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By Wayne Faulkner

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — Walmart said Thursday that it plans to anchor Paramount Development Corp.'s proposed shopping center at 8107 Market St. in the Porters Neck area.

Walmart and Paramount representatives met with New Hanover County staff Wednesday to review plans for the 182,000-square-foot Supercenter, which will employ 300 people, Walmart said. The Supercenter will offer groceries, a bakery, deli, garden center and drive-through pharmacy.

Walmart spokesman Bill Wertz said the store would help attract other businesses to the area and generate tax revenue for the county.

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  • Ann

    Instead of a Walmart, too bad the county and the Board of Education didn’t think about putting a much-needed elementary school THERE instead of sticking it out at Castle Hayne near the proposed cement plant.

  • Guest757

    What traffic plans do they have for the over loaded Market St. between Gordon Rd and Porters Neck. and lets not forget the new piece of property the city put into the city.(next to Marsh Oaks). That area of Market St can NOT handle the traffic now how can even think of a Wal-Mart with out fixing the road problem first.

  • nyer

    Take the only nice part of Wilmington that is left and trash it up with another Walmart …

  • Guest_Resident

    We moved to the edge of the county to stay away from the congestion and now the Planning Commission thinks it’s OK to change zoning for anyone who want to build. The Wal-Mart near New Center Drive is like a giant trashcan.

    You all need to remember this and vote every single one of them out!

  • SurfCityTom

    go before the Planning BOard or County Commisioners to voice your disapproval. That would have been the appropriate time for action. Not after the permits have been approved.

  • No way

    Does it matter to anyone that the residents of Porter’s Neck do not want a Wal-mart here?

  • Vog46

    According to the SN the permits are not issued yet, and that many against the project turned out when the developer hosted an open house in March.
    There is also a community meeting scheduled about this as well.I believe the Planning Board still has to approve this (yes? No? Maybe?).

    It seems to prove there is a prejudice against WalMart. The developer won zoning considerations for “plans” that included anchor stores.
    Now, at THAT point I’m sure many in the area were hoping for another Harris Teeter, Lowes, Whole Foods etc…..
    But when it’s WalMart – watch out…..


  • SurfCityTom

    that area already has a big Lowe’s as well as Food Lion, Harris Teeter or Lowe’s Food (not certain which)and a cornucopia of fast food and traditional restaurants.

    I guess we’ll see how much they really are opposed.

    If everyone else is opposed, Berger will probably vote for it if it comes to the Commissioners for approval. If they offer free chow, Barfield is likely in. Not certain how the remaining Commissioners would vote.


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