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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A bipartisan public school safety bill hailed by its sponsors as among the most comprehensive in the nation is getting its first review by North Carolina House members.

The House Education Committee scheduled debate Tuesday on a measure that would set aside tens of millions of dollars to help school districts hire more school police officers, counselors and psychologists. Other money would allow districts to install in every classroom panic alarms to alert authorities to trouble.

The measure doesn’t seek to change state gun laws in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting in December. It does require more routine crisis planning exercises and directs districts to review school safety plans.

Gov. Pat McCrory wants the legislature to provide more funds for a new school safety center.

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  • Guest350

    Typical government logic. Spend thousands or millions to solve a problem that would cost little or nothing. Just what we need, more counselors and psychologists. How are they going to help in a tight situation? We need armed teachers and school employees who have been trained and are proficient with a firearm. Send the teachers who would feel comfortable with a firearm to an extensive training course and our schools will be safer at a fraction of the cost.

  • Vog46

    Teachers are not law enforcement and schools are not armed camps.
    LEO’s in each school performing other duties when school is not in session.
    We need arrest authority in schools. An armed teacher cannot arrest. Violence is not necessarily gun related as witnessed yesterday in Texas. In elementary middle and high schools I want kids protected by someone with legal authority.



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