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  • unknown user says:

    Find the murder weapon….if this was a white person who killed a black person then he would be home with his family like nothing ever happened…

  • Guestwth says:

    if you truly believe that if a white man shot and killed a black man and would get off scot free you are the worlds biggest idiot.

    stop watching documentaries about racism back in the day, its over, move on.

    in your mind, there are no individual personalities its just your white or black, good grief!!!

  • Guest 13131 says:

    for their life…

  • Micheal Smith says:

    Grew up with this guy…wasn’t rabid dog back then.
    Just a young kid mis-guided…years of politics hasn’t helped.
    Niether has all the reporting in the area.
    what will it take for people to change, I hate to see this and hope better for all of us.

  • Common Sense says:

    These guys are nothing but thugs and deserve the death penalty.

  • Guest111 says:

    You have to find them guilty first. . and I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • 357sig says:

    All of them, and should be put down.

  • Native American says:

    He and his fellow thugs admitted looking for white people to rob. If this were reversed and some white guys said they were looking for blacks to rob, it would be national news with the race baiters swarming Wilmington along with all the media.

  • Guest1234543 says:

    by there own admission that were on a mission that night, all 4 of them deserve the death penalty, if not they will prey on society and innocent people the rest of their lives, no matter how short that may be.

  • Guestreader says:

    They’ll all be out in no time… and GOD HELP US ALL!

  • Michelle Harris says:

    The smerk on this loser’s face makes me sick. He took someone’s son, friend and my daughter’s first love. God willing, he will pay the ultimate price and spend eternity in HELL.

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