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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina House Republicans have filed legislation granting driving privileges to undocumented immigrants while adding new enforcement measures, including a provision allowing law enforcement officers to check immigration status during stops or arrests if they reasonably suspect a person is living in the country illegally.

The bill filed Wednesday by four Republican lawmakers would establish restricted one-year permits, along with a measure that authorizes law enforcement to detain those suspected of living in the country illegally for up to 24 hours to check their immigration status.

Rep. Harry Warren of Salisbury, a primary sponsor, told the Associated Press the bill is intended to promote public safety in a fair and balanced way.

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  • verne strickland

    I think the North Carolina citizen “frog” would hop out of the kettle right away it he could see the boiling water coming soon. This might work, but it is an incremental concession that will open greater liberalism and acceptance of our “visitors” — in many cases to our peril. Lots of loose ends here. I like the provision for maximum scrutiny by law enforcement, but let’s not be lulled to sleep before each individual is proven reliable and a good risk.

  • Guest2020

    What part of “illegal” do they not understand? If they are in this country illegally, then we should not grant them any privileges short of a one way ticket back home.


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