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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Mopeds are a popular and efficient way for many drivers to get from point A to point B. But a proposed bill in the North Carolina House of Representatives could reduce the number of moped drivers on the streets.

Michael Gary Clark, the owner of Madd Mike’s Scooter and Cycle says that in the average month he sells between 10 and 25 scooters, a proposal that would now require every moped owner to have a driver license has Madd Mike all revved up, because it could keep some of these scooters parked in his lot.

“I think everybody should be responsible for their own actions whether you buy a bicycle or a skateboard or whatever,” Clark said. “I really think that they just can’t demand it all of a sudden and just and take everybody as a group and make them pay.”

Rep. Phil Shepard of Jacksonville says he understands many people depend on scooters as a primary mode of transportation, but he feels they need to follow the same rules of the road as everybody else.

Currently anyone over the age of 16 can drive a moped, but Shepard wants them to pay for license and registration as well as insurance.

Local law enforcement says they’re all for it.

“Should they carry insurance? It seems like the right thing to do, but I don’t make the law,” Sgt. Mike Donelson of the Wilmington Police Department’s Traffic Unit said. “Should they be registered? Right now mopeds don’t have to have any registration therefore they don’t have any tags on the back on them to identify who is riding the moped or who should be riding the moped that would be another thing that would be nice if that were the case but it isn’t right now.”

Sgt. Donelson says by registering mopeds it could also assist investigators in tracking stolen scooters.

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  • damien


    The term “travel” is a significant term and is defined as:
    “The term `travel’ and `traveler’ are usually construed in their broad and general sense…so as to include all those who rightfully use the highways viatically (when being reimbursed for expenses) and who have occasion to pass over them for the purpose of business, convenience, or pleasure.” [emphasis added] 25 Am.Jur. (1st) Highways, Sect.427, p.717.

    “Traveler — One who passes from place to place, whether for pleasure, instruction, business, or health.” Locket vs. State, 47 Ala. 45; Bovier’s Law Dictionary, 1914 ed., p. 3309.

    “Travel — To journey or to pass through or over; as a country district, road, etc. To go from one place to another, whether on foot, or horseback, or in any conveyance as a train, an automobile, carriage, ship, or aircraft; Make a journey.” Century Dictionary, p.2034.

    Therefore, the term “travel” or “traveler” refers to one who uses a conveyance to go from one place to another, and included all those who use the highways as a matter of Right.

    Notice that in all these definitions the phrase “for hire” never occurs. This term “travel” or “traveler” implies, by definition, one who uses the road as a means to move from one place to another.

    Therefore, one who uses the road in the ordinary course of life and business for the purpose of travel and transportation is a traveler. http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/driver_licensing.htm

  • Glen

    it’s got to have a title to be insured. Now the lawmakers have to go back to the drawing board to get a title for these 50cc scooters because the biggest part of them only have a bill of sale. So NC will be the only state that has 50cc scooters with a title. I don’t think the manufactors will confirm. Just register it and have a moped tag. How many thousands are on the road that don’t even have a bill of sale but they can stop that just by registering it and putting it in the DMV’s data base but they want to hurt the vendors who sell them too. There is statue’s against that.

  • Carphobic

    The whole point of getting a moped to me is that you don’t need a license. In getting a Motorcycle you have to first have a driver’s license and then get a motorcycle endorsement but with a moped you don’t need any license. It makes it easier for those who aren’t good at driving cars to still get around. It is possible not to be able to drive a car but to be able to drive a two wheel vehicle I should know I’ve driven a motorcycle, a scooter and a moped but I’m not good at driving cars. The only reason I can get anywhere is because I have a moped that doesn’t require me having a license now for insurance sure I think everyone should have insurance and registration but a license no thank you.

  • John R

    I plan to retire in eastern NC and like the policy of defining some category of light mobility for very inexpensive transport. The wear and tear on the road is minimal and covered by gas tax. Individual insurance for vehicles that small would be disproportionately administrative expense. I would propose a license so anyone stopped for a violation would have a valid i.d. to present and it would count negatively against that individual. Figure the historic risk of liability posed by mopeds and spread that risk over the drivers as part of the license fee. An individuals fee would be a base cost of say $50 and require passing a basic road rules computer test. The renewal fee could go up steeply if negative points or an accident are on your record. Enforce the rules for speed etc. First offense gets a fine, second offense within a couple years or no i.d. license gets your bike impounded. That should give incentive to drive safely and follow the rules while providing a fund for the liability claims from denting a car or hitting a pedestrian. The idea of pooling risk in a government fund is sort of like some of the hurricane or flood programs for homeowners. Currently I drive a full size motorcycle but can remember being young poor and mobility limited.

  • William

    So your for the state going into the vehicle insurance business?

  • William

    Mopeds use less gas and produce less emissions than car’s and truck’s do.

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